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Prince Albert Inn, Uxbridge

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user reviews of the Prince Albert Inn, Uxbridge

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Closed and demolished!
mjbea1 - 13 Jan 2015 18:28
Having moved to the area recently and had heard mixed reviews, but having visited the pub myself, I can't think why. 'The Albert' has friendly staff and locals and good facilities (pool table, big screen, juke box, quiz and fruit machines) which have benefited from a recent refurb which co-incided with the recently opened restaurant 'The Red Room' (Containing artwork from the very talented chef!).

Having not eaten in the carvery mentioned below, I can only say that the standard of food / portion size / service now is excellent, with a decent choice on the menu, as well as regularly changing specials. 'Home-made' is an easy claim, but it is true of the food here, from starters to puddings, and I am yet to have a bad meal. I understand Xmas bookings are filling up, and am giving serious consideration to doing away with the traditional panic that is trying to cook a Turkey and allowing it to be done by people that obviously know what they are doing!!

The pub has also benefitted from the opening of the restaurant as the pool table is now visible and easily accessible, as is the big screen, as both are now in the bar, rather than the former function room. On our 1st visit we were made to feel like locals, and have started using the pub on a regular basis, I can only suggest to previous posters that if you had problems in there, it says more about you than the pub. Friendly staff (even if one of them is a Spurs fan!!) ensure initiatives like the recent swear box for the poppy appeal are f*cking popular, and there's even the chance to win a sausage in the meat raffle!!

An excellent local pub that has an undeserved reputation, and is rising like a Pheonex from the flames. Throw in the weekly pub quiz that has now started (Thursday nights, 8pm for you budding Eggheads) and the restaurant, and it's hard to know what else you could want!!
middxbrains - 24 Nov 2010 10:02
This place has undergone some excellent changes over the last month or so.

The previously closed and slated carvery/restaurant is under new management and has had a lovely makeover. The restaurant, situated in the old 'function room' area is called "The Red Room" and serves food every day from midday. The range of options on the menu is good, with homely (and big portioned!) meals and bar snacks available. Having read the previous scathing reviews of this pub with all their horror stories, I can say those old ghosts are firmly at rest now! The meal my partner and I had was delicious and we're heading back there next week to try out some of the other dishes on the menu.

In addition to the restaurant improvement and transformation, the pub itself had also undergone some excellent changes. The pool table has been moved and is now in a space that is much more accessible and sociable. The pub is also hosting a quiz night on a Thursday with a range of cash and 'booby' prizes which serves to provide humour and entertainment as well as contributing to the fun and welcoming environment that the staff have worked hard to achieve.

Sassiton - 23 Nov 2010 21:34
I used to know the owner of this pub when I lived in the Hillingdon area he used to be a pretty awful gas fitter (before he lost his licence for drink driving) that I would never have do any work near my house, if he has messed about with the meter I would avoid the area completely, and report him to the gas company! Lex1 you are right he is a lecherous creep, and he was barred from many local pubs due to his uninvited attentions to young ladies.
bigdog1000 - 27 Dec 2009 13:08
Hi Laydeebyrd aka Claire and Davina it was so nice to see you in the Prince Albert pub this evening you were looking nice out on the razzle?

Oh and by the way your necklace Davina was really nice can i ask where did your purchase such a nice Ladybird necklace!!

What a pair of jokers!!!!lol

Oh and that drink still stands Tower arms is a great pub.....

Lexi1 - 27 Nov 2009 23:19
No i live in langley so i drink in pubs near me, i go to the Tower Arms in Iver you should try it really nice. Be in there on sunday if you wanna pop down
Lexi1 - 27 Nov 2009 14:01
going to the pub soon are you????
Laydeebyrd - 27 Nov 2009 12:11
What a wonderful world we live in Laydeebyrd where you think it is ok to cheat and lie you must be a lovely honet person.

I'm entilted to voice my opinion if you dont like it then dont come on here but im allowed to think what i want.

It's not a child with a grudge its true facts if you dont like them then dont read reviews.

Have a nice weekend!!! lol
Lexi1 - 27 Nov 2009 11:10
I don't happen to work there. I work full time and have never claimed any kind of benefit. Grow up and get a life. Sure most of the pub would agree with me. Have a nice day
Laydeebyrd - 27 Nov 2009 10:45
Hi Laydeebyrd only a complete prat would believe what you say is true.

So maybe you are one of the barstaff which makes you a benifit cheating pratt!!!


Lexi1 - 27 Nov 2009 10:24
Obviously some 'child' with a grudge - yes you LEXI. Pub is ok, and Gavin also ok. Total crap about the bar staff. All very food and friendly. Suggest you skip along to the toby carvery in Langley and stay there. You won't be missed
Laydeebyrd - 27 Nov 2009 10:02
To Zagreb i'm so glad you had so much to say that really didnt make sense maybe you agree with the lanlord of this pub.

You also seem like a waste of fresh air

Lexi1 - 23 Nov 2009 09:49
martincrichton & (Eastenders obsessed) Lexi 1 had better drink in other pubs then - maybe their own. This part of Hillingdon isn't the West End, it's more a part of a dump. All the pubs in the area are frightening, but not as bad as Lexi & Crichton's attack on another landlords pub. Go to Langly's Toby if you want, why were you there anyway if you live in a souless place like Langley? It's a suburb of Slough, that should be enough to turn you off beer (or maybe turn you into an alocholic)
zagreb - 19 Nov 2009 17:35
Well I donít really know what to say about this place only donít bother going there unless you want to be harassed by a fat bald man that calls himself the owner. The place really smells of raw sewage and the toilets are filthy. The owner of this pub goes by name of Gavin he can often be seen upsetting his customers mainly women who have been reduced to tears by this man. All his bar staff are paid cash in hand as most of them are receiving full government benefits. Whilst I was in there the other night I heard this Gavin mouthing off to people how he doesnít pay for his central heating as he has rigged the meter (Iím sure British gas would like to hear that.) He has also built some mini shitholes outside that he calls apartments, which might I add he did not receive planning permission for these. These apartments have no proper safety equipment i.e. fire extinguishers, fire doors need I go on. He constantly gets drunk and sits at the end of the bar like a fat slob that he is. A week or so ago I was in there and some bailiffs came in as he owes them money. The people that go into the pub are very friendly and I have not found a problem the only downside is the owner and some of his staff. The only way I would visit again if the pub was under new management which should be very soon if the rumours are right.

Could be a nice pub, what a shame!

Lexi1 - 19 Nov 2009 16:04
I went there with my girlfriend today Sunday 13th Sept 2009. The customers are mostly pensioners. I was pre-warned by friends that the old man doing the carvery is quirky / eccentric but I was shocked and disgusted by his derogothery comments and insults within earshot of my girlfriend and other customers today. I will not be giving my custom to this establishment again. Avoid unless you enjoy being insulted by a rude old man.
Basically I researched this on the internet and found it was a carvery and when we went there we assumed it was a carvery also. However I was hungry and as is usual for a carvery my understanding is you are entitled to go back for a second serving of vegatables etc but not the meat should you wish, as that is only carved once.
Well there were only 8-9 customers there and the old man was not at the carvery when I went back for more veg etc so I just helped myself to some yorkshire puddings and potatoes and as I was walking back to my table he was returning to the carvery and within earshot of most customers said to me did I help myself to more meat? I replied no of course not...he then said indirectly to me by way of speaking to one of the pensioners that looks like he helped himself to a second meal and that people should not go for a second serving. Perhaps as 95% of his customers are pensioners and do not have the appetites of younger people and it was his first time seeing someone go back for more vegatables?
I did not rise to the bait as my girlfriend was with me but boy if I was there on my own or with some of my male friends I would have put him in his place very quickly. As it is I shall simply never be returning to that place to get insulted again. There is a Toby carvery in Langley which I will go to next time.
martincrichton - 13 Sep 2009 19:45
Food alright, not much atmosphere.
anonymous - 31 Jul 2007 14:54
food is yummy x
mrs_newcastle - 29 Apr 2007 14:11
Excellent carvery mainly Sundays thanks to Bobby Bendix
anonymous - 17 Dec 2004 09:44
quite liked it. atmospheric.
stoichkov - 26 Aug 2004 14:49

got anything to say about this pub?

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