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Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

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user reviews of the Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

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Not sure this is the same place as the Bridge Tavern - probably not - but a trip to the Toon was notable for a ridiculously unusual chilli smoked beer - a brew that went down very well indeed despite most of my pals being disgusted by it. The brewers are Hand Drawn Monkey while the Wylam Brewery was also well represented.
BoehmBawerk - 21 Aug 2015 21:43
Few customers on a Thursday lunch time - Spanish tourists and two other locals - so lacking atmosphere.
ArhurPint - 12 Oct 2014 11:06
It was a bit quiet on our visit but it gave us a chance to savour the excellent interior. There were 6 ales on from Big Lamp, Deuchars, Elland, Brew Company, Allendale, and Rat Brewery with a good selection from light to dark. I gather it gets very busy on match days.
Steamer1 - 1 Apr 2013 18:19
Beer quality excellent, but beer range to me seems a little less adventurous than it once was.
PoorBeerHater - 28 Jan 2013 20:58
Beer festival this weekend, a regular feature. Lots of choice always in good condition, a rare gem for a town centre pub.
Close to St. james Park stadium and Metro station.
beer_finder_general - 23 Jun 2012 10:10
Good CAMRA pub. Old fasioned decor but beer was great. I was at Sandimon Hotel while doing training for work and this was best boozer I could find on here nearby and I'm glad I did. Well worth a pop in.
busker999 - 6 Jun 2012 21:02
As usual great atmosphere top notch varied selection of ales for the enthusiast.
One of the friendliest and best pubs you could wish to visit, and a must on a newcastle crawl.
AqualungCumbria - 11 Dec 2011 16:39
Real ale pub near Chinatown and just a stone's throw away from St James Park football ground. On match days this place is always packed. Yesterday we actually had to wait outside a while for some of the crowd around the bar to clear. There seems to be few if any tables and chairs, or maybe they are cleared for match days. But vertical drinking is the order of the day. Real ales yesterday were Ossett Revolution IPA, Deuchars IPA, Rudgate Bankers Gold, Big Lamp Golden Star & Summer Wine Nerotype No. 1 Simcoe. Cider was Westons Bounds Scrumpy. Ever reliable and very handy for Newcastle football games.
blue_scrumpy - 6 Mar 2011 12:41
Great pub. CAMRA folk would not be disappointed. Regular beer festivals, which are apparently great. Having looked a the beer lists I am not surprised. Great place to pop in at any time of day or night. Friendly locals and visitors alike. One of the things I like is that it is tucked away, so you will rarely get folk just happening on the place i.e. idiots.
Guest ales and local ales constantly on. Barman is really enthusiastic and friendly.
u03cka - 9 Dec 2010 10:39
An excellent selection of beers but I have to agree with other reviewer about toilets
stepenwolf67 - 4 Oct 2010 16:30
Good pub, good staff, dirty toliets - but great beer.
osceola - 25 Sep 2010 15:34
In here on Tuesday 7 September. Big Lamp Golden Star and other beeers from Naylors, Rudgate, Wentworth and Marston Moor. One large bar, seemed welcoming
GuideDogSaint - 19 Sep 2010 11:49
City centre boozer in the shadow of St. James' Park, a regular local CAMRA award winner and one to head to if in the city centre.
It's basic and unpretentious, with the bowed, leaded windows and marble exterior the extent of any opulence. A basic wooden-floored L-shaped bar is furnished traditionally, unfortunately gaming and gambling machines impinge on this a little.
Nevertheless, the atmosphere remains staunchly traditional and it tends to attract an older crowd. The beer range is excellent, with local microbreweries heavily represented, and a good selection of dark beers. Never had a bad beer in here yet.
It's definitely one to head to, and one of the few real ale pubs in the city centre that isn't owned by the (admittedlu excellent) Sir John Fitzgerald chain, so makes a bit of a change.
Carlurmston - 14 Aug 2010 11:04
Summer beer festival just finished on monday 28th June. Over 35 real ales offered up over 4 days. Say no more
bmactoon - 2 Jul 2010 23:42
Superb pub. Excellent range of rare micro bewed ales , always served in excellent condition. Usually about 6 ales on, only one regular ale Caledonian IPA
bigsby - 19 May 2010 18:49
When in newcastle this is a must pub always good ales on with friendly knowledgeable staff ,4 festivals a year dont miss this gem.
AqualungCumbria - 14 Feb 2010 12:38
Traditional city centre local with an excellent range of ever changing guest beers. I've never had a poor pint in here and I've been in a lot. Has two TVs only showing sport, two quiz machines and pleantly of comfortable seating. Can get pretty busy when ANY match is on TV never mind Newcastle. Highly recommended for the beer.
ROBCamra - 19 Jan 2009 11:50
Late comment from August. Great pub with atmosphere and good ales. Enjoyed Hop Back and Rudgate beers.
gillhalfpint - 15 Jan 2009 10:41
I think pablos13 has summed The Newcastle Arms very well in his review. Canny bar, with character, serving good ale to a decent crowd of drinkers.

scoreboard1 - 4 Nov 2008 13:58
matt_wilkins is partially right, in that the centre of Newcastle is pretty much dominated by ale-free plastic bars, whose names change every few months, but whose clientele, and fare of premium lager at premium prices, doesn't. Interspersed with these are a few old spit-and-sawdust pubs and a handful of seriously good pubs, like the Newcastle Arms, the Strawberry, the Hotspur and the Bridge.
Anyway, the Newcastle Arms is a basic, dark wood and brass boozer. Food stretches to nuts, crisps and scratchings, but it's the atmosphere and beer that make the place what it is. Five handpulls on at any time, with beers from as far away as Wales, Cornwall and Manchester, as well as the regular Caledonian IPA, make this one of the best ale selections in the city, particularly given that they all tend to get looked after well. Another nice feature is the ability to try before buying, which more pubs really should do. Aside from the beer, the staff are excellent, the customers varied (but charvers specifically barred en masse) and, overall, this is one of those pubs that is really quite difficult to leave.
pablos13 - 30 Oct 2008 10:52
Best Barstaff in The UK. Great selection of good beers. Probably the best pub I've been to in a long time. Take a bow. 10 out of 10. I cant wait to return.
The_Inspector - 21 Oct 2008 21:17
The best real ale pub in Newcastle. Lots of guest ales on tap. The knowledgeable bar staff will advise you of the best beer to suit your tastes. Can't fault the place.
markg1811 - 2 Oct 2008 21:18
Vastly improved over the last couple of years or so. The beer's always been good but it's kept better and the bogs have been done out; on top of this, some of the less savoury clientele have moved on. Al in all, a really good real ale pub. Doesn't beat the Crown but way preferable to the Bodega or The Hottie who should be competing for the same clientele.
osceola - 22 Jul 2008 18:17
The Newcastle Arms is right up there in my top ten pubs of all time. Never had a bad pint. Imaginative use of guest ales and unusually these days - proper, quality ciders (ask for them as they are often stored in the back room out of view). Helpful, friendly, knowledgable and informative staff. Humour by the bucketload - whether it is the staff, customers or the quirky notices and references to Sunderland Supporters. Lovely ambience and interesting light contrasting with the dark wood usually associated with pubs of yesteryear. Reservations? - I have two: pity about the telly but guess being opposite a bookies means the NA is serving a need and I have only ever seen Sports News or Horse Racing on the box - its not intrusive, I'm just fussy; and, there is a One Armed Bandit which looks wierdly out of place in a pub of this genre/quality. Each to their own. Top pub - worth a detour to check it out but - and I can only guess at this - watch out for Match day, its not a million miles away from St James'.

An observation: Matt_Wilkins' 'Newcastle Desert...etc' comment is so wrong - if he wants to hook up with me one Saturday afternoon - I could spend a couple or 12 hours showing him.
Thirsty_Jonny - 11 Jun 2008 13:00
The earlier comment that Newcastle is a "desert of real ale drinking opportunities" is totally beyond me. Anyone who thinks that simply hasn't been looking past the end of his nose.

Anyhow, the Newcastle Arms was certainly a lot more difficult to leave than to enter. Solid traditional boozer, good service, good range of beers, served in fine condition
Rich66 - 2 May 2008 18:38
matt_wilkins, I'd hardly quote Newcastle as a 'desert of real ale drinking opportunities'. What about the Bacchus, Tilleys, Bodega, The Bridge, Crown Posada, The Duke Of Wellington, The Hotspur etc. Yes its not Sheffield and Newcastle does have its dodgy watering holes, but there is plenty of choice for the real ale drinker. The Newcastle Arms is a gem of a pub. Been in there many a time and never had a bad pint!
zipdiskdude - 23 Apr 2008 15:23
Excellent range of real ales, definitely worth spending an evening there when the queue for the Newcastle Beer Festival was way too long to contemplate joining...not sure about the comment about the smell, there was absolutely no evidence of that during our visit. Lots of evidence of original styling within and the bowed front window and surrounds. Within yards of St.James'Park, so best visited outside of pre-match times, although that doesn't mean it won't be full will be.
Gristy - 7 Apr 2008 12:19
in the desert of decent real ale drinking opperunities that is newcastle upon tyne - this place stands out inasmuch that it hasn't succumbed to the bland chain mediocrity of its near neighbour's and should be congratulated for it. that said, on the downside it does however stink like how i would imagine a 30stone bloke's arse would on a hot day - not pleasant. maybe, like other nearby estblishments - tilly's and the forth for example, it suffers from permanantly knackered drains that are thinly (and vainly my opinion) veilled by the thick stench of domestos - but by god its enough to curdle yer pint. that said, i'd sooner endure the smell in here than the saturday nit somme of the bigg market anyday, so 7/10 for me.
matt_wilkins - 22 Feb 2008 14:30
Excellent ales, friendly staff at this camra acclaimed city centre venue. Visited during the Beer Festival, decent sample of Milds, Porters and Best Bitters. Highlight, I think, was the Fernandes Mild. Definitely will visit it again.
darloexile - 23 Jun 2007 10:12
So many pubs have been ruined over the years by owners seeking to perpetrate the latest craze Irish or whatever. How nice therefore to walk into a pub which instantly conveys a warmth, whilst not exactly bristling with outstanding features (although there are some). One outstanding attribute is a choice of 6 ales from small brewers. No wonder then that it is Tyneside CAMRA Pub of the Year for the second successive year.

Alerover - 9 May 2007 21:08
Best bar in Newcastle , as an exile in London its always first port of call when returning home for the football . Nice to find a proper pub with no bloody DJ etc etc
geordiejohn - 26 Apr 2007 09:40
Spent a very pleasant afternoon on Thursday. Great selection of beers but especially liked the Durham White Friar! As everyone else says really friendly regulars and excellent staff. Special thanks to Ian and the lads who chummed me to the Bodega afterwards. See you next time lads - Jase
SCFC1883 - 31 Mar 2007 15:55
Visited again, this must be the friendliest pub in Newcastle, excellent choice of real ale there was six on the bar. No wonder this pub wins awards.
postiebob - 12 Mar 2007 13:39
What a great idea for a theme - "proper pub".
pubconnoisseur - 7 Mar 2007 10:15
continued...forgot to mention there is a fantastic chinese next door and a bookies opposite>
tickersunited - 6 Mar 2007 11:49
As mentioned in the previous comment, the Newcastle Arms is the Tyneside & Northumberland pub of the year, a well deserved award. I have it on good authority that they served up over 620 different guest beers last year alone and in any given week will normally go through approx 20 different ales. Combine this place with a visit to the nearby Bodega and you can always guarantee a superb range to choose from.
tickersunited - 6 Mar 2007 11:45
CAMRA's Tyneside Pub of the Year 2007 for the 2nd time running!!!!
anonymous - 21 Feb 2007 12:34
Traditional style pub, but not a chav in sight. New beers every day, and they get to know your face pretty quick. The staff are great, and the beer good. They let you try before you buy too!

speshal_kay - 17 Feb 2007 17:05
Okay my kind of pub, right round the corner is China Town, like pubs with wooden floors and this one is excellent. Visited Sunday afternoon very quiet and six real ales.
Litton-Gold Crest 4.1
Wensleydale-Semer Water 3.9
Titanic-Stoker 4.5
Pictish-Northern Dawn 4.3
Wensleydale-Black Dub 4.4
Caledonian-Deuchars IPA 3.8
Excellent service very chatty lass behind the bar answered all our questions and also told us off others places to visit, first class, they also show live football matches.

postiebob - 6 Feb 2007 16:02
You could say it gets a tad busy on match days!
huntface - 2 Dec 2006 15:31
choice, quality, and variation of ale outstanding, staff amongst the most knowledgable and appreciative of real ale that i have encountered. atmosphere, ambience and decor not quite as welcoming as the nearby bodega (despite similar nicely old fashioned styles), nor do they have big lamp prince bishop as a regular. Nevertheless, coupled with a visit to the bodega makes my favourite and weekly ale crawl
snc - 25 Jun 2006 18:40
Great place this, a must on any visit to the Toon for a real ale drinker. Handy for the football... 3 visits so far in 2006 - and I come from Greater Mcr!!
glossopowl - 15 May 2006 23:15
Great Beer, lovely old style pub!!! staff really know what they are talking about, and are all very friendly, and manager has a passion for real beer. brill friendly regulars. recommend it to everyone who really loves beer, and who wants a change from modern lifeless bars.
weetabex666 - 12 May 2006 17:08
Always has good beers. Staff pleasant but some of the customers look shady, to put it mildly :-)
anonymous - 18 Apr 2006 20:00
I picked a quiet time to visit, but still found the place friendly enough, and you can't fault the selection of tasty beers. I would recommend this pub.
Muzthing - 13 Apr 2006 10:35
Recently voted CAMRA - Tyneside & Northumberland, Real ale Pub of the Year 2005-2006...Say no more folks
bmactoon - 1 Feb 2006 14:32
For real lovers this is one of the best. The manager takes great pride in getting his beer right. A good selection of guest beers always available. Big screen TV - impossible to move at Match Days.
Daveo - 1 Jan 2006 16:54
Smashing notch cask beer, football on the tele, cute barmaids and no chinatown xpress is only next door for when the munchies kick in.x.
booboo72 - 1 Dec 2005 02:14
Fantastic pub with a wide range of real ales. Very friendly and helpful staff. Worth a visit of two!
weerob - 23 Nov 2005 10:00
if you ever find yourself lost (for both beeer and spirituality) then look no further. Head to the Arms and you will not be disappointed. .x.x
3scoopsman - 13 Nov 2005 00:13
A refreshingly traditional & historic stop off that nestles in the shadow of St.James Cathedral. This place effortlessly manages to achieve what most pub owners try, unsuccessfully, to re-create (are you paying attention Cluny goers?). Why bother drinking in a brand new bar that is made up to feel authentic when you can park your arse in the genuine article. The choice of real ale was top notch and provides for all tastes; novices and connoisseurs alike, and if you are still unsure what to pick, the staff actually know what they are talking about when it comes down to beer. What more can I say? Check this place out and you won't be sorry. If it doesn't sound like your cup of tea then you can always nash off to the nearest Wetherspoons for a pint of pis*water.x.
toontalk1 - 9 Oct 2005 17:28
If you are looking for a good selecton of well kept beers this is a great choice. if you're looking for a palstic and chrome wine bar you're in the wrong place.
glyjanna - 16 Sep 2005 20:11
Very good beer selection,was in there during the week & it was fairly quiet.But well worth checking out-especially if you`re up for an 'all you can eat'Chinese buffet,in Chinatown-which runs alongside the pub.**TOP BONUS**
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 20 Aug 2005 14:39
Only two words to describe this place; "BEER HEAVEN." Never mind the poor immitations, poncy wannabees and corporate brewery crap that we are all so used to. In short, this place is a proper fuc*in PUB. Enjoy:-)
3scoopsman - 14 Jul 2005 15:18
Been a while since i've checked out this place but called in on Thu after hearing many enthusiastic reports...wonderful selection of cask bitters inc. Spectrum-Dark Fantastic, Deuchars-IPA, Outlaw-June Buggy, Elgoods-Pagaent & Marble-Ginger....there were many others to follow but after a few pints of the Durham Bede's Chalice (7.2%), things seem a bit blurred....
mollee4paws - 1 Jul 2005 14:48
A MUST for those who desire a laid-back pint of superb ale in relaxed surroundings...with an envious selection of unusual, hand-pulled cask beers and a quirky bunch of eccentric regulars (and staff!!) you simply cant beat this place for ambience....on the doorstep of Chinatown and St.James Park it's the ideal watering hole for those who can't abide that awful Gate complex!!! highly recommended
agentfarley - 29 Jun 2005 13:51
first class real ale house....cosy decor, friendly staff and a fine selection of cask beers...6 handpulls and a keg of Ruby Tuesday cider (6.2%)tucked away in a hidden fridge for those in the know!!!
anonymous - 6 Jun 2005 14:14
Recently suggested by a friend i cannot recommend this place highly enough....a cosy little watering hole tucked away next to the chinatown district it's a must for real ale and match days....word of caution though, take it easy on the Wylam "Devil Rider" (6.66%) !!!!! billy
bmactoon - 25 May 2005 10:26
quality old style pub, big focus on real ale. when i called in they had deuchars ipa, batemans xxxb, mordue's ipa, osset's silver king, and a superb Marble "uncut amber" oasis of calm and tradition hidden amongst Newcastle's burgeoning "trendy" chain bars....a must!!!!
anonymous - 20 May 2005 12:00
Happened upon the Arms last Sun...forgot it was the last home game of the season (against Chelsea) and how packed it would be, but was overcome by the atmosphere...geordies and cockneys having a singing match, obviously Blaydon Races won the day!!!....fantastic little bar, quality real ales and friendly staff....a gem of a boozer!!!!!
bmactoon - 16 May 2005 22:11
under new managment by Neil Amos, former Gaffer of Duke of Wellie....The Arms is one of the best "traditional" pubs in the city centre and up there with the posada, bodega, hotspur and the bridge.....6 real ales incl regular deuchars IPA & Batemans XXXB...4 other guest ales at all times...its a must folks 10/10
anonymous - 13 May 2005 15:30
Great for a pint before the match with great real ales esp. the sheep dip.
johnhannen - 7 Dec 2004 15:25
NEISHY - 30 Oct 2003 15:08

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