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Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

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user reviews of the Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

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Such a friendly welcome when we popped in here for lunch without having booked - and great banter throughout. They found us a really nice table in a cool corner on a hot day. Delicious food reasonably priced, and a good selection of ales with details provided.
Trev - 3 Jul 2021 14:11
There's a feel of the trendy Islington bar about this pub but I enjoy it.

The staff are young and friendly and the real ales are good. A couple of Larkins ales and Long Blonde were available when I visited recently.

I've not eaten here though it would appear the pub caters for food as much as it does for drink.

outtamehead - 31 Dec 2015 03:30
After The Compasses it’s time for another pub from the 2015 GBG. A short walk back down the High St to this trendy pub in the Victorian Pantiles area of town.

The sun is shining so on my arrival it’s packed out the front with only 1 table spare which we nab.

Inside it’s pretty quiet, there’s stripped wooden flooring all the way through and an overpowering stench of garlic from the kitchen which is pretty off putting. 4 ales on the hand pumps with a couple of local offerings, I go for a pint of Larkins Brewery Traditional @ 3.8%, it’s a decent pint.

The Ragged Trousers is nice pub but being in the Pantiles it is very foodie and on this Saturday afternoon visit there were much more people ordering food and eating than their were drinkers.

I may return as the ale was good and the location is great for people watching but beware the stench of garlic.
lezford - 18 Aug 2015 11:30
Another wet cricket week another visit to the Trousers.

A mixture of poor weather and a public holiday meant the place was very busy and seats were not easy to come by.

The staff were young & friendly and there was a decent selection of real ales.
I enjoyed a pint of Long Blonde and would have stayed longer but decided to go somewhere I could sit and stretch out a bit.

outtamehead - 4 Jun 2014 13:39
My first visit yesterday. I was a little hesitant as I thought it looked a bit like a trendy wine bar and to be honest there are lots of wines on offer. However its inclusion in the GBG is well merited. Three good real ales on I especially enjoyed the Larkins Traditional. The others were Long Blonde from Long Man and a Dark Star brew. The overall feel is of a continental brasserie with plenty of metal chairs and tables available outside. Inside the atmosphere is laidback. The paintings on the wall give the pub a bohemian feel. The friendly barstaff were all young, none over 25 as a guess. The clientele were much more varied. I didn't try the food though the meals have a good reputation. The toilets could be improved but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
outtamehead - 2 Jun 2013 18:42
Can't beat toastboasters review, but also liked this a lot. Modern pub feel, with good localish beers and interesting kegs, and nice nuts. Won't look unusual to anyone who's been in an Antic pub, for example, but the best (along with Royal Oak) I've found in my in-laws town.
mtaylor40 - 15 Jan 2013 21:38
Hoegaarden, good bitter, odd pub but worth a pint of three with a good crowd. More of a bar than a pub but definitely worth the effort for the weisser beer alone.
wanderjahre - 16 Aug 2012 19:02
Walking through drizzle on the Pantiles.
squelch, squelch, squelch.
Opposite the jewelers and their beautiful bandstand/balcony squats the exceptionally eccentric Ragged Trousers. Ducking under the eves, brushing past one of the Pantiles many columns, apologizing to the pretty girl with wavy hair as I extract myself from my coat, spraying her and the suited man behind me with a thousand drips accumulated on my downhill trudge through the high street. I push open the door, let the smooth sounds of Charlie Mingus or R.E.M wash over me as I walk up to the bar and fumble my coat onto a hook under the bar.
A bald man behind the bar looks at me, grins and tells me how to red sock. a long haired guy next to him, stops frowning at the pint he is pouring and frowns at the bald man.
I could have a pint of well cellared European beer, pleasant Cider or bottle of international beverage. but instead I ask for The Middle Pump, their guest ale, between the Larkins (meh) or Golden Ticket (better than meh) This week the guest is 6x, a Wadworths brew from Devises in Wiltshire, and my old local. Would I like a handle?
I take out a 5 note from my wallet that says bad mo fo on it, past it over to the bald man, who in turn passes it to long haired man who, with a flourish, hands me back my 1.70 and smiles, politely asks me how things are.
grasping my just-below-room-temperature sudds I turn from the bar and poke through the papers stacked up behind me - Times, Guardian, Pigeon Stool, Local Crap - to find my little nugget of gold, the crossword. Perfect. I sit down on the faded leather bar stool and whip out my pen.
It's tall big bald man
"Hello" I say back in surprise, it's nice to see him again. we chat.
"Bin Emptier (7)"
The evening shift of staff are arriving, the bar is flooded with more hellos than my aged keyboard can accommodate, hugs and steam from outside billow around the room.
"Dustman" says long haired man
Thanks long haired man, he turns to serve the 20 Belgian tourists that have just walked in, spilling themselves over the wide heavy wooden tables at the far end of the bar, bickering about table service and how they don't sell espressos. The staff are more than courteous to theses bumbling collage students, and despite their shift being over, all 5 staff are behind the bar pumping out coffee, draughts and wine, from their fabulous selection of old and new world grape juices. Tall big bald man and I look at each other.
In the tiny beer garden out the back we sit under the one giant brolly the covers most of the floor space.
"small pouch on a belt (6)"
Wavy haired girl with glasses comes out to collect my own empty glass - "bumbag" sh says as she swings open to door and we follow her back in.
long haired man is sitting at the bar, book in one hand, vintage dumbbell in the other. Using his bellend he pushes a plate of spare lunch time chips towards me. They're excellent.
"Nail-banger (6)"
Home (pub) made hand cut chips, dip one in some mayonnaise.
Wavy haired girl, without glasses, raises her eyebrows at me, holding a glass with a handle.
10 note this time. I take my 6.70 change, stuff the note in my back pocket, it's pointless putting it back in my wallet - I'm going to be here some time. Wave a hello at the curly haired man with an accent who makes food, as I drop my coins in a mug on the bar, funding their weather machine.

Weather machine. what will they think of next? hilarious.

Excellent food, moules on a thursday night, also burger night on a. nother night.
Excellent beer, they all know what they're doing.
Excellent wine, gurt selection, something for everyone.
Excellent spirits, well. I mean they don't, or didn't have malibu, which is just fantastic. they do have Koko Kanu though, if thats your bag
EXCELLENT service. get in there
toastboaster - 8 May 2012 17:43
Loved the pub, the atmosphere and the beer. Better-than-average piped music as well. One of my favourite pubs in RTW.
E.L.Wisty - 2 Feb 2012 09:36
Hip, friendly staff. Good mix of clientele. Larkins Porter was top notch. Very decent choices for vegetarians, and seems to go the extra mile (tastily dressed salad, home made fries). Fills up quickly though, so best to go early if you want to eat.
richythemole - 28 Dec 2011 16:13
Good pub in a great location. Excellent and ever changing range of beers all well kept. Small food menu, but all very good. Sitting outside when the sun is shining watching the world go by. Fantastic.
Beermeup - 19 Jun 2011 18:59
Pub under same ownership as the Duke of York. After going here, I'd rather go to the Duke instead as it's far nicer, better choice of beers and has more of a traditional pub feel
sussexboy - 20 Mar 2011 21:44
A very busy pub so it must be doing something right. The good bits, the beer was of good quality, the temporary bar-b-que was reasonably priced not the cheapest meat used. The bad bits, plastic glasses, constant short measures, every time a beer was ordered a request had to be made to get a pint. When the pints were transferred into real glasses the measure was clearly short (Strangely though those drinking halfs got full measure after asking for top ups). The harassed bar staff try to overcharge and are reluctant to top up. Those who shout get served first, witnessed several instances of loud mouths get served before the more patient customers. In summary a good pub with good beer but could do better.
KentishScot - 13 Aug 2010 13:15
Really Good.

Great friendly service in a small pleasant venue.

Tried the pint of Larkins for the first time - delicious and recommend the homemade burger, which is a treat and the best burger I've had in a long time.

Venue is small and gets really packed, so if going at lunchtime advise to get there early as there is only a handful of tables.

More of a food place than old fashioned drinking boozer - but if you're in the area well worth a visit.
jackgavin - 26 Feb 2010 08:14
great little boozer always good beer and atmosphere
stellaforme - 14 Dec 2009 14:55
Shame I have been here before and it was fine but this time they served a terrible glass of wine white and refused to change it despite the fact that it was undrinkable! I was then expected to drink from the glass that the landlord had drunk out of or purchase a new one! I shall not be returning.
123reviewer - 5 Oct 2009 17:48
Great pub playing decent music with friendly staff. Small but well kept range of beers and the best veggie burger I've had in long time. Highly recommended and I wish I could find more pubs like it in Tunbridge Wells.
Folkey - 23 Mar 2009 11:58
Fab Pub. Went with some friends and stayed from 1pm to 5pm and had 3 courses over this time. Not hurried at all. Gorgeous food and bar staff excellent. We cannot recommend this place highly enough. Best to book a table though!
Gina - 15 Dec 2008 03:12
Nice pub! The staff couldn't be friendlier. Really felt relaxed in there. The roast dinner on a Sunday isn't bad either. Will be going back to visit.
Al34 - 19 Nov 2008 20:45
A truly awesome pub. Brilliant staff. Amazing food. I go to it very often. Limited beers, but it's not about that, it's about the atmosphere, and this has plenty of it. I seriously recommend the pub's 'Burger nights' usually once a month. Superb food.
antjar - 21 Mar 2008 17:31
OK, the pub itself is no very appealing to me, but the beer is perfectly acceptable. Rapper sword dancing friendly.
mhanley - 30 Jan 2008 14:18
Im not sure about this place. Yes its quite hip, but the drinks are limited and expensive and the regulars who crowd round the bar very cliquey
mrse1 - 9 Jan 2008 16:21
The best pub in Tunbridge Wells. Good beer and excellent food.Great staff too. Staff are friendly without being intrusive. Interesting music as well.
kinchen - 28 Dec 2007 16:29
I have to say i really like this pub, it has a nice atmosphere and attracts the friendly side of tunbridge wells the crowd is good. I have been in here loads and yet to see any trouble... weird paintings on the wall on the way down to the toilets though, although i'm sure this won't put people off.
SADE87 - 26 Dec 2007 19:48
Been here twice now, and granted I was no doubt the worse for wear both times, nevertheless have been surprised at how much I like this place, because on the face of it , it is not my cup of tea at all, the beer has been very good, and the bar staff friendly.
nelly0164 - 7 Dec 2007 16:24
We like this pub and tend to end up there on a nice sunny day - sitting on the Pantiles, eating good food and drinking decent Larkins beer...
djwhisky - 9 Sep 2007 19:03
i like this place. i have gravitated towards it on numerous visits to RTW. it's very well balanced between relaxed and stylish. not neglected, not ponsey. tried the vegetarian sausages in a giant yorkshire pud. they were quite remarkable. not for the veggy that gave up cos they dont like meat! decent prices, good drinks selection, outside seating (smoking).
spock - 31 Aug 2007 09:28
Yes thank you nottryingtoohard, What about the flippin pub?
Crawly - 19 Jul 2007 16:18
Never trust reviews from men who refer to themselves in the third person!!!
nottryingtoohard - 18 Jul 2007 11:46
The Bruce visited this new bar. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, very good pint. Menu looks ok, yet to try the food.
Bruce Grant - 10 Nov 2006 11:33

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