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Cecil Arms, Saltash

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user reviews of the Cecil Arms, Saltash

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When we visited here we were rushed and a little stressed.

The pub is in a lovely setting in what feels like a village pub.

My pint of Doom Bar was very good I would have given it a higher rating if we weren't so flustered here.

montie49 - 27 Nov 2019 17:27

This pub should be re named the CHAV ARMS. What a fall from grace ! Go in and play spot the local, you will be hard pressed to find anyone in there who lives near the pub(graham excepted). Full of filthy builders after work. The Old Bill should take note and bring a breath test kit! The smokers that hang around both doors really do put you off going in, and only serve to lower the image even futher. 3rd rate bands fri, sat eves and sunday TEATIME stop us going in for that quiet drink at the weekend (why sunday teatime?? ) Now the refurb has made the place look even cheaper with tacky, tasteless PVC windows and doors. The once proud jewel in the crown of Saltash pubs now looks and feels like something from the set of "Shameless" Landlord, ask yourself what has happened to all the good pleasant folk who used to drink there? where are your "locals" ? The Cecil Arms was once the haunt of the affluent, upstanding members of St Stephens and Saltash, Mayors, ex mayors, councillors, JPs, Policemen, Doctors,chemists et al, where are they now??
churchward - 5 Dec 2010 09:03
This pub is closed AGAIN why cant the pub co,s realise ,give people a chance to run a pub without ripping them off !!
xpubby - 27 Feb 2010 16:03
I have only had a couple of lunches there since the reopening but can honestly say I felt welcome and the food and beer excellent.Bev and Martin were very keen to provide a !st class service.Several pubs near me but this is the one for me from now on.bogmog
bogmog - 24 Oct 2009 20:50
This was a great pub many many moons ago. Long before BITE existed. It was worth crossing the river for. Good luck the new owners.

To other landlords, MartinandBev's postings are the right way to draw attention. No fake reviews, no "bigging up", just a simple introduction and invitation. I look forward to test driving the Cecil again next time I'm way out west.
Zaphod - 20 Oct 2009 16:41
This pub closed in June of 2009. The old landlords did a great job, it was just a case of economcs that closed the pub. Unfortunatly the pub was a vicitm of the brewary and economic climate.
chilledyogi - 15 Aug 2009 15:55
open again on Wed 26th, official opening on the 29th Nov. Woo
cecilarms - 23 Nov 2008 17:49
missing this pub now, good to see its imminent re-opening. when is the grand opening guys???
cecilarms - 15 Nov 2008 20:34
Just to let you all know that the pub will be open, and up and running by the end of November. We are currently signing the lease with the pubco. Look forward to welcoming customers old and new. New landlords are Simon & Simon.
chilledyogi - 14 Nov 2008 21:44
sorry to say this pub has also closed /again the pub co,s are to blame sad days .
xpubby - 1 Nov 2008 13:54
Be glad there's one place in the world
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
You want to go where people know,
People are all the same;
You want to go where everybody knows your name.

cecilarms - 25 Sep 2007 14:41
Currently undergoing major refurbishments in the lounge and toilets, which will be interesting to regard once complete, the cecil was amazing already, now it'll be amazing and newer.

cecilarms - 24 Sep 2007 20:42
Still going strong i hear, and Dave's still a legend. Will visit during the Easter period.

Phils_moustache sends his love to Dave
cecilarms - 23 Feb 2007 19:06
It's an awful picture of a fine pub.

I've been putting the finishing touches on some lovely charcoal sketches of Phil and Dave, and I'm over the moon with my watercolour of Pete using the fruity.

I'll send them in pronto.
phils_moustache - 8 May 2006 15:08
Look at that picture eh! This pub looks as majestic as the ancient temple of Zingersha, and as elegent as the Sultans Of Brunai's sitting room. And Dave will greet you with a smile everytime. Unless you tell him Holland's back soon.

The Jukebox needs updating though. My only qualm still.

May phil be with you, and all who drink ale in her! The Cecil
cecilarms - 26 Apr 2006 00:14
And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon the cecils beer garden green:
And was the holy Lamb of God (Dave),
On top of the bar seen!

And did the landlady Divine, (Corrie)
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was card pyramids builded here,
Among these dark Satanic ales?

Bring me my shot of burning gold:
Bring me my beer goggles of desire:
Bring me my Spirit: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my lamberts of fire!

I will not cease from political Fight,(Phil)
Nor shall my pint sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In saltash's green & pleasant Land. (ish)

anonymous - 6 Jan 2006 02:01
Soon. Oh....soon.

Soon shall I sup upon a chilled beverage, maybe served up by Dave, the reprobate. I shall pause for a moment, to gaze upon the beauty of my surroundings and absorb the wonderful notion that I AM IN THE CECIL.

It shall be a sweet moment.


phils_moustache - 11 Dec 2005 16:09
Sweet, Number 1, its been a while since The Cecil Arms was up there. Thoroughly deserved though eh Phil?
cecilarms - 26 Nov 2005 20:44
My gawd. The Cecil at the top of the best pub list. What can I say, haven't been in there since 1964 - used to nip in for a quickie when on cross-country run from the ol' Grammar School via the farm lane down the side. Cider (rough) 10d at pint ! Cyril with his china mug in the public. Teachers in the saloon. Us having a fag and a pint out back. Happy days, well done for keeping up good work for 40-odd years.
quizman - 25 Nov 2005 20:52
What a truly wicked place
Always a smile on gay Dave's face
Even though I dont drink beer
I'd gladly spend my evenings here
Is this good or is this bad
I share my local with my dad!!!

Rock on Cecil Arms.............

anonymous - 23 Nov 2005 21:37
I'm always here, whether i like it or not!
anonymous - 23 Nov 2005 15:54
wow this pub sure is great, y'all rock!
jordanreed - 23 Nov 2005 15:40
Been a while since a comment has been posted for this legend of a pub. Some may have said the popularity had wained, but they were wrong, and so was i, i still love this place and its staff. I can't wait till the christmas holidays when i am back in Saltash to frequent this fine establishment once again, for it has been a while.

8:35, 3213 and all that..... RESPECT>!!!!!!!
cecilarms - 16 Nov 2005 22:20
To write a poem is my mission,
To keep with the tradition,
Of things posted before,
And forever more,
It's not quite nuclear fission.

So here's to corrine and to phil,
They cook a bloody good meal,
His music may suck,
But with any luck,
Chaz and dave will not make us ill.

And from one dave to the next,
As barman he's simply the best,
He's got a big grin,
And the closet he's in,
Still the cecil sure beats the rest!
froggy - 29 Jul 2005 20:36
has this site been invaded by pureblood hardened local fanatics? Surely there must be something wrong with this pub?
Saying that, I am one of the above mentioned and i really love this place!!!!
Everyone is friendly, the staff are great including a very fit bar blokey type thing called Dave. The only drunks are very old and placid/flacid (so i'm told). Food is great and good value. All ages blend together to laugh at earlier mentioned bar guy!! Must have a GSOH to come down though....
anonymous - 28 Jul 2005 01:24
Strange comments about Dave's behind. How extraordinary!
phils_moustache - 10 Apr 2005 21:36
Great Pub this one, like to go there on Sundays usually, just right for a quiet pint with my partner, but problem is dave is usually working behind the bar, such a great butt though! Food is nice to.
smitty66 - 7 Apr 2005 20:05
I was in the Cecil just last week
And whilst there I did speak
To Bert I cried (he's the boss)
"Sir, please give me a Foss Foss!"
Upon his nasal hair I gazed
Its simple magnificence left me dazed
Some darts were played, in much splendour
Dave tried to hit me, missed, the bender
Drank more beer, many japes were had
I looked around and thought, 'not bad'
I love the place and the people therein
To never go would be a sin
So get yourself down to The Cecil, old boy
And fill your pint glass full of joy
phils_moustache - 21 Feb 2005 21:56
Been a while since the joy of Cecil Poetry.
Also been a while since i have graced this establishment. So from the heart this one.

Many days till my return
hope Phil wont be that stern
i long for the chance to sup the beer
in the cecil with dave that dear
he's such a laugh and i must admitt
his hair aint bad, its not that shit
As for Pete, well what a bloke
he makes me laugh with a great joke
the other guys, well they all rule
and for phils steak, i still drool
So when im back ill make it last
and drink the drink until half past (eleven)

cecilarms - 18 Feb 2005 21:26
theres the cecil, its so loved
it can be compared to heaven above
phils the god, he rings the bell
and theres young pete, he's the angel
colleen can play the virgin mary
but dave as jesus is awfully scary

stuie's there, a nice young chap
with his eyes upon the foss foss tap
the heavenly juice he'll soon chug
although he's targeted by a bug

the darts is soon, and oh, just think!
i'll soon be able to beat tryst - he stink
a merry time, hard to stay calm
for heaven is, the cecil arms
phils_moustache - 12 Dec 2004 19:25
the greatest pub is called the cecil
a bonafide drinking vessel
phil's the captain, its such a joy
to make fun of dave his cabin boy
pete the pirate steals some kids
then to the fruit machine to make some bids
all crew do agree
that trystan can be bosan smee
so come aboard the cecil lad
drink some foss foss, it aint so bad

cecilarms - 12 Dec 2004 19:18
Wow, the response to this pub is amazing. I recently visited it for the first time and was impressed by what it had to offer. I dont think i can disagree with any of the comments so far. The food there is amazingly tasty. Phil is a great guy.
saltash_cecil - 9 Dec 2004 21:17
i to agree with everything that has been said so far. Especially the whimsical commnets about Phil's moustache, its a fine specimin indeed. Nice pub too.
peteanddave - 9 Dec 2004 01:46
A wonderous and exciting place to spend an evening. Bar staff and landlord are friendly and get involved with the customers, either buy playing darts or just chatting over the bar. Warm and always filed with nice music, a definate winner in anyones book. Go there and sample some of the wonderous cuisine on offer. Top marks. Back soon.
phil_bert - 8 Dec 2004 19:34
Pete and Roy
Do enjoy
A game of darts

But Bert and Dave
Don't often raise
The delicate art

When Bert takes part
He kicks all arse
And truely has a bash

The secrets in
The power within
His lovely dark moustache

Thank you thank you.
anonymous - 7 Dec 2004 20:24
A new poem all about the Cecil, may you long be with us and always supply us with thine beer.

We're in the cecil oh what joy
with phil and peter, dave and roy
We play some darts, maybe The Who
and don't forget the fosters to
Pete tells some jokes and wins some money
the dirty ones are always funny
as most of us all agree
dave the barmans cool yet gee
but comes a time when we must leave
see you next time, who is steve?

This poem was brought to you by the letter C and the number 1. Look out for more Cecil poems in the future.
cecilarms - 7 Dec 2004 02:45
i to love visiting this pub on many occasions, and its always nice to see the many improvements that take place. Its a far cry from the days of the last landlord. What i like in particular is the layout of the pub, with the two sections, one for eating and general socialising and the other side for the entertainments where it is easierto hav a bit of fun without potentialy annoying the quieter customers. One thing though, i reckon the jukebox needs a bit of an update, as im getting a bit tickedoff with hearing chas and dave. :) Top marks
anonymous - 6 Dec 2004 18:27
There once was a barman called Dave
With facial hair fashion to save
So he grew a little beard
Now looks awfully weird
But The Cecil Arms is still my fave!

I dedicate this work to Phil/Bert, especially his moustache. It's 22:25, surely Pete is telling Roy a paedophilic joke right about now between spells of winning money from the fruity.
phils_moustache - 1 Dec 2004 22:25
This must be a good pub, as i would find it very stange for a lad of my tender age, a bairn at 19, to have such an unhealthy obsession with a building and its owners. But i do and it is the simple fact that this place really and truly is a damn nice, quality, friendly, warm, pleasent, funny, amazingly delighful place to spend a part of my life at. Just look back, and you find a negative comment about this baby, then look at Saltash's other pubs and realise where it is at. I have made it my business to tell you of this place, and challenge you to spend an evening here with some friends and not enjoy urself, it cant be done, trust me. May it long continue, may it long reign. In Phil we trust, with Dave we laugh, and with Pete we go, ey bert, 8:35 i say, here's a Best, i say here's a Best. Now, who threw that, i say.
cecilarms - 1 Dec 2004 22:21
If God was a pub, he'd be The Cecil Arms.

Fosters is a splendid beer of choice.
phils_moustache - 1 Dec 2004 21:58
Let's hear it for the Cecil.

By far the best pub in Saltash, friendliest staff and regulars, best beer. Phil may have a bizzare tendency to put Chaz n' Dave on the Jukebox a bit too much though, but his pub is still a mecca for people in need of a quiet pint and good company. If I could choose one pub to live the rest of my days in, it'd be The Cecil Arms!
phils_moustache - 1 Dec 2004 21:23
i will now recite a poem i wrote to show my love for this pub, its what is known as an acrosstich poem or sumtin??

Certainly the best pub in the world
Everything about it is amazing
Corrine and Phil are the best people
I will never stop going there
Little Dave's beard is cool, so is his new hair

And Pete will tell you a joke or too, good jokes
Roast dinners are supreme and so are the steaks
My favourite thing is seeing Phil's moustache
So raise your glasses for the Cecil, see you soon!!

by ummm Trystan, yea Trystan
anonymous - 27 Nov 2004 22:44
Try the sunday roast, I wish I could do it better myself. Friendly staff and a good atmosphere.James
anonymous - 22 Nov 2004 01:35
Bloody good pub, food is sweet.....good job guys
anonymous - 22 Nov 2004 01:34
The Pub Just gets better, Hell of a good laugh these days. The landlord and lady, ( Phil and Corinne ) are great fun, and Dave the barman is strange but hell of a laugh. I've never had a bad pint there yet!
All in all a nice atmos, and great food!
Keep it up guys you were number one on the forty once once do it again!
anonymous - 22 Nov 2004 01:32
Saltash's finest, and soon too look even better if the scaffolding outside is anything to go by. No denying the landlord is a great guy, and friendly staff make for a lovwly atmosphere. often visit with my family for the great food on offer. And if its a warm day the beer garden if a treat to sit in with lots for the children to do. Well done Phil and Corrine!!
Jim - 8 Nov 2004 19:21
Oh how i love this pub, if only i could visit it more often. The bar staff are friendly, if at times a little queer, eh Dave ;). I will get a 180, you mark my words.
Cecil - 25 Oct 2004 20:59
Defines a good pub, has friendly staff and locals alike and are always looking to improve things for the better. Great beer and atmos make it the best pu inn the world.
richard - 12 Apr 2004 17:15
very nice pub, friendly and a decent pint.
Mike - 8 Feb 2004 23:58
This pub deserves a medal of excellence, and i will drink there till i am an old man, woo!!!
Stuart - 2 Feb 2004 19:18
I have been Frequent user of this pub for many years now, and I have never seen it run so well. Phil and Corrine, great people, and the bar staff are wonderful. Hell of a good pud to got o for a night out. I agree with trystan...LONG LIVE THE CECIL!!!!
Dave - 1 Feb 2004 22:35
the food in this pub is just quite simply the best, its hot, tasty, good portions and comes with a smile at no extra cost.
Mr.P.Wizard - 29 Jan 2004 19:09
Great hosts in Phil & Corrine.Make you feel welcome.Nice place to go if you want a quiet evening away from the loud pubs
Ruth - 21 Jan 2004 16:08
This is the greatest pub in Saltash. IT has changed hands for about 7 months now and has been completely turned around, most Fridays will see in excess of 200 people in, and as this is only a small local is quite amazing. Top marks
Pete - 2 Jan 2004 19:14
one again i have nothing bad to say about this pub....i am the other person who will go mad when the legendary pinball wizard is played by the way! darts rocks...phils the man....and pete....well pete is a lengend in his own right see him there at 8:35 every day right on time! long live the cecil!
trystan - 6 Dec 2003 13:09
What can i say, although it is minus a pool table that in the long run is a good thing, not attracting the wrong crowd if you know what i mean. Quiet, friendly and amazing. Darts is the main activity and also playing pinball wizard by the who is also something that goes on alot, look out for two guys going mad when this goes on. All in all a good evening out with a couple mates. Legend
Stuart - 27 Nov 2003 17:12
This pub is legendary, the people that run it are so cool. My mate and me are getting I LOVE THE CECIL shirts...thats how much we love the place...and they pull a great pint too!
Andrew Holland - 26 Nov 2003 21:32
Frequented this pub in my final student year, during 1997/98. Very social, always someone you know there. Bit run down, but often had lock-ins as we were so regular.

I believe it has changed hands now and is always full.
Dan Santillo - 25 Oct 2003 23:06

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