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Euston Tap, Euston

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user reviews of Euston Tap, Euston

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Handy if heading south or west out of Euston especially with Bree Louise now gone. Also with it being more suited to the start rather than end of a session given the climb up the spiral staircase to toilets or even for the seating when carrying one or two pints as well. Luckily our visit when a reasonable choice of beer was not long after midday.
ESCAMRA - 28 Mar 2018 15:43
With the demise of the Bree Louise for HS2 construction, the Euston Tap is now the best option for a real ale near Euston. It's on the expensive craft beer scale. But it's still a decent option. My last visit was early in January. The cask range was Hackney Best Bitter, Oakham Black Hole Porter & Below Zero, Redemption/Kernel Victorian Mild, Vog Paradigm Shift & South Island, Mordue Northumbrian Blonde & Gipsy Hill Lemon Drop & Denali. I was personally disappointed to lose the Cider Tap in the East house. But it was clearly not doing as well as the Euston Tap itself. I gather it is still doing some ciders. But I haven't had chance to visit that side since it changed, as it rarely seems open.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Feb 2018 21:36
The East Lodge has now reopened selling 8 real ales and keg but we couldn't see any trad' ciders. Excellent quality (real) beers.
Steamer1 - 8 Jan 2017 15:17
Still brilliant for real ale and at the moment selling real cider awaiting the reopening of the East Lodge.
Steamer1 - 4 Dec 2016 13:28
A very unusual pub, a gatehouse it Is rather cramped Inside a few chairs and tables allow for outside over spill. As it Is just outside Euston train Station it has various football supporters and commuters gauging their train's departure time with how many pints can be consumed.This is not the pub to over Imbibe the stairs are treacherous and the toilet arrangements are poor. The beer quality and price are good but this is not a comfortable pub to settle in.
slerpy - 27 Oct 2016 18:43
Visited twice in the past week. It was quiet on Sunday with most punters being blokes having a swift half before getting the train. There was one lone female enjoying a beer which was great to see. Last Friday it was packed outside but even so service was very good. A good selection of different beers and worth a visit if beer is your thing.
Mr_ESB_Harry - 30 Apr 2016 16:51
The great but unusual thing here is that the beers are clearly marked on a large blackboard along with strength and price. The beers are from smaller breweries and the price is remarkably reasonable for the area.

Downside is the first-floor one-person loo and the cell-like upstairs seating room.

Berboyblue - 1 Jan 2016 16:42
I must have walked past this place countless times and not realised it was a pub!

I visited on a Saturday afternoon when it was busy but not crowded. Not that it would take too many to fill the place out!
Thankfully there is plenty of space outside on the pavement though not too many seats available either inside or out.

The beer selection was excellent! Redemption Rock the Kazbek, Sublime Chaos and Quiet Riot from Anarchy, Mallinsons Brewers Gold and Siren Half Mast all on.
The two I had were very nice and the staff obviously knew and loved their job.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit down and drink then avoid, but if you just want a good no frills pub with plenty of decent real ales available then I recommend it.
outtamehead - 31 Dec 2015 02:28
When arriving into Euston these days, if I'm still in need of further refreshment, I tend to go to the Cider Tap opposite. But as I hadn't ventured into the Euston Tap itself for quite a while, I thought I'd give it another try. The Euston Tap was a rather novel place when it first opened a few years ago. Looking at these two old gatehouses at the entrance to the station, you'd never have thought they would be large enough for bars and the Euston Tap can still get very crowded due to its size. It's still one of the best places for craft beer in the capital. But I prefer the Craft Beer Co outlets. The downstairs layout at the Tap is designed for vertical drinking around the bar. I've never been a fan of the upstairs seating area, that feels a little claustrophobic. The Cider Tap has a much better design downstairs. Although it's clearly not as popular. Last night the Euston Tap had a smell of urine in one corner, that was quite off-putting. The cask ale selection was Arbor/Moor Double Dark Alliance, Moor Smokey Horizon & Raw, Burning Sky Aurora, Siren Undercurrent & Broken Dream & Tiny Rebel One Inch Punch. I'll be back at the Cider Tap next time!
blue_scrumpy - 22 Nov 2015 19:49
Probably the strangest pub building in London. Always a good range of real ales (and keg "craft beers" for those of that persuasion). Pleasant friendly staff.
Aztecgoat - 7 Feb 2015 21:38
I used to go to the Tap a lot and always recommended it to acquaintances. As well as spending many evenings in there, I often used to stop for a quick pint of something interesting before getting my train. I was a real shock then, when a couple of weeks ago I was treated with such aggressiveness and incivility by one of the bar staff.

I had had a good look at the beer board and having made my choice, saw a gap at the bar. The youngish bloke with a big hipster beard and a baseball cap was standing there so I began to ask him for a pint of whatever it was that I had chosen. He stared at me and cut me off dead with a growled, "serving someone else" and continued standing there staring at me with ill-concealed hostility, saying nothing further, stock still. I don't know where his one lucky customer was at the time, but it wasn't at the bar. This pillock shouldn't be in the hospitality industry. I walked out, furious at having my good mood ruined by someone with no manners whatsoever, and haven't been back since. Shame. It used to be a really friendly place. Not going back there.
Inhabitant - 1 Dec 2014 14:51
A great little boozer near to Euston mainline..very hospitable and knowlegable couple of young lads running it on the afternoon that I rocked up...excellent beers, well worth nipping into if you're around the area!
harlequin - 21 Nov 2014 13:42
Great little pub with some quality beers, good and helpful staff - ask them for what you want and you'll get it. I asked for something flavoursome and got a lovely pint. Would be a 10 if the loos were better but there is so little space...
wrichard - 20 Nov 2014 16:03
I would imagine the dullards who demolished the Euston Arch are spinning in their graves - appalled that something of the LNWR frontage has been put to such excellent use. Architecture aside, this is a very effective and efficient bar. Great service and loads of choice. Oh, and tasty ales from £3.40 a pint in central London. Take note some pubs in central Manchester! An easy 10/10 rating. A must visit.
wobblybob - 22 Sep 2014 20:46
We had a half hour between trains and this place is so good for just that purpose. I wish all London termini offered such delights. Amongst others we had a beer brewed at the sister pub, the Sheffield Tap which also is a brewery within the station there. Amazing.
Steamer1 - 30 Jun 2014 09:32
This place is great; and if you’re an ale drinker then this is the place for you! It’s sister pub the ‘Cider Tap’ is across the road which is usually a lot quieter.

Downstairs is predominantly the bar, with a few stools and there is limited seating up the spiral (dangerous after a few!) staircase to the upstairs and the toilets. There is always a queue for the loo, and they are pretty shocking.

You will queue for a while because this place is just always busy. The bar staff are quick, courteous, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.

Because of its size people tend to stand around by the road, on the high tables and there are a few seated tables – but good luck trying to get one!

Definitely worth a visit.
B3XTER - 5 Jun 2014 16:23
Whilst the Craft Beer Co. offerings in town are very good, this (and it's sister Cider Tap opposite) has to be the Daddy of real ale choice in London at the mo. A fantastic array of beers (27 founts from the wall) plus two big fridges offering many other wonderful beers, but be careful going to the loo upstairs (more importantly coming down) as the spiral staircase need full attention. They do pizza's too (from nearby) and the staff are all very cheerful and knowledgeable about what's available - makes me wish this was around when I was at the OU in MK 20+ years ago!
DocD - 2 Apr 2014 15:09
Popped in late on a Saturday evening and there was a lot less choice than usual on the real beer front but what we had was fine
Steamer1 - 6 Mar 2014 17:01
Had a pint of Marble after league cup final that was sublime. Don't know if keg or cask and don't care.
mtaylor40 - 4 Mar 2014 23:46
First time in was on Saturday last.Was over welmed by the quantity of real ales(you can't get one in some boozers, and this place has 20 odd!)
Started off with the Buxton, quality pint.Very fruity
Then spied the Hopspur Bitter which is a redemption beer from Tottenham..Well i had to . Brilliant pint,complimented the Buxton perfectly.
The pub itself is a decent place as well.Its in the old station offices,which in side two war memorials(the other being called the cider tap and a cider version of the one i was in) Small?yes ,but a really likeable place.Defiantly one i would use in the area.
great little pub
tottenhamsean - 3 Feb 2014 17:45
I have been a regular at the Tap since it opened and don't think I have ever had a bad pint there.
I called in on Tuesday night to meet some friends and enjoyed the sublime Moor Confidence as well as a few other beers.
A welcome bonus is the ability to order burgers from the Shed by the Cider Tap by sending a text with your order and name on it. The burger was delivered in about twenty minutes. They aren't cheap but they are very good.
ajsqs - 30 Jan 2014 13:42
Came in here for the first time around 10pm on a Saturday night. The place was fairly quiet but it’s so small it seemed busy!

A really good range of beers, most offered as halves so they are so pricey…I had 2 pints from Buxton Brewery at £5.80 a pint

Good atmosphere, very varied range of beers, right by Euston station all in all this is a cool place for a pint but not a session.

lezford - 24 Oct 2013 14:03
A really excellent range of beers and bottled beers.

Sure the pub is cramped and quirky but hey I actually like that. Jazz music playing in the background only added to the atmos.
kevmac - 31 Aug 2013 22:01
Quirky and interesting. I went mid-afternoon, after a business meeting, while waiting for a train. So no hassle with crowds or whatever. Had the Bernards light-lager which was also interesting and hoppy.

I will no doubt return.
keyser_soze - 21 Aug 2013 19:10
Part of a tour of pubs which was overall not very satisfactory, comprising the Pakenham, Queen’s Head Acton st (easily the best) Calthorpe Arms (easily the worst) Euston Tap and Doric Arch.
Should have been warned off by my previous experience here, but my mate wanted to test it out. I can’t say anything positive except the beer quality and choice for which I give 7/10. However, I’m clearly not cool, young and trendy enough for this place which probably explains why getting served is such a problem, so for the drinking “experience” 2/10

Monkdawallydahonk - 10 Jul 2013 11:26
Usual joy here on my umpteenth visit. I had Buxton SPA followed by a half of Lagunitas IPA at a not unreasonable £2.50 a half considering it had to cross the pond to get here.

I live in St.Albans with a wide selection of real ale pubs to drink in but would I like to see a bar like this there?

You bet I would!
drinkingdad - 7 Jul 2013 14:02
yes its small and yes its crowded, but the beer is immense. usually standing room only, but provided you dont expect a typical pub and you'll be happy. combined with the bree louise just down the road, you have a pretty good night out.
CHELSEA_on_tour - 19 Apr 2013 10:11
Steamer took us here while we had a 4 hour wait for the Eurostar on the way to Bruges. An interesting selection of beers and those tried were good including a stout from Bristol.
Rocky53 - 27 Mar 2013 17:53
Stopped in here on a Saturday afternoon. Great use of an interesting building and the beer choice was incredible. However, I was really disappointed with the interior - downstairs was okay and the spiral staircase is a nice feature, but upstairs is dingy, smelly and looks like it needs a good lick of paint.

It's a real shame because the building is fantastic from the outside. Perhaps I've been spoiled by other pubs in London, but this really could do with a bit of TLC.
Olsta - 25 Mar 2013 14:11
The pub is small but there is nothing they can do about that. It can get crowded especially in bad weather, but there are plenty of times when it is quiet. All you need to do is avoid the evening rush, especially on a Friday.
Some of the keg beers are expensive, but that is down to rarity value and the cost of importing them in to the UK. The draught beers start at £3.20 a pint, which is very cheap for London, especially when you take the quality of the beer in to account.
Part of the reason for the slow service is down to people not knowing what they want when it is their turn to be served. No wonder the staff get frustrated at times.
ajsqs - 20 Mar 2013 18:28
Yes, this place can be a challenge on a weekend evening when downstairs can be seething but if it's warm enough to drink outside, I would still recommend going out of one's way to get there. The stylish gatehouse building and layout, together with proximity to Euston station make it a regular stop over for me and there are beers for those who like Continental bottles as well as UK draught. Maybe I'm more assertive than some reviewers, but I've never had bad/slow service here.
Arctium_lappa - 17 Feb 2013 22:05
Useless pub because it is constantly crowded and getting to the toilets is an accident waiting to happen (up a narrow spiral staircase). I blame Network rail who are trying to squeeze a profit out of the smallest building...
malo66 - 14 Feb 2013 13:39
If you like strong specialist beers then this is the place for you.
The range of beers on offer is excellent, albeit but not surprisingly, expensive.

It is worth checking their on line blog to see what beers are on offer. Many of them change daily and more often than not, the beer you enjoyed today will not be there tomorrow.

The venue is cute but only when sparsely populated. Get a crowd and the place becomes a bit of a challenge.
Getting served can also be a challenge. Whilst I have every sympathy for the staff in such a tight space, the professionalism and attitude of a selected few is not what you expect from a boutique bar.
On more than one occasion I have witnessed the Friday evening staff being downright rude and I have seen people walk out and head to the charming Doric Arc ‘Fullers’ pub

If I wasn’t for the great range of beers on offer you would give this place a miss on the basis of the staff alone.

JonnyConsumer - 4 Feb 2013 12:53
For beer range this pub is in the top 3 in London. When it comes to comfort the building leaves a lot to be desired, and the service is a little slow (but not unfriendly). I feel a bit sorry for the staff because the bar layout means that they are always in the middle on show. Upstairs is a pain in the arse! Still we always enjoy a visit and it's highly recommended.
Green_0nions - 29 Jan 2013 15:27
tiny beer palace outside Euston Station. Full to the rafters with Euro/US/UK beer choices mostly on tap (often insanely strong) - so thats the point of this place - pint of draught micro-brewed Hawaiian beer? no problem. It is not cheap, but if you need a good place to booze/meet mates its ideal and less likely to be full of London shouty blokes.
parmantom - 24 Nov 2012 07:50
What a gem, it is small and the majority of downstairs is taken up by the bar and during the after work rush by people trying to be served., although the wait never seemed too long. Most importantly there are 24 beers. I think that it was 16 keg beers from all sorts of places around the world plus 8 real ales. Whilst we were there a couple of barrels finished but they were quickly replaced. We went to the theatre and then popped back for last orders and I think that about 6 beers had already been changed for something different. Just a word of note on the day that we were there that this is a craft beer pub and there is no mainstream mass produced beers. Across the road is the Cider Tap which is very similar but only sells cider.
davetheaddick - 28 Sep 2012 10:53
Great pub. No need for a CAMRA discount with prices starting at 3.00 per pint.
Consistently good quality beers so no need to worry about whether or not the beer is off., it won't be!
ajsqs - 10 Sep 2012 13:37
The Euston Tap is a worthy alternative to the Bree Louise if passing through Euston Station. In fact, I think yesterday was the first time I have seen more people at the Tap than at the Bree Louise. Real ales on were Fyne Jarl & Avalanche, Bristol Acer, Dorset Piddle Silent Slasher, Magic Rock Dark Arts, Sunny Republic Huna Red & Buxton Axe Edge & Black Rocks. There are of course over a dozen other specialist craft beers and an excellent bottled beer selection in fridges either side of the bar. The toilet situation is still not ideal. But the Euston Tap seems to have grown in popularity. Preferring cider, I do like the Cider Tap across the road where there are 5 or 6 real ciders served from the box, along with about 10 others served from taps and another good bottle selection. The toilets here are even worse and it's a pain, not to mention slightly dangerous, attempting to meet up with beer lovers who are drinking across the road. The other drawback of the Cider Tap appears to be the opening times. It finally opened at around 3pm yesterday and it's always a bit of a lottery as to whether it will be open or not. The Euston Tap itself keeps far more regular hours.
blue_scrumpy - 9 Sep 2012 16:26
Nice pub but no Camra discount
duchyjim - 4 Sep 2012 22:15
If you love pubs where you play the 'Will I get served next?' lottery, you'll shit a pot of gold here. Ostensibly a tiny box of a room with a small seating area above (via a steep, swirly staircase), half the main room is taken up by the bar area. The rest is where commuters, thirsty passers-by, and the curious barge in to block the entrance and make orderly queuing an impossibility.

I've long pondered the idea of some kind of pub ticketing system like at the doctors, and if there's anywhere in Britain that needs it, it's this quirky place. An interesting selection of international (and occasionally pricey) lagers, marred by said crowds. Best to visit within office hours, I reckon.
Ruby - 1 Aug 2012 14:35
I am guilty as charged! At my age I confess to finding the spiral staircase a nuisance as I might have to go 3 times after 2 pints. May I raise the white flag and wish good luck to both pubs?
malo66 - 30 Jul 2012 12:42
Roger eandb, your lodge history is fine but the DORIC ARCH that Malo66 is referring to is the pub of that name [formerly the Head of Steam].

Beer has always been fine at the Euston Tap, the only downside for old gits is the spiral staircase to the toilet.
TiaMariaJim - 26 Jun 2012 20:25
The two gatehouses or lodges were built by the London North Western Railway company in 1870. The stone blocks on the outside have the names of some of the towns the railway served then. These lodges were not part of the Doric Arch, which was much further into the current Euston station. The gatehouses are linked by a "secret" underground passage which runs under the road and is used as the cellar for both the Cider Tap and Euston Tap. The beer is delivered to the point of dispense by an air compressor. I have never had a bad pint here!
roger_eandb - 26 Jun 2012 16:31
Malo66 now really. You were doing so well. Dorch Arch is a world away for Euston Tap. That the Tap is not on the station is part of the reason it is so busy. There are places for grumpy scotch egg eating slobs, but this is not one of them.

Eclectic crowd from the diverse local businesses and unis, very reasonable prices and an outside area without ropes and time restrictions.
It is not a pub by any means, but a throwback vertical drinking bar, with a humming vibe and a balanced beer list.
One either gets it or you don't. It's limitation are really not to complain about on BITE. Don't drink there if you are going to moan about facilities they can't offer - like a fire place!
bamberg1 - 21 Jun 2012 16:05
Unusual pub selling US-style quality key beers.
Uncle_Dunkel - 7 Jun 2012 18:10
This pub is very gimmicky, much too small especially when you see all the beers they are seeking to serve. Also some of the foreign ales are ridiculously overpriced. You would be better off at the DORIC ARCH which is actually part of the station outbuildings.
malo66 - 25 May 2012 19:06
It is worth a visit for being an unusual location for a bar and it is worth a trip up the spiral stairs to the small seating area but the qulaity of ale on offer does vary quite significantly. The Thornbridge breew on this occasion was just about palatable.
Snarling_Mallard - 25 May 2012 16:38
Fantastic range of beers. And a good range of customers too. This is a great bar. Not one I would take my wife to, just not comfortable enough. 10/10 for beerhounds, 9 flor pubgoers
dry_riser_inlet - 24 May 2012 20:24
For beer selection alone this pub likely rates as a 10 in London but overall as a pub it's let down a bit by it's small space and atmosphere but it is what it is. It's a railway pub firstly so don't come expecting a warm cosy atmosphere with a fire and every one knowing your name. It's also been put in a very small building which they have done the best of with what they have. Most people take their beers outside and in the summer I imagine this place is going to have problems because it will be so full of people standing on the outside and passengers wanting to get in and out of Euston the police will likely give them troubles. It seems though they are trying to improve the outside as best they can. They are working with very limited space but they have nice tables out there and seem to be trying to expand the patio area as much as they can. For a pint on the go the selection is about as good as it gets.
nal_arse - 2 May 2012 11:36
Have called in several times for a last pint before the train back. This is a worthy place always with a good selection of draught real ales as well as a larger selection of draught beers and bottled beers from around the world to keep the wife as happy as me. Not too crowded on Tuesday evening, a good mix of clients (if rather a lot of after-work suits) and helpful staff who know their wares. Although very small, there were more customers paying by card than I have ever seen anywhere.
Stamfordian - 15 Mar 2012 11:20
Just shows what can be done in a very small space!!! Always some interesting cask beers and a selection of "craft keg" beers - not forgetting the vast bottled beers collection. I haven't tried the Cider Tap yet (I prefer beer) but I will take the long walk acroos the road one day!!! Comments about the bogs will obviously vary depending on how busy the bar is but remember - it isn't the staff who pee on the floor or don't flush the loo - it's the customers!!!!
mcroyal - 4 Mar 2012 11:16
Nice little place to while away some time before getting your train home. Good selection of beers - ranging from craft to real to bottled ales from around the world. I had halves of Bristol Southville Hop, Buxton Wild Boar IPA and Fyne Sublime Stout. All were in good nick. My only complaint is it can get rammed due to it's size - both upstairs and down. That's only because it's popularity I suppose, which is well-deserved.
littledrummerboy - 23 Feb 2012 14:21
Decent enough beer, but they really should keep that copper sheet behind the bar clean, it looks like an unsavoury urinal.
hadda - 20 Feb 2012 19:10
Toilet facilities leave a great deal to be desired!
Hodge1 - 20 Feb 2012 17:25
Unusually quirky little pub which is a fantastic for ale lovers and drinkers who are patial to rare hard to find tipples. I had a pint of Jamaican Stout which was 'seriously easy going' down. Also had half a Magic Rock Human Cannonball at 9% ABV I guess that this would be described as a Barley Wine.

Also went opposite to the Cider Tap for a few pints Oooeeerr. If you are travelling to Euston station then you MUST go here at least for 1
BeerGutt - 14 Feb 2012 13:29
Architechturally unique pub with an eclectic range of pricey beers from the likes of Kernal, Mikkeler etc. Worth a look for that one special beer to round off the evening.
baxterfish - 1 Feb 2012 23:09
Taken over from the Doric Arch a.k.a. Head of Steam as the Euston Station watering hole, I usually visit this pub at the end of a crawl as Euston Square tube is also quite close, however if you do this are are a bit hammered then the helical staircase can be a challenge, they do provide pint carriers for you, also plan your toilet trip carefully as their always seems to be a queue. The real ales selection is superb and I've never had a bad pint in there.
Abteilung - 15 Jan 2012 15:28
new favourite pub before Arsenal matches. fab beer and easy to get a table upstairs and it even has a toilet now. first time i went it was a portaloo job outside in the cold
rdriscoll - 15 Dec 2011 19:53
A wonderful selection of beers on offer on Friday night. Punk IPA, Nogne Pale Ale, Liverpool Organic Imperial Russian Stout, Arbor 500 Minute IPA, Schlenkerla Marzen and Odell IPA - all superb.
holbornboy - 6 Dec 2011 18:57
Bounded into the Tap with two friends at 2143 on 25/11/11. A BENCHMARK half of Tring Side Pocket closed one of those evenings that can't be planned - they just happen! Superb.
Newton_Lad - 26 Nov 2011 23:42
Outstanding beer. No atmosphere. Hit and miss service from behind the bar. When are they going to sort out the toilet, so that the men do not have to stand in a pool of urine when emptying the bladder? The Doric has seen better days - Fullers ruined the place.
alebarry - 24 Nov 2011 12:26
We always visit this tiny bar when we are in town and once again we were not disappointed. Great range of beers at very reasonable prices (my Bristol Brewery Independance was brilliant and only 3.10) Because it is so small it can get packed but once we found a corner at the bar we stayed put and had a couple more beers (Ossett Brewery; Rat Brewery; Dorking Brewery to name but three). Toilets and more seating are upsatirs and even on a chilly november night there were loads of drinkers outside. The Cider Bar (the other gatehouse opposite) is due to open before Christmas. I always recommend the Euston Tap to friends and they all praise it highly.
mcroyal - 17 Nov 2011 10:58
The Euston Tap is in a beautiful small building that was NOT designed to be a pub. They may have a good choice of beers, not all of them expensive, but there is no atmosphere in the place. I much prefer the Doric Arch which is nearby : also in the station.
malo66 - 4 Nov 2011 10:33
Fab, great selection of beers, the draught beers aren't too pricey I always make a beeline when i go to London
SGA - 2 Nov 2011 19:44
Paid a visit for the first time last week. I keep seeing the word pricey in reviews but I paid 3 and 2.90 for the pints I had. Even the Thornbridge Jaipur was only 3.50 a pint. The minimum I am paying in Bromley is 3.35 a pint!

Another reason to venture north of the Thames.
blackheatheagle - 1 Nov 2011 15:58
Pricey, small bogs, shabby and closes at 10 on a Sunday, despite the different beers on view it is not a patch on the Rake bar.
loveleedshatebates - 31 Oct 2011 07:09
Hodge 1 - Good beer, shame about the sky high prices and the one overused toilet on the first floor!
The beer must have been better than you thought as there is a toilet and a urinal upstairs.
I was in on Saturday night when they had three draught beers on for under 3 a pint, with no gimmick discounts for CAMRA members.
The best thing about this place is the variety of beers that don't rely on the vastly overrated Fuggles and Goldings hops. Obviously doesn't please the Luddites of this world, but they can stick with the likes of Greene Kind IPA
ajsqs - 19 Oct 2011 13:36
Welcome combination of real ales and decent keg stuff, as well as a vast range of bottles if you get bored of what's on tap. Unusual building and helpful staff.
daveinbrum - 12 Oct 2011 21:19
Housed in one of the old entrance portals to Euston which is now where buses pass to enter the bus station. An unusual location for this beer bar. Mainly keg on offer they did have a few ales on. I tried the Dark Star Partridge, which was nice to start with but kind of faded. Found it reasonablt priced at 3. The lower level is little more than the bar area with a few perches around the wall - very much akin to your average continental station bar. Had a train to catch so didn't navigate the steep spiral staircase to see what upstairs was like. Okay to drop in to for a swift beer (they had 27 different beers but not all were proper ale) but the lower bar is somewhere that lends itself more to that rather than staying for a session.
Snarling_Mallard - 4 Oct 2011 18:51
Oh, and in the interests of fairness, I should've probably made mention of the literally hundreds of bottled options available at this pub. It was a vast array and probably one of the largest in the on-trade. Also, a specialised cider bar is being set up in the gatehouse opposite, which will undoubtedly hit paydirt when it opens, given the trend towards the apple juice right now. All we need now is a workable design to bring the actual station back to its former architectural glory. Apparently it's in the pipeline.
TWG - 24 Sep 2011 17:48
A prime example of the emerging controversial trend towards so-called 'craft keg' products from respectable foreign brewers, or those British ones which seem to be experimenting with flavour-filled filtered keg seemingly as if to suggest good old traditional cask beer isn't as worthy as people think. Personally I'm dubious of the merits of this manoeuvre. In countries with no cask tradition, and whose brewers are very experienced in creating beers with flavour albeit under pressure, I think we may welcome them as imported alternatives. But I'm cautious about certain UK brewers who seem to want to not only create a market for kegged product alongside cask, but possibly act against it. Brewdog seem to be on a divisive and tedious anti-CamRA drive in favouring keg over their excellent cask options. There really is no point, other than to stick it to CamRA doctrine and to make beer more cheaply and flog it as premium - the lager boys have got away with that for far too long. I don't want to see cask undermined for what is still usually an inferior version of ale. Anyhow, come along to the rather small and quirky yet convenient and pleasant Tap and decide for yourself. There were around 10 cask options on, and whilst they packed some flavour, they were suspiciously heady, raising doubts as to the dispense, which was hidden away behind a panel to conceal the source. Alternatively you'll find up to 20 keg offerings, mostly imports from Europe and America, but with a smattering of British. Tried a keg-only Thornbridge beer. Frankly it resembled filtered and pasteurised bottle beer to my palate. And it was about 60 more expensive than the cask equivalents! I can only conclude that the current shift to embrace UK keg is little more than marketing and money-spinning! The Tap is tight on space, to say the least, although outdoor provision is a saviour on a fine day. Toilets - sorry, toilet - was rudimentary but presumably a function of the limitations of the old station gatehouse in which it is located. An intriguing place.
TWG - 24 Sep 2011 17:43
Good beer, shame about the sky high prices and the one overused toilet on the first floor!
Hodge1 - 20 Sep 2011 09:54
Good beer, shame about the sky high prices and the one overused toilet on the first floor!
Hodge1 - 20 Sep 2011 09:54
Not too sure about this place: more quirky than comfy, I think. The upstairs reminds me of a waiting room, or the office where you sit while waiting for an interview. Also there's the toilet issue: I haven't been back for some months, so don't know whether there's been any improvement, but only one toilet made for increasing queues as the evening wore on on my previous visits. Also there's the question of the dispense of the cask ales, which seem to be dispensed under pressure (they're very heady). I tend to stick with the Bree myself, but will stop by the Tap soon to check up on its current status, and hope to be able to increase my rating.
Charno - 14 Sep 2011 13:04
Quirky place in the arch by Euston station. Small bar downstairs with taps attached to the wall behind, then a spiral staircase leading up to an equally small seating area upstairs. Weather was okay so we got a seat without a problem but imagine it gets busy in winter. Plenty of ales to choose from as well as cider and lager and the beer I tried was on good form. Euston really is fortunate to have three good pubs in proximity to the station (also the Bree Louise and the Doric Arch) whereas other nearby stations struggle for one.
DuchyBoy - 14 Sep 2011 12:51
I have been a weekend regular, plus as many midweek visits as possible, since it opened in November 2010.
The cask ale is always in good condition and most nights there is a full selection of eight beers. Some breweries feature on a regular basis, but they are generally the better ones anyway.
The selection of 19 keg beers covers Germany, Czech Republic, USA etc but als includes a few UK beers including the excellent Camden Hells Lager.
There is a wide selection of bottled and canned beers, so you should find something that suits your taste.
The place is small downstairs and not much bigger upstairs, which isn't a problem unless it is raining. There is a beer garden to one side, covered by an umbrella and plenty of space to stand on the footpath outside.
The clientele varies, but many know a lot about and appreciate good beer, which is what this bar is all about.
The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and more than happy for you to have a sample to taste.
Definitely not for the Fosters drinkers (thankfully)
ajsqs - 11 Sep 2011 18:20
Late review, as I visited last December, so caveat emptor,but BITE didn't seem to want me to create a new pub entry and review it so congrats to whoever who did create the entry. That, however, is where the congratulations end. Visited on a snowy December evening and found the pub to be very small inside, with a narrow metal spiral staircase leading to the upstairs - didn't go up there but was amused by the traffic going up and down - maybe a traffic light system would help. Decent enough beer range but rather too many in the 5% and above category. Geeky staff and clientele on this evening. Rather unpleasant reaction from the barman who dropped my pint behind the bar and seemed to take his frustration out on me by being rude and serving a very short pint. My group (6 or 7 of us) were unanimous in giving it the thumbs down, a real "tickers" pub in my view and certainly not a place for a comfortable evenings drinking. Recommended though to make your own mind up and it might have improved since then, though of course the ridiculously small interior can't be changed. 6/10
Monkdawallydahonk - 30 Aug 2011 10:59
I'd heard a lot about this pub, spoken to people who had been there but finally got to visit it last week.

It was bigger inside than seemed possible. The service was good, the beer was good and not too badly priced. The venue itself is obviously unique.

Excellent pub.

Mind you this was on a summer evening with no problems in going outside. I imagine that a winter's day could be different.
boblarkin - 7 Aug 2011 23:05
A very nice watering hole with good weather, not so sure how it will be when it's too cold to sit outside - beer well kept, prices OK.
Very pleasant staff and consistent efforts to keep the place clear of empty glasses and cigarette butts.
Looking forward to the Cider Tap directly opposite...not long now.
pick_e_tippler - 3 Aug 2011 21:03
I think the last comment pretty much sumed it up. Odd sort of bar area - the barmaid had trouble reaching the taps, set high up on the wall. Only tried the Camden Lager, (3-70 a pint), which slipped down nicely on a warm afternoon. There are several pubs that specialize in craft beers from far flung places and between 3-50 and 4 per half seems to be the going rate. Most are over 6% so are worth it in my view!
Mothroy - 30 Jul 2011 22:48
So this is what drinking in the Tardis must be like ! This venue is in the old lodge / gatehouse for Euston station, and looks minute from the outside. But somehow it seems much bigger inside though can easily get packed.

The bar is straight ahead when you enter, and takes up about half the space. There is just about room around the outside for a few stools along the outer walls. On the wall behind the bar are 8 handpumps, serving a selection of real ales, including two from Thornbridge and two from Bristol brewery. Above this there is a row of 20 taps which dispense European and American craft beers most of which I had never seen available in this country before. [ NB these taps do not dispense what they say on them, but what is listed on the blackboard above the bar ] There are also two fridges stocking bottled beers. One to the left of the bar concentrating on European beers and one to the right concentrating on American ones. [There is no list for the bottles, and the fridges are impossible to reach if its crowded]

Although the UK real ales are reasonably priced, the craft beers are exteremly expensive e.g. 4 for a half but then again this is the only place you will be able to find them. Bottles are said to be competitively priced but I have no knowledge of what the actual prices are.

I sampled the Odells Five Barrell [first time Ive ever seen Colorado beer on tap in the UK(*) ] and Stone Smoked Porter. Both were reasonable.

There is also an upstairs lounge which is reached by a spiral staircase which is not for vertigo sufferers. There is only one toilet which is upstairs.

Needless to say, in such a small establishment, there isnt any food of the usual pub grub type. However, it is possible to place orders with the bar staff for Famous Rays Pizza (why is it Ray thats famous and not his pizza ?!), which they then phone through and it is delivered by courier. [ I wonder how much of a mark-up they make on that ? ]

The clientele can only be described as varied. Young and old, single traveller or groups. I did notice there seems to be quite a turnover. I guess session drinking here would soon become very expensive !! One feature we did notice is the large proportion of people who were paying by card. Another annoying feature is the background music, which is totally unnecessary because no-one is listening too it.

It seems like a really great place, and Ill certainly be going back as soon as I can, but I wonder what it will be like once the novelty has worn off ?

(*) Coors is not regarded as beer !!!!

8/10 THE place to go if obscure cult imports are your thing ! [ barmaid 10/10 ]

Martinsh - 20 Jul 2011 23:36
Passed here on the way to the Bree Louise. I dithered about whether to go in or not. Then the heavens opened, and there was no other option but to go in. I've been here several times before and you're guaranteed a decent pint, whether you choose from the range of cask beers, the national and international kegs from unusual sources or the bottled beers from all over. The cask beers are very well priced. Otherwise, be careful what you're ordering. Yesterday's cask selection was Redemption Trinity & Fellowship Porter, Oxfordshire Marshmellow, Otley O-Garden, Bradfield Stout & Yorkshire Farmer, Hewitts Unhung Hero & Dark Star Old Chestnut. 2 ciders featured in the keg selection - Hogans & Orchard Pig Medium. As previous posters have said, this is a very transient pub. You probably wouldn't stay here for a session. Downstairs is just bar stool type seating, whilst the walk up and down the spiral staircase makes drinking upstairs, or even visiting the toilet particularly challenging. Drinking outdoors is another option, providing the weather is clement. Looking forward to the opening of the Cider Tap in the opposite building during the autumn.
blue_scrumpy - 17 Jul 2011 12:09
Definately one of the best places for quality and choice. Just walk around to the Bree Louise around the corner and compare price and consistancy with the ales. The cask beer list is also well thought out and features some of the best new and robustly flavoured ales around. The keg selection of beers can be pricey but these are often hard to find and of high quality. Some of the bottled beers are a different matter - 7 plus for a half pint bottle of some US craft beers which are quite widely available is just plain daylight robbery - other wise i would have rated 10/10

moclips2002 - 17 Jul 2011 09:48
Excellent value for money compapred withe the Cask and the new Craft Beer co.

Staff vey friendly and know their beer. Shame the same cannot be said for the Brie Louise
Huey - 15 Jul 2011 15:23
A fantastic "speciality" beer bar with around 25 beers on tap and a massive bottled beer range.

Prices start at 2.90 for draught beer and head upwards for the bottled beer, never had a bad beer in this place.

Very small space but a decent outside drinking area, stairs to the upper drinking area and toilets are fun... especially when you have had a few!

They also can order a pizza for you and have it delivered, never had one but they look OK.

The only draw back is the area it is in, next to Euston train and bus station you can get a lot of beggars and general "nutters" nearby, something to be aware of but they do not bother you when drinking.
beershot - 14 Jul 2011 15:51
Currently visiting a pub for every station on the London Overground. Did this one for Euston. Superb beer range and very reasonably priced, particularly for the area. It is tiny but seating area outside if the weather is fine. Worth a visit for a couple of ales but wouldn't spend a whole night here. Toilets are smelly and staircase to reach them needs a risk assessment before attempting them. Do not climb if drunk!
hillzy - 13 Jul 2011 20:33
You can't complain about the beer on offer at this place. The selection is first rate. It's just unfortunate the building is so small and cramped.
beermann - 12 Jul 2011 14:37
All the main points on this bar are covered in the previous reviews.

However, I will add that they have held and are planning more, "single style" beer festivals. The last one I went to was an IPA evening. Right up my street.

If you follow them on Twitter, they are very good at keeping the beer list posted.

About time The Euston Tap appeared on BITE!
davvac - 12 Jul 2011 13:16
I visited about a month ago and was hugely impressed with the beer range,price and quality of the beer on offer.

Admittedly, it is a small and pokey place,but that is more than offset by my comments above.

Good luck and good drinking!
RedRoosterRocker - 10 Jul 2011 00:36
I always pop in here when I am in this part of London. It has now, of course, become more popular and can get very busy (it is after all - tiny) but there is room to stand outside or sit under one of the huge brollies. The beer range varies from visit to visit and sometimes the beers are very strong and very expensive but I usually manage to find a good British ale at a fair price (Thornbridge Chiron at 3.10 was very acceptable). The bottled beer selection is impressive and it could take ages to chose one. They are opening a Cider Tap in the other gatehouse across the road. I usually combine a visit here with a pint in the nearby Bree Louise before heading for the tube at Euston Square. If you haven't been to The Tap before then I would recommend it - it is someting different.
mcroyal - 7 Jul 2011 20:32
The first time I visited this bar (it's not really a pub in the accepted sense) I thought it had the most amazing selection of beers I had ever seen. Fantastic brews from Thornbridge, BrewDog, Marble and Otley - what wasn't to like? Subsequent visits were equally enjoyable but in recent times it has become very much a hit-and-miss affair. You can try to time your visit by keeping an eye on the beerlist on their blog but this can and does change with such frequency that the beer you fancy may well be gone by the time you get here. While this means the beer will generally be fresh, it also means you may struggle to find a beer you like. However, if you like Camden, Redemption and Bristol Beer Factory brews, you are guaranteed at least one from each.
The building itself is in one of the former gatehouses flanking the entrance to Euston Station and they have tried to utilise the limited space as best as possible. There is a spiral staircase leading up to a small drinking area with fixed leather seating. This is where you'll find the 'conveniences' - not so convenient when you have to negotiate that staircase to get to them, and a serious challenge after a few pints. The size and shape of the place negate any sense of comfort and it lacks the atmosphere and warmth of a proper boozer. I approve of the Euston Tap in principle but never feel truly relaxed in here. One for a couple of pints before moving elsewhere.
holbornboy - 4 Jul 2011 22:16
I have been continually thwarted in my efforts to find a truly great pub in the Euston area by the inevitably transience of the neighbourhood's populace. Imagine my surprise then, when this former private member's bar (boo) was transformed into a real marvel, despite being located in the very maw of this ugly monstrosity of the station.

The beer selection is world class - with stunning microbews from abroad and warming ales of the homegrown variety, and the upstairs area is a real hideaway that remains not too busy throughout the evening - for now. A really innovative venture that deesrves to succeed.
BoehmBawerk - 3 Jul 2011 12:04
Tip Top stopping off point with a good selection of well kept beer.
bedfont - 29 Jun 2011 15:58
One of the weirdest pubs ive ever been to. Taps all on the back wall and you kind of order by number. But there is a wide choice.

When i was in there last Tim Anderson who won masterchef was collecting glasses. I think he is the manager of the place.
TheHorsesMouth - 29 Jun 2011 13:24
Strange pub, built in a gatehouse, just outside Euston station, huge selection of rare foreign bottles, and beers, and a good selection of real ales, small upstairs seating area, where everybody watches you go into the single toilet, good for a quick visit, but wouldn't spend all night
littlecon - 22 Jun 2011 14:40

got anything to say about this pub?

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