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Common Rooms, Battersea

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user reviews of the Common Rooms, Battersea

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could have been great but they have stuffed this one up good and proper. No beer on tap when I went, lousy waitress too. No wonder they have sold, or changing name, so I hear..
tobyh - 4 May 2006 15:30
This is a truly dreadful place. 4 of us had the misfortune to try it out on Friday night for a few beers and a bite to eat. Never again. The place is filthy with dirty tables covered in spilt drinks, empty glasses and full ashtrays not to mention the dreadful staff and beer.

Once we had cleared and wiped a table (the 6 staff were too busy talking to eachother behind the bar to do it themselves although they did give us a cloth so that we could do it) we discovered that the Stella we had been served was flat. I complained to one of the moody bar staff who told me (without even the hint of a smile)that it tasted ok to her and poured another pint which was also flat but also apparently tasted ok, not to me, I settled on a bottle.

We didn't risk the food, frankly we couldn't get out of there quick enough. No redeeming features whatsoever. Don't be fooled by their flash website, the place is a hole. Better to try the Boom bar down the road, where we ended up - a world apart.
jinx - 17 Jan 2006 14:43

Not one of the best... Although I found the punters to be reasonable people, it's overly noisy and overly pricey.

The worst thing that happened to me though is that they refused to sell pints after about 10.30. They lied to me and another couple of punters, saying they'd "run out" of every draught beer all at once. Bloody cheek!
I told them that if they would demonstrate the taps not working then I would buy a bottle but instead they refused service and chucked me out!

So, there's no way on Earth I'd go back after service like that, which is a pity because it was ok up to that point.
Number1BadBoy - 11 Jan 2006 14:06
Hmmm, not anymore really!!
Negs: SOULESS. Small, not enough seating, often a party (hence making it smaller still)quite a few spackers, mutants, geeeezers and tarts. Not really an atmos...unless your about 20 and gaggin for it.

Pos: LOVELY cocktails...especially Mojitos which smack you up a treat!! Makes a change from 'themed' places and the high thats about it.

So if you fancy getting slaughtered on well made cocktails (a rarity!) before going somewhere to have grea it.
anonymous - 12 Dec 2005 17:02
I did love this place but went on tuesday and it was quiet, because of this when you order a drink they bring it the 2 whole meters to your table for you very nice of them except it costs you loads extra. they dont even ask they tell you.
other than that they've stopped doing the almighty fondue that used to make this place rock, Come on common rooms get your arse in gear and make good again.
mattthorne69 - 22 Dec 2004 10:16
The best bar in south west london and they have the hunkiest barmen!! Cocktails and Food was terrific if a little over priced.
jane wilson - 24 Aug 2004 17:09
I really liked this bar although when I got home I looked at my receipt and saw that I had been charged 12.5% service!! Cheeky...
tallulah - 5 Aug 2004 10:14
It's a great venue and the drinks are reasonably priced and very good. The food was tasty but as a vegetarian I was disappointed at there only being one veggie dish and no fish option at all.
Kerstin - 21 Mar 2004 12:15
This joint rocks! The owner is one cool dude that knows how to host a great night! Awesome drinks and divine food. The Dj's are also wicked!
Baitz - 28 Jan 2004 20:05
Situated at the corner of St Johns Hill, this pub is a breath of freshair compared to the other slums such as the boom bar etc. Natural colours, with large brown leather sofa's. Beer Garden, great staff, great cocktails and the food is divine!

anonymous - 9 Dec 2003 19:15
i love this bar, great staff - amazing cocktails.... a little piece of the west end in an otherwise dull clapham.
miss g - 5 Oct 2003 09:33
Everytime I go to the common rooms I feel like I am stuck in the twilight zone, same conversation, same night, same drink, same people. It's a time warp! An extraordinarily high ratio of pikies from EHS
Dano - 10 Jul 2003 14:26
good atmosphere, friendly staff but unfortunately is frequented by a group of reprobates from the east hill estate
thongo - 10 Jul 2003 14:12
nice range of glasses but is full of wasps
thongo - 10 Jul 2003 14:07
Fab bar, 1pm licence at the weekend -- which is always a bonus.

Friendly staff and good sunday roast.

A must
Jimmy O' - 10 Jul 2003 13:58
GREAT venue, has many 'specials' e.g. Wed comedy night, Hours of cheaper cocktails, a big screen, and movies on a sunday night.

GREAT bar staff, range of drinks and some PRETTY people too!

they have a good menu of food and snack.

Can be reserved/hired for parties.
Kat - 26 Jun 2003 15:53

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