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Australian, Sloane Square

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Perfect Spy - Thanks for your review on the closed Australian pub. Sounds like it really changed back from when I was local in the 80s. Really changed ! Couldn't imagine the rough crowd in there. Will always remember the good times in there. Hate seeing the old pubs closing. Cheers.

Baltimore, MD USA
Joseph65 - 6 Dec 2011 19:54
I was never really a fan of this pub, maybe I was too young during the 90's and maybe missed out on the great 80's hey day. During the 90's I came here with the gf for a meal where we sat outside to be told when the food was bought to our table that I would have to go in to collect the salt and pepper etc. Never went back for food after that. Maybe I didn't sound posh enough.

This pub used to only ever show cricket on the tv and in the last 3 or 4 years it showed nothing else but football. There was a chef who worked here called Sami who cooked some very good food. Decent beers, staff was so so, I remember one of the managers doing his famous vodka trick. Vodka comes out of the bottle but once in your glass it tastes like water. He was almost lynched for doing that, won't say his name but he knows who he is.

The last few years attracted the Peter Jones crowd on a Friday night, they were okay and good fun. The pub began to attract a rougher crowd which then became very hard to get in the toilet as many were doing coke. In all honesty I am surprised this pub was never raided with the amount of druggies there.

Overall it was a place to just come and have a drink and nothing more, I lived in the area so convenient for me. 5/10
perfect_spy - 4 Nov 2011 04:19
Just saw a pic of the Aussie being boarded up with scaffolding around it. Story in the Beeb saying it's being turned into office spaces and flats.

What a bummer. A little sloany pony back in the 80s, but this was pretty much my local back in the day. Some real good piss ups, darts and taking the piss out of the real sloane rangers lot. I am glad I hit in 2001.

Baltimore, MD USA
Joseph65 - 7 Feb 2008 20:45
Anon - Cheers ! Same age as you are, and had some mates who lived on Cadogan Square, so the Australian was sort of our local. Tons of Slonie Ponies in my age bracket back then, but our lot consisted of piss artists and not the up tight sort. And trust me, their was quite a bit ! Concur with yer thoughts, and it is a real shame that it's boarded up. I even have a picture up on the fridge at home of us sucking down pints, so got a tad of it living stateside with me.

Heath - Didn't know ACS was around the corner. I went to London Central in High Wycombe 79-82. We just found out their shutting it down for good in May. Bummer.

Baltimore, MD USA
Joseph65 - 12 Apr 2007 19:58
Well, I remember drinking here back in 1971 when I went to school at the American Community School around the corner. It was a great place for lunch, and the barmaids were really nice. The bangers and mash were terrific with a pint of Watney's. Too bad it's closed, always hoped I'd get back to England someday and stop by for old times sake.
heathcliff13 - 12 Apr 2007 19:09
Thanks Joseph65 - Dunno how old you are (I'm 41) but I didn't drink here in 84-87. Still, as I said, some decent/indecent memories of this place. it should be revived. What a tragedy for the local residents that all they're left with is the ultra-pretentious Codrington Arms where if you haven't got a trust fund you're about as welcome as a fart in a phone box.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2007 16:43
Anon - I believe that is what a publican told my mate in July. A real shame. It was a real jewel many years back, and don't understand why as it was a pub that never attracted any trouble for the 'hood. If yer as old as me, pls let me know as I would love to hunt down some cats I used to hang out with there all the time between 84-87. Cheers. Joseph65
Joseph65 - 13 Nov 2006 16:23
Very sad to hear it's closed. I used to pop in quite a lot when I lived in the area, as recently as 2002. Had some nice times there with a few special people. Anyone know WHY it's gone?? The property market greed again? Would be happy to see it reopen even if it looked different. Go on.....bring it back, please..?
anonymous - 13 Nov 2006 15:51
The only time this place was ever a real pub to visit, was when two young people used to run it - In other comments I belive them to be called Ben and Moni. Now the place has shut down - what a shame. If only they stayed, and made the pub what it could have been.
anonymous - 16 Sep 2006 12:19
Beeronaut - Many thanks mate ! Man, what the eff is going on over there ? What a shame. Two pubs not even 100 yards away, shut down. Didn't do the Shuckburgh Arms much, but had a lovely time there by myself in '01 when I was only boozer in the place. Leaves me now with The Cod to go to whilst pub hopping.

Thanks for the update.
Joseph65 - 28 Aug 2006 15:50
Squatter - I hear you. Used to live at this pub between '84-87. Die hard regular and it was a total gas. A lot of hoorah henry's, but we were all 19 or so and all we wanted to do is to get pissed. It is a shame, and I do not look forward telling all my mates and family back here in the states the bad news. Just lucky I was able to see it again 5 yrs ago. My mate was told by another publican that it was being turned over for real estate

Hey - Since you used to go there, is the Shuckburgh (sp?)Arms still down the street ? It was in'01 and I do not believe it's in this bite website.

Joe usa
Joseph65 - 9 Aug 2006 20:24
Closed ?? What a shame - a legendary boozer in its time........
squatter - 31 Jul 2006 15:11
A mate of mine just told me the news last week while visiting London. What a shame. Used to be such a good pub in the 80s. I told him that I was there in '01 and it was open. RIP
Joseph65 - 31 Jul 2006 14:47
Now closed down. Looks like groovycool was right and all the customers have left!
OldRogue - 19 Jul 2006 14:32
This place used to be a great pub, the best in the area. The young couple before who were running it were top notch, since they have left, so have most of the customers. Not what it used to be. Shame.
groovycool - 16 Dec 2005 20:00
Bring back BEN AND MONI!!!! The place is a poo hole now they have gone - bad mangement and bad service. This once amazing pub has gone down hill.
groovycool - 19 Aug 2005 05:46
You need a pickaxe to cut through the disgusting amount of smoke in this place. I've been their twice and left before getting served on both occasions. Stinging eyes is a bad sign.
lupus - 24 May 2005 13:48
I used to work in this pub way back in the winter of 1977 for about dix months. I lived in and I was apparently the first Australian to ever have worked there (or so they told me!!) Quite a culture shock for a country Aussie straight into Sloane Ranger territoy and it was a while beore I was accepted too because of the calss thing! BUT had the biggest farewell from there with the Sloane Rangers singing Waltzing Matilda to me and I din't know the embarrassing!! But a dam great night! Many fond memories of lots of interesting people and some good parties too...rubbed shoulders with the best of them!! Will get back there one day.....NANCY FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
Nancy - - 24 Oct 2004 08:03
Used to be one our local back in the hoorah henry 80s days. Used to be absloute gas back then. Great managment (Jim the manager 85/86/87) as well whom I forgot their names. But if TC, or Sebastian see these posts, this is Joe checking in from the states. Went back in '01 and found it a bit off. I belive they cut away some parts of the bar on the left handside that made it look awkward.
Other than that, it seemed to hold up okay. Too bad I didn't check this site last month before I went back to London 'cause I was thinking about going for olde times sake. Will do next time and look forward to the new mgmt you lovely folks have gone on about. Cheers !
Joseph - 15 Oct 2004 18:20
Ben is back, with his wife Moni!!! They really make this place the perfect venue in Chelsea. Thank God this place is back on track!
Adam Barton - 8 Oct 2004 09:00
This pub has had more managers than it has pulled pints! Now the managers (Ben and Moni) from a while ago are back, and the improvements have started already. I can now start drinking there again (place went downhill after they left). Top Class. Hope they stay now!
(young crowd) Niles - 5 Oct 2004 11:51
Met up with friends here, nice cosy atmosphere and genuinely friendly bar staff. nice place to while a sunny day with friends as there are tables outside, terrace style.Good pint O' guiness too ! Always helps.
Saq - 10 Sep 2004 18:08
Some boring old men around, but a young crowd in the night. Really cool staff, especially Ben the manager, he's like a better looking, younger Colin Firth, worth the visit alone!
Jenna Carson - - 11 Jan 2004 02:31
Nice pub, good service, fine location. Always found the beers to be Ok.
andrew1961 - 7 Dec 2003 13:57
Nice little place in a good area of Chelsea. Stunning guy called (I think) Rob works behind the bar, and works out too by the look of it. Nice buns, and great beer.
James - 28 Nov 2003 14:18
Nice Christmas decorations (already in November..) makes the pub magical at night. Really helpful staff, we are visiting London for a few months, and one of the best memories we have is how helpful and kind a girl from Macedonia was to us. Harrods is right behind - so good for a pre shopping drink!
Anna Pearson - 18 Nov 2003 05:12

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