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Bar 366, Earlsfield

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user reviews of Bar 366, Earlsfield

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Wow! What a lot of positive reviews posted by managers and staff...

My group of about 12 thirty- and forty-somethings turfed up here for one for the road as it had a late licence; I wouldn't ordinarily visit a venue of this type, but needs must.

This is a small shop conversion, narrow and not especially long - in short, quite a small venue. Staff wear white shirts with black waistcoats. The place is a little dark with printed 'wine label' wallpaper, high tables and chairs and empty picture frames; it had few punters, my group comprehensively outnumbering the other attendants combined; I'd surmise that this is hardly the most popular of venues in the area, even on Saturdays at midnight. Music wasn't deafening, but it was loud enough to make conversation virtually impossible.

Essentially this is a cocktail bar, the only beers on tap being Heineken or worse still, Amstel. I expect this place is more expensive than neighbouring pubs but as I didn't buy the round, I don't know how much it cost. My Heineken was tepid and tasted suspiciously as if it had been watered down (perhaps a cheaper and even more inferior substitute?) and my friend agreed. The lavatories open directly into the bar area which isn't particularly appealing. Worse was to come in the form of the black shirted security guards who patrol the length of the bar, like concentration camp guards. They even enter the loos, presumably looking for miscreants loitering within. There was one rather charming South-East Asian member of staff, but she was this bar's only redeeming feature. This isn't my sort of place anyway and this seems to be below par for the type. Indeed, as mentioned above, the lack of customers would indicate that there's better to be had in the area.
Oasthouse - 16 Mar 2014 18:30
What a fantastic Cocktail Bar. It is unlike me to write many reviews but this place is outstanding. I loved the decor, cocktails, music and the service was brilliant. I have lived in Earlsfield for over 6 years and until recently only went into Bar 366 once and hated the place. Now I love it and the place has been transformed. Well done to the new owners!

I will be back on a regular basis.

The Martinis are exceptional, especially the cucumber and chilli one!
WillowSW9 - 25 Jul 2012 15:42
I have been going to this bar on a fairly regular basis for several years mostly out of convenience as it is right by Earlsfield station. It was always a decent little place which was slightly cheaper than its immediate neighbours but otherwise unremarkable.
After a couple of post-refit visits I can say the changes seem to be more than cosmetic. The staff are smily & friendly, there is live music (a great jazz 4-piece last night) , but the biggest selling point has to be the new cocktail menu. The cocktails are out of this world - the best I have tasted in London!
David10 - 9 Jun 2011 10:05
Love the new look of the bar! The place is so much more modern, with a more sophisticated style and LOVE the cocktails! Never had a real flower in a cocktail before - very glam!
Jade_123 - 19 May 2011 13:34
Never been to this bar before, but whenever I see reviews that are obviously left by the owner and / or staff pretending to be a regular punters, I feel compelled to comment.
As has been said before, I smell a rat here.
Dr_Pangloss - 1 Apr 2011 22:44
Always a shame when review sites become areas for biased arguement and name bashing. Bar 366 has a long reputation as a friendly local, and also as the prime late night venue for the area.
A bold new step will always be met with mixed opinion and it seems a shame that people run to putdown an idea before giving it time to adjust.
So it may not be what it used to be, but things are never done without a reason, so perhaps a change is what was in order.
Earlsfield is a changing area in itself as it continues to grow, with an increasing number of new, mostly independant businesses setting up shop here. Only by offering diversity can local businesses hope to increase the footfall for the area as a whole, and subsequently for themselves.
As another local business we understand the reluctance with which people approach a new idea and can only hope that the people of Earlsfield appreciate the diversity at their doorstep and the potential it gives the locality to thrive.

GraffitiBar - 1 Apr 2011 17:36
The only good thing about Earlsfield is when your leaving it.
And yes a bloody big rodent here.
Dementer - 31 Mar 2011 19:19
I went to Bar 366 on Saturday the 26th to Celebrate my birthday and what a fab time we all had.

The music was great and we danced our way into the night !!

Edwardo the manager was always at hand and even put up some balloons and a sign which I thought was very thoughtful.

With a great choice of drinks and cocktails I would recommend bar 366 to anyone.

I for one will defiantley be going back !!
louchilou - 31 Mar 2011 16:52
Bar 366 has been transformed from what often felt like a male dominated social club (think poker nights, sports screenings and local sports teamís post match celebrations) to a modern, cosy, relaxed cocktail bar with much more appeal.

Friday nightís party showcased the eclectic new decor with the bar now being home to vintage chandeliers, an array of pictures and other suitably characteristic fixtures and fittings. Whilst not everything will appeal to everyone I challenge you not to be able to find something that makes you smile.

The Manager is very welcoming and hopefully his knowledge, experience and professionalism will manifest itself in his team. Although on launch night the bar service was a little slow some consideration must be given to the fact that the staff were familiarising themselves with a whole new cocktail menu...a very tempting one that Iím sure Iíll be getting to know over the next few months!

Friday night's tunes came courtesy of one of the barís regular Djís, KosmetiQ. KosmetiQís remixed vintage music added glamour to the proceedings providing the perfect sound track to sip retro cocktails to. Before Friday night I had no idea what Electro Swing music was...and now Iím a fan!

To a local 30+ female the new Bar 366 is an asset to Earlsfield offering a welcome change from the uninspiring chain bars of the area.

LizT - 31 Mar 2011 16:26
It's not very often that I am surprised when a bar has a make-over, but this time Bar 366 has truly excelled itself. I loved the old bar, but it really did need an overhaul to attract some new blood other than the die-hard locals... And this it has done in the bucket loads! I love it and I'm looking forward to getting down there in the week as well. The staff are really friendly and efficient and the cocktails are the best in South West london!

Earlsfield is now worth going out in, even if you are from Islington!
londonscouser - 31 Mar 2011 15:17
I really like the refurb, Great tunes and nice friendly atmosphere, Well priced drinks much cheaper than the surrounding pubs. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good night out!!!
redystedy - 31 Mar 2011 12:37
I love the new refurbishment and I had a great time on Friday at the opening night. Whoever designed the interior has had women in mind, as all my female friends loved the decor and the cocktails. The service was good if not a little slow but it was the opening night. I love all the quirky things on the walls and ceilings and love the black chandelier at the back. I have been back in already this week and it will be a regular night for me and the girls when we stay in Earlsfield for a night out.

I love it and the new barmen are very warm and polite.

SueSW18 - 31 Mar 2011 10:24
Nice to see so many locals loving the place. Sadly i think, no more.

What was a like-able little place to while some time away has it appears got ideas above its station. The sport obviously was a big pulling point here with the non-antipodean crowd gathering together, but those days are gone.

Instead we have a very poor, very overpriced, pathetic attempt at a cocktail bar. Printed wall-paper and empty frames on the wall a-la any poncey Soho bar sets the tone for this disgraceful rehash of everyone else's ideas.

The prices are truly disgusting for the area, making some central London bars cringe. Soft lighting is taken to a new level, (bring night vision) and curtains in the window, I'm not sure why.

The staff are the stereotypical, arrogant, waist coat wearing idiots you expect to see in 'exclusive' bars. Taking all the time in the world to 'craft' your drink while you slowly die of thirst.

Some solace can be found in the fact that the owner hasn't paid too much for the shoddy refit though, but i do hope he/she made their money before choosing this new direction.

Sure the bar had its problems in the past, bit too hot when busy, some 'choice' drinkers at times, but it was open late, it sold cheap beer and had a decent DJ. Easy to find as it was named after its address. Easy to sit and watch a game with a pint and remain anonymous. This was it's charm, this was its back bone.

Simply slapping the words cocktail bar on something do not make it so

So if over priced is what you're after, here it is. Its here in bundles with arrogance and pretentious. All wrapped up in a place so devoid of soul that they haven't even given it a different name.

brentalist - 28 Mar 2011 18:36
well Mr. richakn!!! Obviously from all your reviews from all the pubs in the area you must be Mr. negative... I love this bar, the staff are great, atmosphere is very friendly, and it's the latest bar in the area that make my journey home pretty easy!!! Every time i go there with or without my friends I have a great time. Just shame that the garden is closed too early!!!
sergioramos - 11 Sep 2010 14:46
Rubbish - horrible looking pub, impractical lay out of seats, terrible beer selection (tailors to people drinking crappy larger basically), nothing going for it at all........
richakn - 24 Jun 2010 21:05
Too many Saffas.
hulahoops - 21 Aug 2009 15:22
The only reason me, or anyone else I know used to go here was that it was open late and now they've started charging!! No thanks.
hulahoops - 21 Aug 2009 15:11
Finally they have some sense in getting another doormen, after some very bad fights ver the recent weeks, at least they are doing something about it. unfortunatlely they still let idiots in tho but you cant have everything. lol
hez - 20 Jul 2009 14:44
Great place, friendly bar staff - just what I don't get from the Pig & Whistle up the road.

Worth the 15 minute walk from home!
wolfie_292 - 16 Jun 2009 10:45
I spent most of last Friday in there, very hot and sweaty, but good Bar Staff.
Goes back a long way, quite deceptive as it looks tiny from outside. Drinks prices were ok, the main problem for me was the heat/lack of airconditioning.
It was so hot it made me drink far far too much so worked out quite expensive.
came_on_a_sunday - 22 Apr 2009 02:55
Love 366!

I live in Clapham so i don't get over enough, but I thinks its awsome.

Sue x
SueSW18 - 3 Mar 2009 11:50
Been here a few times and canít say enough good things about the place. A bit deceptive from the outside as it doesnít look that big but itís a long building with two good sized areas either side of an ample bar.

The atmosphere is friendly - never seen any trouble here - from staff and customers alike and that is an important factor as it gets proper busy at weekends. Iíve come here at 8pm on a Saturday and not left until kicking out; me and my friends were having such a great time we didnít notice how long weíd been there until the bell rang!

Great venue, great music, great people. Spot on for a weekend session or a cheeky few on a school night.
garyi - 28 Feb 2009 12:21
What a great, fun, trendy and friendly locals bar. I have been to it a few times over the last month as I have just moved to Earlsfield and I love it. The staff are great and as its a small cozy bar you get to know people very quickly.

At weekends it is bouncing and the place to be in Earlfield. They stay open until 2am on both Friday and Saturday.

Try and keep me out of the place.

Jo x
juicy1981 - 23 Feb 2009 11:55
Brilliant bar with a great atmosphere!

I love the place and you can generally find me enjoying a glass of the house red of an evening.

It is certainly the best bar in Earlsfield

thearm1975 - 11 Feb 2009 17:03
I love this bar!

Its quiet and chilled during the week and electric and vibrant on a Friday and Saturday night. It is the only place in Earlsfield that stays open until 2am.

The picture of the bar is old and it looks so much better now.

The Staff are great and are always fun and happy.
thearm1975 - 21 Jan 2009 12:11
Cracking little bar with a real vibrant atmosphere at the weekends.
DWS - 13 Nov 2007 19:22
Awesome Bar, looks even better now after they have refurbed it. The staff are always happy and friendly. So happy they are not playing the football anymore as there are so many more women in there. Great for a quiet beer in the week and really busy and vibrant at the weekends. Certainly a locals boozer with a touch of class.
26steerforthstreet - 8 Feb 2007 17:25
I wouldn't say I'm a regular but when I'm in the area I always make a point of popping in. Can't fault it. Great staff and good beer. Friendly punters, too. Always a plus, that.
E1_Norton - 12 Jan 2007 16:12
Cosy little bar right next to Earlsfield Station. Less likely to be full of chav families on match days than the Open Page and, unless you are prepared to walk all the way to the Leather Bottle, decent atmosphere - if a little small.

Dr_Will - 2 Oct 2006 13:19
Not a bad place, and better than the Halfway House or the Puzzle. Looked pretty busy around 8pm on a Saturday but had quietened down when we went in after 11, for a pleasant few drinks. The music was at a decent volume and the beer garden is nice, especially if you like the sound of passing trains every 30 seconds. Bigger loos than the Open Page!
kingston_toon - 10 Sep 2006 16:32
Beer is a tad on the expensive side but that said the staff are generous with the free bar snacks. The garden is a bit gawdily furnished but the inside does make up for it by being quite slick. I have been in here on alternative week day evenings and found it jammed or empty for seemingly no apparent reason. Overall a very good place to stop for a drink on the way home from work if you are coming out of earlsfield station.
kexiled - 24 Jun 2005 13:30
Okay bar but very smokey and one place that will certainly benefit greatly from any smoking ban the government decides to impose!
robin - 19 Nov 2004 10:37
Great. Staff are all exceptionally friendly and the lagers are well kept (I forget whether they have any bitters on tap as it's really not that sort of place). Free peanuts/olives etc and good snacks - nachos etc and reasonably priced. massive screen where they show football - does get crowded when there's a game on. Very easy to wander into after work and then stagger back out again at closing wondering what happened to the previous 4 hours..
Mr Lash - 5 Oct 2004 14:43
Very friendly. Excellent service
James - - 25 Aug 2004 16:45
Very friendly staff
scott - 15 Sep 2003 20:40
BAsically A Wine Bar
Back Beer Garden
Reasonable Food
Reasonable Wine
Nr To BR
Some Special Late Evening Dos
Caters for parties (about 100+)
Ian Jackson - - 13 Jul 2003 17:49

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