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British Volunteer, Weybridge

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user reviews of the British Volunteer, Weybridge

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Cracking Pub....with a proper landlord.
surreypubdrinker - 18 Oct 2012 09:19
Nice, proper pub,well kept,but expensive beer-probably the most expensive in Weybridge-Doom Bar £3.60 a pint.
New carpet (long overdue) recently fitted and a sensible notice barring work boots on the door-couldn't this be extended to include dirty work clothes?
There are a few in there who would even be thrown out of The Jolly Farmer!
It's a shame that the cliquey regulars-the overweight Steve Curry included,can't be better mannered and make spce at the bar for those who are still thirsty.
huntforbeer - 16 Aug 2011 12:34
not bad, could be better, much better pubs in molesey
lucas_sidewinder - 25 Mar 2011 12:33
This pub needs you..... It didn't need us, that's for sure. We were there for 3 minutes when elphick volunteered himself for destroying a grannies hotpocket round back of pub near bins, waltzed back up to bar 5 mins later for his round, stinking like a puma's dung hole... Speaking of wild cats. I had some old cougar buy me a round of vino collapso, got me warmed up for later, left old elphick, to settle bartab and various arguments while I took her back and showed her my ole^ face.
el_spic_and_el_phick - 28 Dec 2010 16:53
OMG what a night I had in here yesterday.

Pulled some right sort, took her home and absolutely smashed the granny out of her.

This morning she made me a smashing little fry up. I love this place !
Gordon_Gekko - 24 Sep 2010 10:04
A big thank you to everyone who took part in Reggae night, I got 2 Jamaican coloured inflateabale spiffs left I don’t mind giving them away?

High point us all communally singing Kingston town

Oh Kingston Town,
The place I long to be
If I had the whole world
I would give it away
Just to see the girls at play

Low point last orders


BlackHawkDown - 19 Sep 2010 16:50
This is a bloody Tory pub....I find it impossible to drink inside with that woman on the wall so me and the wife sit outside after work. It's quite fun watching the city boys scurrying home from the station like worker bees while the youngs special slips down. I hear they do poker nights here. Anyone tried this?
Thethirdman - 7 Sep 2010 13:27
Traditional and British pub.
DrinkingJoeFrazier - 1 Sep 2010 14:35
A clean, pleasant pub with several real ales available and efficient, friendly service. My only gripe was the price - £3.40 a pint.
ace1973 - 26 Aug 2010 12:07
I'm selling rasta wigs, jamican beanies, big fake spliff's, bob marley stuff for the next reggae night in SEPT. Ask for donny behind the bar i'm there most nights.

BlackHawkDown - 23 Aug 2010 17:43
I ran this pub in the early 1990's when it was a Friary Meux house. It was good then and it's still passable today!! 7/10 from me.
wolvesfan - 8 Aug 2010 17:28
For a pub billing itself as a freehouse the choice of Youngs Ordinary and Special, Pride and Tribute is a little uninspiring. Beer quality ok.
GuideDogSaint - 8 Aug 2010 16:54
Helps to be British going here. Not a bad pub.
Passing_By - 11 Jul 2010 18:24
The human shield as you put it As_Johnson will be myself and co round the bar who may i say have been coming to the BV for over 20 years now

We are a friendly bunch and dont need some 'have a go hero' like youself putting his 2 pence worth in. we keep it polite ans so should you.
BlackHawkDown - 4 Jul 2010 13:47
Agree with As_Johnson. The locals at the bar do form a human shield.
One returning from the toilet rudely squeezed himself passed us obscuring our drinks being ordered without any acknowledgement or manners.
But nice enough pub. We are going to the Reggae evening on July 17th. We will let you know how good it was. Ale was in good nick, Youngs, Special, St Austell and one more (I think Bombardier). Fair bit of parking nearby.
hwangeruk - 15 Jun 2010 09:58
The Volley is a decent, well maintained pub with a very ‘local’ feel. My only gripe is that the locals tend to form a ‘human shield’ around the bar making it very difficult to get served. However, this small negative point is more than offset by the photograph of Baroness Thatcher behind the bar.
as_johnson - 11 Jun 2010 12:36
We stopped here on Monday night this week. The front of the pub has plenty of windows, making the pub feel very airy. Football was showing on the TV without sound. Jazz music was playing. London Pride, Landlord, Sharp's Doom Bar, Young's Special & Ordinary were the cask ales. Aspall's cider is also served.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Nov 2009 19:18
Visited some time ago and enjoyed my venture into the British Volunteer. Definitely a real tradional British feel to the venue but certainly worth the trip from Weybridge train station.
BestBeerBoffin - 1 Jun 2009 15:42
First visit for many years was last Sunday. The next was last night!
Martin & Dawn have a lovely traditional pub going here. The beer is on the steep side, but about average for Weybridge @ £3.75 for premium beers. This is a welcoming, clean and tidy pub which is hard to find these days.
Highly recommended.
jim255 - 30 Apr 2009 16:26
Great pub, used to use a lot when I lived in weybridge, beer always good and the thai food was excellent.
bedbob - 27 Jan 2009 15:36
Lovely friendly pub. Relaxed atmosphere. Good beer. Landlord a footy fan. Screens often show the big games and rugby too. Good music on Sundays and some Thursdays. Real shame the two guys who played the great jazz and soul stuff on Thursdays are not there any more because that really was a different type of music compared to a lot of other pubs/bars.
madfan1 - 13 Jun 2008 17:12
Excellent pub. Split into 3 open plan sections: front bar, pool area and leather arm chair area with books. Friendly service and good beer - Bombadier, Landlord and Abbott. Usual absurb Weybridge prices.
The_Prof - 2 May 2008 21:08
A tribute to the great British Pub can be found here. If you're in the Weybridge area make this a certain stop, I went there during the day - so I can't report on the nightlife, but it was a very friendly atmosphere.
vonnie - 26 Oct 2007 14:03
i think this pub is doing really well, considering it is under new management
anonymous - 26 Oct 2007 09:33
Had a fair selection of the ales on when I went, pretty mainstream choice, but Harveys Best was on, although it was in unusually drab shape…not bad, but not as good as usual.

Inside was classic old skool, probably has looked the same since 1976. Decent atmosphere and newspapers available for those still able to focus.

Unfortunate error of having the TV vs music battle to the death beloved of pubs that aren't confident enough in their own ability. Put me off.

Decent pub, but not worthy of special attention.

Quinno - 7 Apr 2007 14:59
Probably the best pub in Weybridge (not difficult) for a good pint and cosy atmosphere. Staff friendly if a little slow. Landlord and Harveys and summer lightning were on tap at the time of my visit - all excellent.
mothola - 5 Feb 2007 15:53
It is a nice pub and was our regular for a couple of years while working nearby. The landlord (sports writer) and landlady (Equestrian of some sort) did at times treat the place more like their living room than a public house but never so much it really bothered me.

Not cheap but a nice location and good for drinking outside on a summers day.
Badgers - 13 Jun 2006 13:39
I hadn't been to the Volly for a few long years. the regulars and staff are still a friendly and tolerant lot, the beers were all too drinkable. Which beers? I think there was TT Landlord on when we beamed in - it was late afternoon, it had been a long day.
thirstybob - 30 Mar 2006 14:27
If you want to get drunk, try some Sussex Bitter. Entertaining reading material, but hope it doesn't reflect the views of the pub itself. Seems quite jolly here.

Will2 - 18 Sep 2005 19:44
Not as bad as i thought it would be! Seemed like a rather cheerful crowd in here, probably regulars. Does not mean you have to be passionate about being British or anything, so its alright. Good beers available
aleman - 18 Sep 2005 01:17
new commers seem to be unwelcome in this place it is very dusty and the dogs seem to be in charge.

we felt ignored at the bar until all regulars had been sorted out and then it seemed to be an pain to serve us.
anonymous - 24 May 2005 16:59
A nice pint, dogs are lovely and the food is great. Don't agree with comments that non regulars are unwelcome though.
hotrods - 10 Apr 2005 11:09
You'll never find a better bitter or warmer crowd at the Volly. Carol and her cronies have succeeded in creating a warm, inviting and homey ambiance second to none. The traditional pub fare on Monday night is not to be missed and the Thai fare the rest of the week provides a nice bite between pints. Great beer, music and food is even accompanied by a band of local, washed-up tarts most Fri & Sat nights.
HomerSimpson - 5 Dec 2004 23:57
I think this is a great pub!!! Lovely land lady and the dogs are a pleasure to have around.
anonymous - 1 Dec 2004 06:41
The pub has just had a lick of paint and new carpets - and now, sadly, only two dogs, both of whom are normally kept out of the bar during lunch and in the evenings. It has a great atmosphere in the evenings and keeps good ale. The 62 year old music journakist is, we're told, settling down a bit!
Tony - 27 Oct 2004 23:30
The presence of the dogs does tend to dominate the bar area.
Owners can sometimes be pleasant, but non-regulars seem unwelcome.Agree with comments re cleanliness of tables.
Philip - 20 Aug 2004 15:02
Ok if you fancy a game of pool, but those dogs? They can hear a packet of crisps from twenty yards! I once watched the little fat one polish off a five kilo bag of dry dog food that fell off the side-bord...Then watched it get soundly beaten by the landlord. Great entertainment!
Gordon - 17 Aug 2004 11:53
My local so I'm biased - but then again I have to go past 20 other bars on my two mile journey so it must have something else I would go would I!

Ever changing pretty foreign staff to flirt with if you manage to get to them before a 62 year old aging music journalist does.
bigmark - 15 Jul 2004 11:37
Everything is sticky. Needs a damn good bleaching. Real Ales badly kept, not that this would bother the lager and WKD drinking estate agents.
Chris - 26 Dec 2003 06:09
The Volly has just started serving fantastic Thai food (chef came from the Waggon & Horses, Surbiton).

bruce - 11 Nov 2003 12:38
Landlady can be very discourteous , and always serves long-standing locals first - very parochial. Stopped going long ago.
Andrew Roberts - 9 Oct 2003 12:50
Nice beer but a bit steep even for Weybridge. Nearly £3 for a pint of Stella! We're not in Scandinavia are we?
anonymous - 7 Jul 2003 14:48
This pub has 3 resident dogs which always seem to be begging for food - quite sweet but a bit irritating if you have ordered a bar meal.

It also is a very grubby pub, the interior appears dirty as though it hasnt been cleaned for years.
angela - 21 Mar 2003 13:24

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