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Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

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user reviews of the Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

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Still the same as on last visit. Open plan pub with area for bands with a few ales on. Appropriately had a pint of Old Git on this visit.
anonymous - 30 Aug 2015 13:09
Many real ales to choose from. Visited last night and had a pint of the Vanilla Stout at 5.0%. Well worth a taste if you like stout. Plenty of seating and a bit of a crowd round the bar. Well worth a visit if in Altrincham.
RealAleRobUK - 8 Jan 2015 15:18
A wide selection of cask ales (11). A large pub, average inside.
alexw - 15 Dec 2013 20:35
Smashing pub. Visited several times and found at least 10 active handpumps all seemed to have good beers. Went for Geo.Wright Drunken Duck & Northern Lights....great! Also Arizona + DHB and a handpump stout.
Not for kids - more traditional beer drinkers but several couples around.
Some good music & some not so good but all live music must be encouraged.
Committee - 26 Apr 2013 17:23
I don't know how you can say this pub is the cheapest in town. The Malt Shovels, a 2 minute walk away is cheaper and so is the Wetherspoons.
Dannythepubcritic - 11 Apr 2013 20:34
Altrincham, my home town, I have visited this pub a few times now and aside from it's sheer size and impersonal feel, it is indeed a great "real ale" boozer.

Both the beers & food are the cheapest in town (by a country mile!) and on my visit beers on offer were from Phoenix, George Wright, Timothy Taylors, Facers, Coach House to mention just a few, so no complaints here with the range or the quality of ale's on offer.

There are usually 10-12 ales on tap at any one time, so it's hard to find one that doesn't fit the bill. For the price, the food is nothing short of remarkable, OK, it's not the Ritz, but it's good wholesome pub food, plenty of it & excellent quality.

The clientèle in the afternoons seem to be of an older age bracket, although on band nights, Thurs, Friday & Sat I imagine younger/middle age crowd come in?

Aside from it's size, the weakest point for me were the toilets, which could do with a make over, that said, they were clean and fit for purpose.

Overall? A paradox of pub really, catering for two types of clientèle, one half set up for the regular band nights, the other, a more traditional style room for socialising. If it's a real ale you're looking for, you won't find a better pub in Altrincham, but If you like a quiet pint, then visit lunchtime/tea time.
John the owner is a friendly guy and a very knowledgeable cellar man too, OK, it may be a little imposing & impersonal, but for real ale & food, it gets my vote every time.

L.W. Pub & Beer critic (BeerNorthWestUK) - Twitter

lwalker101 - 13 Jun 2012 07:12
went in last month. 11 ales available on a Sunday afternoon. Friendly barmaid was very informative about the different ales on offer. Not a flash pub but some of us don't like that sort of thing. Sky sports occasionally available in side room
juninhocrunch - 4 Feb 2012 23:22
Large old town centre pub opened out into one big area with a space for bands on. Had a few ales on and unusually Taylor's Ram Tam which was in pretty reasonable nic. Rubettes and BCR were providing the background ambience until the live band kicked in.
anonymous - 19 Sep 2011 17:04
Big slab of a pub with large bar areas and an obvious bias towards live music. I did visit in the afternoon so it was nice and quiet) However, a good range of beer and my pint of Phoenix Arizona was fine. The barmaid was friendly enough but I was virtually ignored once I had been served.
mcroyal - 20 Mar 2011 09:44
the most unatractive barstaff i have seen in a while,what a bunch of hillbillys with an obese greek landlord who walks with a limp.only go if you want to be an extra in an episode of the MUNSTERS
rosierocks - 17 Jan 2011 22:01
Always a good number of real ales in good condition and for sensible money. Facers DHB a big favourite of mine. Free bands on Saturday and Sunday and a mature trouble free environment. Best pub in Alty by a mile.
bitterblue - 3 Jan 2011 19:19
Ok pub. It does have a lot of beer but it isn't always kept well and if you are unlucky and get a dodgy pint the staff will never believe you and refuse to take it back.

The bands on a weekend are good and it's a huge pub so always plenty of space to sit down. The quiz on a Wednesday is a bit basic and normally doesn't start until after any football that is on.
groovykikko - 13 Nov 2010 17:05
Very decent pub. Loads of beer, including a number of LocAle offerings. In a town rather thin on real ale boozers, this is a bit of a gem. Visually the place isn't spectacular, but hey, the beer is the most important thing.
Northern_Ale_Monkey - 2 Aug 2010 14:34
I'd have to vote this pub as my favourite of 12 during my Greater Manchester visit on Saturday. Despite the football being on the TV, the pub was fairly quiet, with plenty of seating and the one or two staff handling the bar fine. 11 real ales were on - George Wright Blonde Moment, Northern Lights and Drunken Duck, Spinning Dog Herefordshire Light Ale, Cottage SS Great Britain, Greene King Abbot Ale, Phoenix Arizona & Wobbly Bob, Coach House Raspberry Classic Bitter, Deuchars IPA and another beer called Black Market. When asked what cider they had, the response was 'scrumpy'. When asked again what kind, I was told 'flat cider'. Examination of the fridge revealed it was Westons Bounds Brand. The pub itself is fairly plain. There are a few separate drinking areas, all with bare floorboards. Definitely worth a visit if in the Manchester area.
blue_scrumpy - 5 Jul 2010 20:40
Excellent pub. Friendly feel, reasonable prices, and the ale was in good condition.
adamross - 18 Feb 2010 10:47
GREAT PUB!!!!, excellent range of drinks, usually 12 Real ales, Scrumpy , ciders & perrys, Belgium beers, Wines and spirits, lagers and even tea & coffee.

Good pub for anytime of the day, music on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Excellent quiz on a Wednesday (delicious half time food), although acoustic Thursday needs a few more songs we think!!
Not a huge fan of the football but big enough pub to sit elsewhere and not here it.

Staff are always welcoming and friendly, and in the years since I started frequenting I’ve NEVER seen any trouble.

If you’re in Alty this pub is a must!!

the_young_ones - 22 Oct 2009 17:16
In terms of atmosphere and number of beers this oub can't be beaten in Altrincham. I don't drink here on a Saturday night, but have never had any problems with a long wait to get served.

The Landlord is a top bloke will always chat to you about beers and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

My only real gripe is that even though there are eleven beers on, they are usually a bit samey. It seems a shame that with that much choice there is often little difference int he flavour of the beers.
DiBosco - 14 Oct 2009 13:53
Great range of real ales. Yes staffing is a problem on a Saturday, but then again you don't see the Landlord serving too often either, so what can you expect. great place for a pint or two, of a weekend, but the wait at the bar makes a longer stay unappealing.

Not too keen on the really heavy bands, but it's free live music so can't be too picky!
knowsgreypaul - 20 Aug 2009 20:22
Last saturday walla ,more bar staff ,still packed to the rafters but service was better ,keep it up !! ,on the bands ,yes could do better ,look at the bakers vaults in stockport if you want a better choice ,George Borrowski would go down a bomb here as well as the modern world ,needs a varied
music policy ,vastly improved beer choice ,lets see a better music choice and please please do something with the accoustic night !!!,which has got to be seen to be believed ,
FrankieMan - 31 Jul 2009 16:52
They have always undermanned the bar in this place and the bands can be a bit hit and miss. I prefer to visit in the afternoons when I can sample a few of the great selection of beers in relative peace, particularly if you sit "out the back"

It was fairly uinique when it first opened but I think there are a number of pubs that now cater for the real ale fraternity so I guess most people go in for the music

Again usually a stop off for one pint rather than a stop for the evening
boddies_drinker - 30 Jul 2009 13:32
In here saturday night ,place was 10 deep at bar ,with 3 bar staff and average 2o minute wait ,great selection of beer if only could get my hands on it ,left after a pint as did not want to end the night sober
FrankieMan - 20 Jul 2009 13:48
The Market Tavern has the best beer in Altrincham, and even has a range of Belgian beers to rival a couple of other establishments in town!
Jamco - 9 Jul 2009 15:40
its true on sat and sunday evenings ,its hectic ,another barperson would probably do it! ,great selection of real ale and where else would you see so
many look alikes ie "young Mick Hucknall" the Alty fan ,Rod Stewart ,Scoutman ,Rhytham is a dancer -the old guy who dances to the rock bands ,the colonel and finally the worlds tallest biker ,all these guys get in here at weekends ,well worth a visit
FrankieMan - 23 Jun 2009 14:16
This would be a lovely Public House if it wasnt for the management!!!! as per your comment bar staff look fed up, I believe that the landlord is an awful man to work for and causes tensions between the bar staff for his own enjoyment.... the bar staff are constantly left daggling as to whether they will be working the next week or not!!!! so i suppose that it falls into place, I shall be keeping an eye on the running of this place over the next few weeks and look forward to reading anyone elses comments.....
qualitymatters - 18 Jun 2009 20:56
terrible! thats the only word i can use.. the bar staff are pig ignorant and ignore you for ages and serve 'regulars' (bearing in mind ive been going in on and off for a few years) so regulars to them means going in EVERY nght!! then when they do actually serve you they have a face like thunder..!!

please avoid at all costs on a sunday night unless you want your ear drums blown! they have ridiculously load heavy mental bands on and the place stinks of leather and sweat with all the 'bikers' in there.. i say bikers, although most dont own a bike but just choose to wear leather & demin etc..

basically rubbish!
old_timer_90 - 8 May 2009 14:20
One of my favourite pubs. No pretention. Fantastic range of ever changing real ales in good nick. Friendly and reasonably priced.
Snecky - 5 Feb 2009 12:03
Fantastic choice of ales, all well kept in my experience. Reasonably priced. Gets busy for quizzes and live (normally rock) music. Is frequented by bikers.
stoutoforder - 22 Sep 2008 18:39
Hi Boddies_drinker.
Take your point, anyone can have a bad day, so called back again for a second look 1 month on. Olde worlde pub with a lot of character. Beer improved but still reasonable rather than exceptional. Agree its a valiant attempt to promote real Ale, and in yuppeeland that must be hard. However think they should concentrate on 3 or 4 real ales and do them well rather that 11 that are so variable. That being said on second visit Bank Top Port o' Call was nectar, Bank Top Volunteer good, 2 George Wright's ok to good, Theakstons best bitter just ok. All served in a combination of Guinness, Magners, John Smith Smooth glasses. I don't look for branded glasses, but the magners shape doesnt suit real ale! The scottish lady (landlady?) behind the bar was charming and the pub was a lot brighter than the last visit.
AlRobis - 13 Jul 2008 11:35
Bit unfair AIRobis, the problem with the Tavern is it also tries to cater for the non-CAMRA members who like a glass of beer but are also looking for something different from a pub e.g. live music or something along those lines.

The other problem with branded glasses is that they tend to walk and I guess to get a fair picture you would have to have commented on the 7 beers that you didn't try.(The Orange Tree across the way can have 2-3 crackers one night and on the next visit you'd be better off asking for vinegar).

There aren't enough CAMRA types to make a pub solely viable on that basis given the competition in Altrincham.

If it's fancy glasses and posh beers that you're after then try Morte Surbite although make sure you've popped in to see your local bank manager before you pay a visit.
boddies_drinker - 30 Jun 2008 13:38
Sorry not impressed, advertised 12 real ales, 11 were available, tried 5, Jennings Cockerhoop poor, London Pride Ok, Bank Top Volunteer fine, Marstons Burton Bitter ok but Everards Beacon wouldnt wash my underwear in! Grubby place!
Real ale served in Magners glass. Sorry Trafford CAMRA if this the best you can find I pity you!
AlRobis - 29 Jun 2008 14:34
Visited this pub for first time on my first visit to Alrincham. Really good place for real ale enthusiasts. 10 out of 11 handpulls operational. Mainly Archers of Swindon and Bank Top of Bolton. Had a beer from each brewer. Both in tiptop condition. Will definitely visit again whenever next in Altrincham.
IanC - 15 Mar 2007 20:38
I've only paid a midweek visit but it was an excellent experience. 7 out of 10 ales were on and the Bank Top was in excellent condition. Very friendly, too.
EFC1878 - 11 Dec 2006 21:30
10 beers inc 4 from Bank Top saturday night, in good condition. Downside is the bands are on so loud that you cannot have a conversation anywhere in the pub
oftenscore6 - 15 Aug 2006 14:56
What a great Pub. Every room has been redecorated (including the toilets) and all new furniture. New Large screen for the World Cup. Great selection of beers (The Bank Top stuff is great) and wines (glass or bottle) and I understand that the food will be back on shortly. Rock Bands every Sat & Sun (full list on display in the pup for the whole year. Quiz night on a Wednesday with free food. A great Pub with great staff
liveclive - 8 Jul 2006 11:26
The pub has just opened again this week. Redecoration and clean up (including the notorious bog)removal of clutter, has freshened up the place a treat. Beer last night was great but slightly reduced range - no problem. I'm going back.

Early days but the signs are very promising.
Committee - 27 Apr 2006 15:03
i's finally gone.... Too big a pub for too few people... sad really, but thats showbiz... guess it's the Wheaty now for Live music!
Kevcoaster - 1 Apr 2006 19:31
I take it Redmeister drinks lager or something out of a bottle.
This pub has consistently served a good range of real ale for years..long may it continue to do so
boddies_drinker - 28 Jan 2006 17:24
Redmeister - 27 Jan 2006 19:50
It was great to get back in here for a pint or two, forgot how good the beer was. Well recommended for anyone who enjoys a decent beer without having to dodge the local scallies drinking their chemical laden dishwater. Lovely proper pub.

P.S. Previous comment was right though, those toilets do reck something chronic :o)
BigJapp2 - 3 Dec 2005 14:34
Good selection of beers, very friendly, had some kind of monthly biker night last time I was in which meant the music was far better than in most Altrincham pubs. A proper pub rather than a kids pub.
anonymous - 21 Jun 2005 17:03
dont go the pub unless your a bowden millionaire! anyone with a slight manc accent should stay away! perfect example of upper class snobbery that exsists around these parts! WARNING! any sense of humour is strictly forbidden! if you go for a pint make sure you dont enjoy yourself!
Mat33 - 29 Mar 2005 02:09
excellent pub which seems to be improving as time goes on. Live bands on Sun mainly rock covers so you can all sing along! Quiz night on Wed with free food for participants. Great bar staff with a genuine knowledge of the beers, chance to try any befor you buy means no nasty mistakes (8 different cask ales last time i was there) lovely pub dog called Scotty, will bark but its only for attention! New recently the ciders on draught, will be wonderful in summer! No trouble and no idiots (16-24 yr old Alco pop dance enthusiasts seem to avoid the area)
Very friendly place with many features now missing from the big chain, brand orientated pubs we see too often.
Stunning - 28 Feb 2005 12:41
A great pub, run by a real enthusiast. Biker friendly, live music, great beers - including Belgian. Everything a pub should be! 80%
ivog - 8 Dec 2004 14:48
good selection of beer,no scallies,music a bit deafening, seem to have installed a jukebox, but good choice of music, one of the better pubs in alty, right next to the orange tree, so not far to walk
vicgod47 - 21 Aug 2004 22:33
Not really sure about the guest beers but the large brand beers and really bad in here. Completely flat before you get half way through. Does have a couple of nice seats outside but probably best to purchase from the orange tree and just use the tavern for its benches. Bonus points however as they let you bring your chips over from the don if you want
The Reminder - 2 Aug 2004 14:15
A very laid-back, down-to-earth sort of place with a wide range of good quality beers. Bar staff are friendly and the live music on Sunday is usually worth a visit. The only (minor)drawback is that because there are so many different beers on tap, they will often run out of one or more of these during a busy night. On the whole though, a good place to wind down in the evening. Oh, and there's a large non-smoking area too.
CJB - 10 Jul 2004 15:40
Basic Pub but the beer was spot on. This pub has the most smelly gents toilets I've ever come across. Pheww!!
Stan - 12 Jun 2004 10:49
Sunday nights great. Live rock bands and lots of friendly biker type faces. Great beer, cool atmosphere. One of the best pubs around. Peaceful place too!
Stu - - 14 May 2004 00:18
When they did a minor 'refit' recently they put 1,000 watt light bulbs in the light fittings and hence I avoided the place for months. Luckily someone has found the dimmer switch and it is acceptable on the eyes again. Good atmosphere here always. Bit pricey considering the state of the furniture. Generally a spit and sawdust place - wouldn't choose it for a 'hot date' place. Worth going even if you don't like the real ales (I don't) - just for the history of the building alone it's worth going. And they've started doing Amstel on draught - lovely. Big screen tv in a corner. Worth going to, fairly central in the pub land part of Alty, always a good stop off point after a visit to the fantastic Shere Khan next door. If it's too loud or busy try the Orange Tree next door.
Andrew - 23 Jan 2004 17:01
Originally an aladdin's cave for the CAMRA enthusiast, one of the first pubs to break the mould and sell around 12 cask ales at any one time when the bulk of pubs were turning to motorised pumps and bottled beers.
Listed building,excellent food and while it doesn't cater for the sports enthusiast, it can make a pleasant change should you be out to taste a variety of real ales or have a quiet chat with friends.
Last time I went in, they still had live music once a week.Right nex to the Orange Tree and an excellent Curry House, well situated on the Alty crawl
Chris - 8 Oct 2003 13:52

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