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No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

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user reviews of No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

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It's just ok.... I do feel that they couldn't care less about the state of the toilets especially the ladies, they really need to sort those out. I checked the hygiene rating as well on Google, and it is not very impressive. There is fantastic live music here, and given the location of the pub, it's heavily relies on people who know it's there? There is very limited parking nearby so that doesn't help matters. The food is supposed to be very good, but with the uncleanliness of the venue and the toilets, I could not see myself eating there. I think they need to rectify this to pull in more custom .
fizhog - 24 Oct 2015 16:43
What has happened to this place? No decent beer for a while. Sort it out please.
rainlight - 28 Aug 2015 22:12
This place has become quite spectacular in the last few months,real heritage Kingston,all kinds of entertainment to a high standard,beer and food nicely priced.There are places that sell you beer and offer nothing in return,this place most certainly does not fall under that category.
easystep73 - 5 Feb 2015 11:37
Now called the Old Moot House.
rainlight - 29 Oct 2014 06:52
Went last night for a birthday party I and all of our party enjoyed a very nice meal with very friendly staff,we will be back
boozercruiser - 19 Oct 2013 23:28
Went here for the first time in ages last night and overall experience was ok. I did have a couple of small gripes though.

Firstly, I noticed that a lot of reviewers before me mention their customer service (or lack of it). An example was that I was waiting for drink and the batman came over and asked if I was alight. I then proceeded to ask for my drink when he turned around and continued talking to a couple of other people before then walking outside. I'm not saying he did this on purpose however, a bit more awareness wouldn't go amiss. That said, the girl who was serving was very efficient and smiley which sort of made up for it.

Secondly, they seem to pour beers with a bigger head than David Platt! This means that pints inevitably come up very short which is not great considering I paid nearly 4 quid for a pint of tribute. On he plus side the Tribute was very good do they obviously know how to keep their beers.

All in all not a great pub but not a bad one either. 6/10
BeerGutt - 4 May 2013 16:17
Not my local, not very welcoming either.
Went in here about a week ago with 5 friends, ordered some food, waited for an hour and a half (35 minutes of which our food was sitting on the serving shelf at the kitchen), before food was brought out to us which was
a) cold
b) wrong
c) incomplete
2 meals were missing from the order.
We sent the one's we'd received back as they were either cold or the wrong thing, they were brought back to us 5 minutes later, still cold and still missing 1 meal.
When we pointed this out to 2 members of the bar staff, responses were
1) Sorry, I'll check on your food now (25 minutes passed before she came back to us)
2) What do you want me to do about it? (very rude young man whenever we went up to the bar in any case)
We were not offered a refund on the missing meal and when we asked for one we were told the bar staff couldn't authorise it. We left after that.

daveo1707 - 23 May 2012 13:03
Overall the food is delicious but don't expect a helpful response of you need to complain! We ordered ribs this evening and frankly half of them were little more than gristle and inedible... When this was brought to the attention of the staff including the chef their response was disinterest and nothing relevant was offered in its place! Clearly the staff do not understand how important customer service is and their attitude rather spoilt our experience!

Sirley - 30 Dec 2011 23:03
I have actually eaten here on many different occasions with friends and had fantastic service and a great meal, unfortunately one bad experience has ruined No88 for me. After calling to confirm that food was being served minutes before, I turned up with friends to be told we had to wait 45 minutes because of a function, even though we only wanted two hamburgers and had called before, we were still we would have to wait. We turn up 45 minutes later to then be told that "the kitchen said they arent going to cook any more food". The manageress' attitute was extremely rude, unhelpful and obnoxious. I wont be returning to the No88 again.
Jenny123456 - 25 Jun 2011 14:41
Only thing this place is missing a decent outside area for when the Sun's out, but other than that excellent place! Nice to have a decent local in the area. Great for going to watch the Football or The Rugby, Live Music on a Saturday plus a quiz on Thursday

The Sunday Roasts are pretty good too.
gd86 - 12 Jun 2011 15:28
Beer was OK, most impressive was the TV Projector screen. I've never seen digital quality like it on a screen. Would recommend for any big sporting occassion, eg when Fulham are on the TV.
Wilson_MacDonald - 6 Mar 2011 17:19
The new look is a familiar look and if you were taken there blindfolded then you would be hard pressed to tell which gasto pub you were in. That said, 88 is a fine example of the genre with a bright clean look (lots of big windows) and a good selection of beers. Probably not worth going out of your way for but if you are local then it's definitely worth getting to know.
Matthew_of_Ham - 6 Dec 2009 16:55
Now reopened as 'Number 88', a bit cleaner and less fussy, Tribute and London Pride on. We'll see.
rainlight - 1 Sep 2009 22:53
It's being refurbed, I don't know into what though. There was some idea that it was going to become a Walkabout or something very like it, I sincerely hope not.
rainlight - 21 Aug 2009 17:25
Went past yesterday - windows whited out. Either it has closed down or is in the middle of a very major refurb.
enfilade - 17 Aug 2009 17:06
The previous time I visited there was a choice of real ales and it was busy. Yesterday, no real ales and dead. The sullen and lazy barman did not help
oftenscore6 - 26 Jul 2009 16:29
Hardly ever seems to be anyone in here now. Cute barmaid but she doesn't make up for the lack of punters or (the other day) undrinkable beer. The pub has supposedly had a refit but it looks just the same to me.
rainlight - 26 May 2009 19:49
A decent pub with acceptable prices. Nowdays quite empty and opens sometimes very late and does not offer a consistent service. Its not a bad place to go to for a drink but does not have many social occasions such as other pubs. The Honest Cabbage has karaoke, quiz nights, live music, open mike etc etc. ,
You can have a good night here but it tends to be quite rowdy and food is not as cheap as the Honest Cabbage...

snowpub - 2 Feb 2009 14:00
Have passed there a couple of times and seems to be growing extremely quiet!
Used to have many social occasions but nowdays i prefer to go up the road to the honest cabbage!

wine101 - 30 Jan 2009 20:15
sad what is hapen to this pub now doormen working there must be trouble dont like that at all did not even go there for pint
pint11 - 24 Nov 2008 16:46
On main rd in kingston very loud music lots off ales not bad pub
pint11 - 18 Aug 2008 22:37
It was sold in 1987 and presumably reverted to just being the Flamingo at that point, brewing continued on site as by the Kingston Brewing Company, until 1998.
rainlight - 8 Jun 2008 15:53
Interesting comment about being a Firkin pub, it used to be my local when it was "The Flamingo" circa 1990, and I don't recall Firkin ales being available.
wanderjahre - 8 Jun 2008 10:15
Large sports-oriented pub in the general Tup style on London Road, so a favourite for the after-office crowd. Also has live music on Fridays and Saturdays. The outside still proclaims it to be 'The Three Tuns' but it's been the Tup for a few years and before that it was a Firkin pub.
rainlight - 14 Jan 2008 21:12
Quite good fun if you sit outside and watch the punters coming in and out of the local brothel....great fun
anonymous - 11 Sep 2007 19:23
Like this pub again, it's returned to its friendly chilled out old self. The staff are great, food seems to have picked up again, and all the regulars seems to be back. Keep up the good work.
Mad_Moo - 10 Jun 2007 09:28
Now back up to three ales on pump, which is more like their usual standard - nothing out of the ordinary but at least there is a choice, unlike some of the Fairfield pubs which I won't bother to name.
beeronaut - 13 Jan 2007 16:39
Cool pub, they do nice food. Can get a bit crowded sometimes but the clientele are ok.

Has pool tables and screens if you are in a sporting mood.
Jo984 - 4 Oct 2006 16:30
Went in for the first time last night for a few drinks with friends. While the beer is pretty expensive (£3 a pint for Fosters) this does play a part in keeping away the riff-raff element. For a Wednesday it was well patronised but not crowded - pool table was well looked after and there are loads of screens for sport. The bar staff were excellent and it made a real change not to be hassled to "drink up" at 11.01pm, then again at 11.03pm etc. Top marks... well done!
kingston_toon - 24 Aug 2006 11:15
well what can i say about this that has not already been said. most important, one dude behind the bar that seems to piss everyone i know who goes there, right off. got an attitude problem, really, dull, rude, just should not be there ! do the test, go there, and tell me who you think it is. i am sure it wont take you long.
myodm - 25 Jul 2006 15:48
Beers were off when I visited but have always been fine in the past. Chap behind the bar very apologetic, offered a replacement before i even had a chance to complain. I like this place.
ratfink - 11 Jul 2006 20:55
Certainly not a bad place. Contains a pool table as with quite a few of the pubs in the area
aleman - 9 Jul 2006 11:08
Ok, I don't have many bad words to say about this one. It's not in a bad location, the beer is pretty good. The staff are quite friendly and there are some nice seating areas (if you can get to them-it does get busy). A bit over-priced, but overall-pretty good
authentic - 1 Jun 2006 13:03
Having read the latest reviews and been promised that the moody duo have moved on....I shall now get my butt back down there to investigate
lawrence17 - 9 May 2006 20:45
just to let you know that the two girls with no personality and generous helpings of mood swings have now vacated the premises and are no longer scaring away custom at the Tup.
brewsters - 2 May 2006 14:15
I am following up on the commetnabout the bad Sunday lunches which I think are great so you must have been unlucky.
Pete runs good ship but, miserable bar staff are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays also. I don't know their names but they are two of the shorter female staff there and they are shocking. You always feel that as a customer you are in their way, they are too keen at end of time and a smile costs nothing.
Tell them please Pete. The other staff there are great and you couldn't wish for better. No chavs is great, worth paying for in my opinion.

Keep up the good work!
kingston1000 - 21 Apr 2006 14:16
The price of most beverages at the Kingston Tup have always been a hot topic when there are cheaper alternatives around.The location and nature(live sport) of the pub opens itself up to problem punters who generally drink at lovely places such as the kingston gate etc.It is rare that the Tup encounters problems but it does have its moments sometimes and this is generally from punters who dont drink there regulary and are just passing by to top up their stella tank.I am sure you would agree that if the price of beer was similar to those other establishments there would be more comments on this site relating to the "chav" element at the Tup,something that i am sure most regulars and management dont want to see.sometimes you have to pay just that little bit more to have a friendly untroubled drink rather than a cheaper beer and a table leg through your neck.
anonymous - 12 Feb 2006 21:49
I used to go to the Tup regularly as it was so close to work, to the point where we used to use it for business meetings and to entertain visitors. It's got reliable OK food and generally a nice atmosphere, though it gets very crowded on Friday nights when work colleagues finish for the week. Its main problem is the very expensive beer: you really wince when you get a round in here. From memory even quite ordinary mass-markets beers are pushing £3 a pint - everyone comments on it.
matchmade - 30 Jan 2006 00:17
Hi there Lawrence,
You may have noticed me down the Tup,My name is pete and I manage the place.I dont generally look at this site as obviously some comments are put in by people with some sort of grudge etc.However your comments took me by surprise,I was wondering whether you would like to drop down for a beer and a chat about your experience as I take all bad comments about the place very seriously.One thing i would say is that our sunday roasts are generally quite good,all our produce is fresh and from prime producers.Any feedback from customers is good whether it is negative or not,it means we can improve on areas where its needed.I appreciate your comments and feel free to pop down sometime.

"Chief Bloodnut"
The Tup
anonymous - 20 Jan 2006 22:59
Good place on Friday night and the occasion Saturday, but wander down on a Sunday and you'll be come across the most consistently miserable bar staff ever seen..... serving perhaps, the worst Sunday lunch I've ever experience
lawrence17 - 14 Jan 2006 18:59
Hello Rosq, hope you're well darl'. I think Steph went home. Simon is still about though. Last I heard he was working as a heating engineer and living at the Cocks. I've got his number, if you want it let me know

Updating my previous comments, the place is starting to feel like the old Tup again, but Massive - £3 for a pint of Guiness?! You may as well get your staff to wear a tri-cornered hat, a mask and two flintlock postols - daylight robbery.
shakytumbleweed - 10 Oct 2005 11:05
greetings from an old bar maid of the kingston tup. interesting to read all the comments. was always the best place to be when i worked there. havent been for over a year-anyone know what happened to greg and simon? or dave, steph....? have lost contact
rosq - 7 Oct 2005 10:33
Dear Mr anon, hi there, I go to the tup a lot especially lunchtimes as I work up the road and I know peter the manager fairly well,would you care to explain your views in full.It would be most constructive and interesting to hear how bad this place actually is.its interesting to note that they are the busiest they have been for ages with food,and lately evenings have picked up and they are starting to get a regular crowd back.At least at the tup you can go there and be greeted by a happy face and not get hassled by chavs all night,its one of the safest places to go and everyone who goes there seems to enjoy themselves.I dont generally look at these sites but I was shown this by a friend and was quite concerned with your DETAILED summary of a place in which I feel most seem to have spent a great deal of time scripting your comments,you may need to think about purchasing a dictionary though,its always good to know how to spell.I sense by your blanket scathing of the place that something bad must have happened to you,please explain,or do you have something to hide,maybe the fact that you are one of those pubgoers that everystaffmember dislikes.grow some balls.
anonymous - 1 Oct 2005 20:19
place to avoid definitly no service food horible expensive drinks no pub or bar atmosfere
anonymous - 18 Sep 2005 20:03
This pub has gone tragically, tragically downhill in the last six months or so. It used to be a great place with a happy atmosphere for catching up with your old friends or meeting new ones.

Six months to a year ago you could go for an inpromptu visit and be guaranteed a good time. It was always nicely busy, lively, and a great place to watch sports events to listen to live music and dance like an idiot. The staff were always top notch and really got into the swing of enjoying the evening as well as doing a brilliant job serving drinks.

Someone has since pulled the heart out of it. Some of the staff appear resentful and treat customers like inconveniences and interruptions to their no doubt enthralling wittering. Beer and cider are ridiculously overpriced, as is the hideous wine. Having fun in any way appears to be banned, whilst staff rudeness seems to be encouraged. It seems the business plan is to try to get rid of as many regular patrons as they can.

Overall, it makes for an uncomfortable, boring and unjustifiably expensive visit. If you're after a fun night with mates head 200 metres down the road to the Fighting Cocks.

weekendboozer - 13 Jun 2005 15:01
Dear mr shakytumbleweed,I'm quite sure of your real identity so I feel inclined to comment on your fair and unfair comments.
Sounds like you've had some great times at the tup,and being a relative newcomer to the Tup and having experienced some great nights myself i have to agree with you that things have changed at the Tup.Due to a lack of carpark and beer garden the place has suffered greatly.There are also many more alternatives at present than there were a few years ago as well,eg the coconut,the cocks has grown into a superb venue etc etc.Mate, times do change,pubs do go in and out of favour,people who may have frequented the Tup even a year ago have either moved out of the area or have found another alternative which were'nt there before.Pub staff do move on as well,and as you may have become attatched to those who came before the present ones,it does obviously take time to get to know the new ones,and sadly things will never be the same as you want them to be,thats life.The date and length and thought you have put into your comments leads me to beleive that you have been talking too much to a few disgruntled locals lately who have previously been banned for abusive behaviour to staff members.The staff at the tup i have found to be very accomodating to all, but although they are paid to do a job they are not paid to break up fights between locals or physically threatened by them,or are they meant to feel like shit when a lock in is refused.The Tup is still a great place to come if you want a quiet drink during the week,theres salsa classes on mondays which are very popular,there are now live bands EVERY friday and as of now DJ's EVERY sat(rich vibes is back as well).And hopefully when things pick up maybe theme nights will be back although it does help when locals get involved as well which has definetly not been the case in the recent past that i can remember.As far as i know all the locals who have come before are still welcome at the Tup,all that has happened in the past is forgotten,all that is asked is a little respect and understanding.By writing comments like this,especially when you've hardly been coming to the tup for the past year(only for sports events,your'e twisting the facts and hurting all the staff who are trying to make the Tup something close to what it was all those years ago.Its a hard slog these days with all these other options for people,why not come back and support a place which you do hold close to you heart.
anonymous - 5 Jun 2005 15:56
You know, I've been a patron at this place for over 10 years now and think of it almost like a member of my own family. I've had some great nights down there, met some of my best friends there, not to mention my beautiful girlfriend. I was there when it used to be the Flamingo and pint of Fairfield & black was £1. I was there when it changed to a Hedgehog and Stump. I was there when it became a Tup. I was there through all the landlords from Jamie through to Greg, so it pains me to say this Ė donít go to this pub.

What this place used to be great for was creative managers (Blazing Saddles night, Life of Brien, The Beach Party etc), friendly bar staff, an inviting atmosphere and a fantastic regular local crowd. We could look past the high prices and the slightly out of the way location because we always knew weíd have a good time and feel welcome.

The current manager there however seems to be going out of his way to kill the atmosphere of the place. No regulars here please. Donít try and talk to the bar staff. Donít even think of trying to meet up in a group of more than four. I mean, what are you doing? Without the atmosphere that made this pub what do you have? You have a basic run of the mill pub that is charging central London prices when it is not even central Kingston.

Every pub has beer (most at cheaper prices), many have a large screen TV for watching sports and many have a pool table (some of them arenít even wonky!). What is going to make me want to come here? The answer is - nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I donít think that sole blame can lie with the current manager though, by the looks of things I believe the Massive Group, the company that owns the pub, is running it down until the end of the lease to then sell the place for development. Theyíve already sold the car park and one set of toilets for property development.

Iím boycotting this place and a lot of the other regulars are too. My advice if youíre in the locality and you fancy a drink but donít fancy central Kingston:

If you want to play pool go to the Fighting Cocks or the Six Bells.
If you want to watch the sport go to the Norbiton Dragon or the Six Bells.
If you want a quiet night to chat go to the Refectory or the Cricketers
If you want live music go to the Fighting Cocks.
If you want a Sunday roast go to the Bricklayers Arms (honestly, do, itís the best in the area!)
shakytumbleweed - 19 May 2005 16:59
Used to be good with decent food and cheery bar staff. Has gone down hill recently despite two price increases in under 6 months. Pint of Fosters £2.90? No thanks.
anonymous - 17 May 2005 13:34
Lots of different events going on including bands, Tup Idol, salsa, quizzes. Not cheap however, and the staff seem to adhere almost excessively to closing time, so much so that I suspect their clock is set five minutes fast.
beeronaut - 30 Apr 2005 20:55
Crap overpriced, no atmosphere zzzzzz
bigadee - 9 Jan 2005 22:23

Wild and crazy prices.

Great big pub, maybe the biggest in the world.
Mark_Chamberlain - 6 Dec 2004 15:36
going down hill fast! last nye...great atmosphere, great dj, cheap entrance.....this nye, no dj, bad atmosphere and £10 extra a ticket!?? Whats going on!
Paul - 5 Jan 2004 09:25
Beer is a rip off price. The garden is a tip not a tup.
Jeremy - 3 Jul 2003 12:03
The beer's extorionately priced! But a good booza any way. I do agree, toilets are nasty!
me & her - 11 May 2003 10:45
Definately the best boozer on the Norbtion side of Kingston. The food is typical pub fair but the portions are huge and the prices are good value. The beer is good and the staff very friendly. At the risk of sounding like a miserable git i would say that the music is a touch too loud. Only major gripe would be that the toilets are disgusting.
Angus - 21 Apr 2003 13:29
Dr John, my oh my you are an old fogey ain't you! Party atmosphere, regular rock classics sung along to by the bar staff (Andy's "Poisen" has to be seen to be believed) and some of the friendliest staff in town. You can keep your halfords and your trouser clips and your day-glo safety band - give me the Tup.
Ken - - 20 Apr 2003 17:09
In my humble opinion, a completely bland and clinical pub. They seem to get away with this by disorientating customers by playing music beyond the threshold of pain. Most branches of Halfords have more character. Plenty of much better establishments close by.
Dr John - 17 Apr 2003 21:21
This pub rocks! From my visit yesterday, I can say that the 2-people band licence doesn't make it any worse - in fact it was stupidly good. Go to this pub now!
Nige - 26 Jan 2003 21:12
Although the old place has matured a bit too much, its still full of fun (and skirt if your lucky)efficient staff and bar dancing etc. We all welcomed the new pool table too. Avoid rugby days tho (tw@t central) and if i have to moad, the scrumpy is too warm
steptoe - 23 Dec 2002 11:03
Ahh, the Tup. The years of good service this place has given us, from the old Flam' days thru to now. Great place, friendly staff, brilliant weekend and sports atmosphere. And the food ain't too bad either.
Ken - - 18 Dec 2002 13:00
pubs fine - one thing tho - the website says it has band nights - it doesn't have a band liscence - so therefore its only legally allowed to have 2 ppl playing - so it doesn't have 'band nights' as stated - but it does have live music - from either 1 or 2 ppl
sam leak - 9 Nov 2002 17:36
Pure fun!! The atmosphere is second to none, it's a true party venue to just totaly let your hair down!! Check out DJ Rich Vibes and i dare you not to some space on the bar for me!! See you next time :>
Jay - 19 Oct 2002 17:05
Once the famous Flamingo (Christ, those were the days) then the Hog and Stump, the Kingston Tup started off as a no-fun pub, in stark contrast to the mentalist days of old. There was no pool table, no jukebox, no fruit or quiz machines, it was as if entertainment had been outlawed. However, over the last year things have improved immensely, and there is so much more life now. The pub on this plot of land is now, once again, my favourite pub in Kingston, but if there's another Austin Powers Theme Night that lofty status will have to be reviewed.
Loz - 8 Aug 2002 20:11

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