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Earl Beatty, Motspur Park

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Large Greene King pub set next to Motspur Park station. It has a number of different rooms, albeit with an open-plan feel. The first thing that struck me was that it was definitely more of a working class work. Having arrived straight from work, I felt a little overdressed. It was also extremely noisy and there were few tables available. Greene King IPA & Abbot are the regular ales. Guests were Twickenham Grandstand & Windsor & Eton Knight of the Garter. I chose the Knight of the Garter, which was ok, without being anything special. This was my first visit to this part of London. It appears to be the only pub of any note in the vicinity. So, I suspect it will be my last.
blue_scrumpy - 7 Mar 2020 11:10
Went there early Saturday evening for a quick drink...waited ages to be served as the staff served others who walked up to the bar and when eventually served was then informed that only two ales were on despite three pump badges being shown. The 4th hand pump was not in use.
The early promise of the recent refurbishment seems to have waned already with poor staff training and poor beer stocking. Shame...
Woodsta - 19 Jul 2015 06:23
pub serving large residential area, mainly local trade. Beer decent enough & atmosphere seemed OK. good pub for watching sport
Wilson_MacDonald - 5 May 2014 20:57
Khazis were absolutely rancid on Sunday night (and before anyone asks that was before I used them). If anyone had considered ordering food before using them they would have lost their appetite. Drains need a good seeing to.
Dan91 - 5 Dec 2012 15:36
went in last night for a swifty with my wife, doom bar on draught which went down nicely. lovely pub, had previously avoided as it just looked like another run down boozer. clearly refurbed to a high standard. live music playing on the saturday night, which was great. we'll definitely be back for a longer session next time/
jimclark - 14 Oct 2012 19:35
Official Saturday opening was good - even had Ray Dorset from Mungo Jerry performing! 3 ales on which is good and new carpets, furniture, lighting a vast improvement although the gents loos don't seem to have changed at all! New management seems very switched on, if they keep the pub in good and clean order, inside and out, it should do well.
Dan91 - 25 Sep 2012 13:24
For once the parent company (SpiritGroup) has listened to and met with disgruntled locals who were fed up with their only local pub falling further and further into disrepair and neglect. Well its now in the middle of a long awaited refurbishment - new signs, new carpets, new furniture, new manager, new decor, hopefully new WC facilities as last ones were terrible. Re-opens at end of the week with promise of more ales to choose from so expect a plethora of comments/feedback in coming weeks. Pay and Display Car park now to deter station using fly parkers. Oh and dogs no longer allowed inside (garden only) and whilst Stan is a bit put out that he won't be able to snarfle up all the dropped crisps and peanuts any more I suppose it is understandable.
Dan91 - 18 Sep 2012 18:31
Got to agree with a lot of the negative comments below. This place has been my local since the 1980s and has never been great and seems to be going further downhill. Its such a shame because this is the only pub in the area ( nearest competition must be 1.5/2 miles away ) and the location is in a highly residential area and next to a station....if this place was done up a bit and moved upmarket it would be perfect but instead it is 'Chav Central' and therefore its all about burgers, Sky Sports, screaming kids , Alcopops , tattooed neanderthals who look like they'd thump you if so much as glanced at them etc etc. Avoid this place and head up to Wimbledon Village !!
SebM - 27 Jul 2011 16:56
Was stranded in Motspur Park one night for an hour or so (trains on the blink) so ducked into this place for a few drinks.

Not too bad, given that walking into the one-street wonder that is Motspur Park is like riding into town on the set of a bad western. "Looks like it's just you, me and the tumbleweed".

Pool table. A bit local but didn't get any trouble. Looks a bit rough but all in all ok, just as well as there's seriously nothing else in this place.
followedthrough - 9 Sep 2010 22:19
Braved a visit last night and I have to say there have been some improvements. The pub is cleaner and the tables were cleared, the beer was in decent condition and pints pulled to the top of the glass too. Pride and Bombardier on. I'll up my rating slightly to acknowledge.
Maldenman - 30 Sep 2009 12:52
This once was a very welcoming and easy going pub. Unfortunately the current management don't seem to know what they are doing. The land ladies partner is rude, unwelcoming and on numerous occasions has driven customers out. The land lady never has the kitchen open unless the proper chef is working. As soon as the chef leaves the manager closes the kitchen even though on all the literature says the kitchen SHOULD be open till 8:30. On top of this there is ALWAYS something that hasn't been ordered and is not available on the menu.

To be honest it feels like they don't want to be there half the time. The normal bar staff can be a little day dreamy, but on the whole are friendly and do the best they can under the circumstances.

Perhaps with the correct management, a few licks of paint here and there as well as a HUGE air freshener for the gents toilets this pub could be back to former glory.

garathgates - 10 Jun 2009 18:52
oh dear [eom]
rufus1 - 30 May 2009 19:29

I can see where your coming from..But i dont always defend on what the customers are moaning about.. Yes they are 100% right in some areas, but in others i have to disagree..Im sure there are some things that people have posted about and you have disagreed with them, wheather you posted it on here or just thought it..

The Gents toilets are very bad, and do need sorting as it is very off putting to many people that come to the pub.. Bar staff are ok in some areas. And atleast you always get a full pint where as in some pubs you don't.
Reepicheep - 16 Apr 2009 02:34
Its just a bit suspect that the twice you have posted has been to defend what other customers are moaning about. I've been using this pub for a very long time and can tell you that it has rapidly gone down hill. It used to be clean and welcoming but now it stinks and I am sorry but the smell coming from the gents as you walk through the door is due to poor cleaning and I would put that down to bad management of the cleaners. They should be retrained on how to clean toilets.
The bar staff are ok I know they work for peanuts and I never complained about the staff, they do there best under the circumstances.

motspurgirl - 13 Apr 2009 11:23
Well motspurgirl i would just to clarify that this is not the land lady of the pub.....This is actually a regular customer (MALE) that goes in to the pub everyday and spends money drinking the beer that the Bar Staff serve.....

[Quote]: This is an affluent area and this pub could be a great pub, its a shame that the management has continually been poor.

Well im sorry but i have to disagree with you there..I think the management of the pub are great (Better than some of the ones that the pub has had), Its just seems to be the customers that let the pub down...Maybe if they treated the pub, Management and the bar staff with some god damn respect it would not be in the situation it is in now..

Over the past Year or 2 i have noticed that alot of the customers have got the idea that it is ok to speak to the Bar staff, Landlady like they are a piece of S**T .....Respect and manners go a very long way, people just need to learn to use them...

And yes as stated by Motspurgirl, please do contact Mike Tye (Managing Director), as im sure if enough people complain about things in the pub then something will actually get done..Instead of them saying they will do something and then they actually never do it...
Mike Tye Managing Director
Spirit Group
107 Station Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 1SZ

Reepicheep - 12 Apr 2009 02:59
Well the last comment was obviously made by the landlady herself.
The fact that her friend won the 7k joker money and new exactly where it was is very suspect. All particiants should petition the brewery for a full investigation, they will have to investigate it if enough people complain. Fraud is a very serious offense and 7k is a lot of money and most of it came from the pockets of the local community.
I might add that this is the only pub in the area and could be turned around if the brewery spent some money on a decent refurb and employed a decent managerial team. This is an affluent area and this pub could be a great pub, its a shame that the management has continually been poor.
Save your local pub
Contact details below
Mike Tye Managing Director
Spirit Group
107 Station Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 1SZ

motspurgirl - 6 Apr 2009 10:26
Ahh Froggy123...Going by your post, i take it you never have cough??

And the only reason your not happy with the Result of Find the Joker..Is because YOU didnt Win it....

And as for you not stepping foot in the Pub again im sure us Punters will be happy to get rid of someone like you, as your the kind of self centred person that Drags the pub down.. I find it Amazing how some people can only speak on an internet site like this and don't have the balls to confront the manager about the 'So called Coughing' con..

[Quote]:It is a dirty stinking place, And the land lady and the husband no better..

Well we can all really see why you dont go to the pub anymore. Just because you didn't win 'Find The Joker' ..Your Post says it all really, and i'm sure everyone else can see that...And way enough about 'Find The Joker' )Froggy123)..

Overall the pub is a litlle worst for wear and does need a touch up here and there...The Toilets near the main entrance stink wish is a little off putting to some of the new customers.

The New quiz is ok for now, just needs to get a few more people to make it a little more challenging..

Beer and great and is at a nice cheap Price, Going cheaper would be even better though..

Management and staff are great..Bar Staff get along with the customers well and have good communication with them, which is a good thing..Unlike some pubs you go to where the staff just stand there and dont say a word..

Reepicheep - 3 Apr 2009 05:17
for all the people complaining about how untidy looking and how smelly the toilets are, why dont you complain to the company instead of wasting your time on here, because if you were to complain about it to the company, things might get done.
Dazzy_Metal - 16 Mar 2009 16:53
But on the plus side, the beer is not overpriced and although the choice of real ale is somewhat limited (Pride and GKIPA), the Pride (which is what I invariably drink) seems to be pretty well looked after - and you always get a full pint.
RexRattus - 14 Mar 2009 19:05
Would not go to this place if they were offering free drinks! Place is absolutely filthy - smells like a large public toilet. No atmosphere at all. You'd be better off drinking on a park bench - at least you wouldn't have to put up with the smell!
smileybooboo - 13 Mar 2009 16:52
Come, come - all these reviews do seem to be rather negative. Ok the pub is a crumbling sess pit, the toilets are worse that those at Glastonbury on the Monday, the management a bit lazy and ignorant and beer barely drinkable but there are some positives.

er.. it is better than buy cheap booze from the offie and drinking it in the park with the chavs and winos.. just... and that is just because it is too cold outside... roll on the summer.

The locals are friendly(ish) and the beer is cheap(ish) and it nicer than The Fountain.

rufus1 - 13 Mar 2009 15:34
I used to go to this pub a lot as it was near to home but will never step foot in it again. It is a dirty stinking place, And the land lady and the husband no better. Never play any quiz, meat raffle or anything that involves handing over money to them as its a fix. Last Friday there was a winner for the latest con. The land ladys husband was caught coughing out a raffle ticket on the draw and just so happens it was their friend who won the punters money of nearly £7000. We can all guess who that money went to. They should be sacked and the place knocked down.
Froggy123 - 13 Mar 2009 15:02
I haven't been in this pub in years and from reading the posts would not wish to do so.

The reason for this comment is that I travel by train at least once a week to Raynes Park to the Wetherspoons there. Each time I look across at the "Beatty", I notice that the middle section of the name board is missing as it was blown off in a gale many years ago and the pubco have never bothered to replace it. I think that sums up their attitude to this pub. If the financial climate was better, the pub would have been demolished and flats built in its place as the site is so close to the railway station.
wyndham - 7 Mar 2009 19:43
Shame the pub is run down and that the management do not seem to care that much about their customers, well not the ones that are not fighting,the bar staff should be running the place!! The guy in the garden should be on Britains got talent, Mary Poppins has nothing on him , feed the birds tuppence a bag!!!!!
ordewin - 7 Jul 2008 11:34
The handwritten “London Pride” pump clip was still on yesterday evening. I have to say that it did not taste much like Pride either – tasted more like Bombardier to me. But a decent enough drink nonetheless. Agree with previous posters in that the Beatty leaves a lot to be desired, but one thing in its favour is that you always get a very full pint! Pretty good garden for warm summer days is a definite plus as well.
RexRattus - 10 Jun 2008 22:00
Dreadful. Down at heel, soulless and depressing. No local competition so with the correct leadership this place could be a thriving community pub in what is a generally nice affluent area. A pubco place run without pride or interest, the exterior and interior are tatty and lacking in maintenance. Adnams Bitter and London Pride on with a felt tip written pump clip.
Maldenman - 7 Jun 2008 18:22
In here tonight for a CAMRA meeting. Bombardier was ok and the Broadside was fine. Spacious pub, pool table in the front bar.

Worthwhile for a pint while waiting for a train.
GuideDogSaint - 14 May 2008 00:37
Food menu shows it is trying to be a Wetherspoons but without the beer. All they had was a very average Bombardier although there is one other pump and I'm sure they've had more than one on before. Useful enough if you are waiting for a train as it is a minute to the platforms but I wouldn't want to spend more than 20 minutes here.
GuideDogSaint - 24 Mar 2008 20:33
If you read this call your mum. It doesnt matter what you have done all your real friends love you and your mum and dad miss you. Go home you will not be turned away.
itsmeagain - 19 Jan 2008 23:00
Dead and lifeless. A big pub with only about 3 people in at weekend. No atmosphere at all. The beer is ok but very limited choice. Not sure if I would chance the food though.

Has a garden out back which porbably would be ok on a sunny afternoon but could feel a bit chavvy
anonymous - 12 Aug 2007 17:55
I think that this pub is amazing. The managers are both hard working and the food was excellent. i think that i will be goingback and will keep you all informed of how brillant this place is.
hannah_froud - 18 Jul 2007 19:36
I emailed the Spirit Group with an innocuous enquiry on their plans for the pub, got an automated acknowledgemnt but zilch since then. Maybe they aren't bothered what their customers think.

Admittedly it ain't perfect. However, plenty of decent, friendly people frequent this pub. The previous, heavily criticised short lived incumbent is moving on and temporary, efficient, clean and friendly management now in charge. Maybe a corner has been turned?

anonymous - 9 Mar 2007 18:07
Maybe some people read the comments about the quiz as there were a few new teams/faces last Thursday. Hope they continue to support it as Tom (the Liverpudlian quizmaster) puts a lot of effort into it. It's a bit of a standing joke that so many of the questions relate to Anfield, The Beatles, Cilla Black, Ken Dodd and other assorted Scouse icons!
anonymous - 17 Jan 2007 22:56
My self and a few mates have thought of getting a team together as its not a bad crowd that gets in there. I quite agree that the quiz night should be better supported. Maybe the Spirit Group could arrange to donate some prizes which could be won additionally. I dont understand the bit about the Liverpudlian bias, I know the man that mostly reads out the questions is from Liverpool and works behind the bar sometimes, I think thats about the only bias (apart from the odd liverpool based question). Its a big improvement on the "Dads Army brigade that used to present the quiz, dont wish to sound bias myself but a few years ago it was rather a clicky setup which put people off.Anyway we only go for the bingo games which is played on the same night.
anonymous - 11 Jan 2007 13:57
A little birdy told me that the landlady referred to below is no longer running the pub. We wait to see whay happens next.
RexRattus - 6 Jan 2007 16:30
It was once a punch up palace along time a go, guys would come in just to fight.But this was years ago.

Better now.
tintin2000 - 28 Dec 2006 19:28
This used to be my local many years ago and we had some great nights here when Graham was the landlord. From what I gather from friends who still live in the area and reading this site it does seem to have lost its way somewhat which is a great shame. I assume it is still owned by a large pubco which might
go someway to explaining why it isn't properly looked after.

alanc - 12 Dec 2006 16:38
My local for nearly 20 years. Seen managers and staff pass through with worrying frequency. Bring back Jez and Debbie, at least they knew how to run the place even though they turned it into a Fulham FC stronghold. Also some strange, cliquey, locals. one objected to me and a couple of chums wanting to watch the football instead of the rugby in the non-smoking room - we were the only people in there; he was watching another match in the main bar. But it's the only pub for miles and so we are stuck with it. Beer's consistently good though.
RexRattus - 11 Dec 2006 13:49
This pub is getting worse. It has never been a great pub but in the past was farily clean, friendly with a decent crowd. Now there appears to be issues with drug taking. There are vaious notices up warning customers and the new managers have stuck small pebbles on all flat surfaces in the toilets (apart from the toilet seat I hope!).

I assume the the drug that the drinkers must be on is prozac as this pub is deeply depressing.

Fighting is endemic with the bar staff and management appear to be indifferent to the battles. The local constabulary seem to be bored when responding to yet another disturbance.

This pub does not need to be like this. It is the only pub in (this fairly affluent) area. It needs better management. It can and should be a pleasant boozer.

rufus1 - 20 Nov 2006 20:44
The pub has lost its way! This is a lovely area that deserves a decent local.There is little if any local competition and this shows. The brewery seems to invest very little in this large spacious pub.The decor despite a recent clean looks dated and weary. The bar staff change frequently and so any progress with regards to creating a positive or welcoming atmosphere is soon lost.
The area is crying out for a decent local-perhaps the pub is just too big or is it being deliberately left to die as it would be a very valuable piece of real estate for the brewery to sell?

anonymous - 24 Aug 2006 20:07
Oh what a shame,it saddens me to read how the Beatty has gone down hill over the years. I last posted here in May 2002 as Peterv, and stumbled across the site again by chance. Worked at the Beatty in 1987, was not the flashest place, but have happy memeries. I would be gutted if it got demolished as anonomous in Augsut 05 suggested, Hope to get back there some day to relive old times. Maybe it needs some Kiwis again to get back into shape.
Peterv - 10 Jul 2006 03:59
Recently changed management again, another refit and still as poor as ever....
Barstaff lack basic communication skills, if you actually want a drink probably best to go somewhere else... as often been given a drink only to find it has no alcohol in it.
What little atmosphere there was has now dwindled to zero, think they are trying to aim at daytime punters and kiddies with 2 bouncy castles in the garden.
Careful the tumbleweed doesnt knock you over the evening!
anonymous - 11 Jun 2006 23:13
This is not the place to come if you are on a pub crawl as i guess the next nearest pub must be either the Beverley or the Raynes Park Tavern, both at least a mile and a half away. Motspur Park isn't that bad an area but this pub is both disturbingly quiet at times and lacks personality. Still, if you get peckish there are two curry houses and a kebab shop over the road.
pianoman - 18 Apr 2006 18:28
Best thing for this place?

Compulsory purchase by the council and then demolition!

Why? It's a lazy, slack, dirty, sad place. Has thousands spent on it every few years to try and reinvent the place all to no avail. It's a managed pub and they pass through at regular intervals, it being around the bottom of the pub-running ladder.

It inherited some of the pond life from across the railway when the rough-house Duke of Cambridge closed last year. It never had much character and now has even less, still staggering along thanks to its lager-swilling divvie crowd. If another pub opened nearby, this place would be closed within a month. The locals have very little alternative - the area is significantly under-pubbed - and so the place staggers along. A last-chance saloon in a one-horse town.

If the army need to somewhere to practice their artillery use, they'd be well advised to consider shelling this place. It would be doing the pub and the area a favour.
anonymous - 14 Aug 2005 12:43
A dirty, grotty pub. Shame really, as the area isn't that bad. Being near the station it attracts a certain 'type'. I certainly wouldn't go there again - intimidating atmosphere. If it was re-vamped, decorated, change of staff and better beers, I'd reconsider!
LittleNicky - 9 May 2005 14:17
I think the new management have done wonders in a short apce of time
heres for a cracking xmas
anonymous - 23 Nov 2004 14:32
The pub has just been given over to new management, hope that they can do something about it. It had become a complete"Dive",food bad, service bad and above all dirty.
Good luck to the new management, Motspur Park needs a decent Pub!
David - 8 Nov 2004 10:52
Now git an "Over 21" only rule, it's become very quiet, still grotty though... desperately needs refurbishing
Steve Baker - 9 Oct 2004 18:07
Back in 1987 this was a great pub because I worked there. I am from New Zealand, and was doing the big OE (Overseas Experience) that heaps of kiwis do. Graeme & Marie ?? owned it, Jeff & Vicki were the other kiwi couple who worked and lived there. Some of the locals were Carol & Brian Keating. Had this big tall guys caleld strawberry come in alot, and the Freddy the Bear drank in the public bar. Oh the memories!
Peter - - 2 May 2004 03:02
I was once sitting in the very poor beer garden one summer, a few years back when a bird of prey, not sure what type maybe a Kestrel swooped down and grabbed a Sparrow feasting on breadcrums. Almost spilt my beer. It's the most exciting thing I've ever seen in the Beatty.
DJR - 2 Feb 2004 21:08
went to the pub new years eve, had a fantastic time, it was busy, could of done with some more staff, or even a refit.
c - 2 Sep 2003 14:44
Weeell first impressions, its a bit grotty and not alot of atmosphere....we are going to move to Motspur Park and this will be our 'local' or will it??!!
Deb - 6 Aug 2003 11:31
At last the beatty has changed had at lot of trouble with some members of staff as they were more interested in they could get a free drink. We did stop going in there but there seems to be a change around. Food is ok but there are some still not so happy faces behind the bar may it not be the staff? Bring back the Quiz.

L. view. - 23 Jun 2003 10:42
Very disapointing pub, food was of a poor standard, the pub was untidy (tables full of empties and full ashtrays), sticky carpets and quite unfriendly staff. i have just moved to the area with my family and was hoping to find a decent local for us all to use.
Ben Macdonald - - 3 Jun 2003 16:52
been my local for 25 years,has really gone down hill after sport on big screen tables are full of glasses & ashtrays for hours afterwards and blinds are left in closed position making it very dark.So many potetial customers take one look and walk out.Used to be a very nice pub but not now.
Merv - 3 Mar 2003 18:09
good food, took a while coming but it was worth the wait.
anne - 28 Jun 2002 11:17
Poor music. Environment is dead.Pool table has a slight tilt.
Paul Shackleton - - 24 May 2002 12:05
Great food the barman Jamie knows how to deal with people great guy
Ian - 17 Apr 2002 08:53

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