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Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

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user reviews of the Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

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No longer a pub going to be a Co_op
G7AMH - 24 Mar 2015 21:04
This pub is welcoming and friendly. It's being done up at the moment. I am in a wheelchair and a ramp was provided for me. A higher rating would have been given if they get a nice ale in!
ancientaviator - 28 May 2012 18:20
just been browsing the reviews of my local pubs and feel that not only are the comments far to old now but pretty inacurrate

this is a pub that ive visited many times over the last 5yrs,yes its run down but has recently had some refurbishment (gather theres more to follow)

yes it is a community pub,sure if your not known there not going to fall all over you,BUT once they recognise the face you couldnt find a more friendly real community pub (id rather sit in a pub that maybe needs a lick of paint than some chain that runs like a production line)

the last few years times have been tough for all pubs but through all this the lanlord has kept going when many would of given up,especially as hes invested time and his own money into this

hes also has a very low rate of police call-outs compared to other pubs in this are which should peak for itself

the pub has recently changed its cleaners with a huge improvement,made a large effort outside with baskets,containers etc

the local criminals are not welcome and as far as im aware havent been for a while,yes theres your normal young drinkers but there aware of the rules and seem to have respect for the lanlord and staff

so look beyond the fixtures,this is a real community pub which the community would be poorer without

and no i have no financial or other intrest in this pub but feel the comments are now far to old and harsh
thekidsrule - 15 Aug 2011 20:11
just browsing the site and came across this 1.1?,is it still open?
theguv1 - 12 Mar 2011 14:59
Thought I try this place the other night to see if it really is as bad as people say. It isn't. It's a damn sight worse! Probably the biggest shithole I've ever been to in my life.
Meerkat1960 - 26 Oct 2009 22:35
Difficult to believe that a pub (even in North Bournemouth) could achieve such a low rating; that is, at least, until I popped in for a Sunday lunchtime pint. Two handpumps, both unused, so as a very second best, asked for a pint of Guinness. Response: "We've got some cans." I wonder where they came from? The pits!
saffrons - 26 Jul 2009 18:23
Have to say (and I'm in my mid-fifties) that this 'pub' is the biggest craphole I've ever been to in my life, and that's been against some pretty stiff competition over the years! As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling that any second, you could end up with a glass in your face. The whole place is shabby and run-down, the staff useless, the beer disgusting, the toilets even more so and the clientele the absolute pits. Worth a visit just to see how bad it is!
jasperdodds - 1 Dec 2008 17:23
I didn't, quite, believe the recent reviews of this pub, which was once my local. I still don't, it's a bloody sight worse.
Runningdog - 22 Mar 2008 21:20
Charming example of Neanderthal watering hole, I'm ashamed to say this is my local, would not visit it to use the toilets, at least the police know wher all the local chavs are at any one time. Avoid unless you are David Attenborough.
Earl_of_Grey - 6 Mar 2008 13:03
The pits. It has been ever since I was a teenager. Avoid.
maxc - 8 Feb 2008 19:57
good atmosphere, friendly bar staff and most importantly the beer tastes awesome. A++++++++++++++
Red_ - 22 Dec 2007 01:04
I called in last Saturday afternoon because I couldn't believe that anywhere could be as bad as the previous reviewers make out. Wrong - it's worse! The first thing I encountered was the cannabis aroma from a couple of chavs smoking a joint. Then there was a pissed woman trying to give some bloke a good hiding. And lastly, someone tried to throw a bottle of Bud at the TV - but missed. I left, smartish. A well deserved zero.
BillyD - 29 Mar 2007 16:41
if you want a punch up with local chavs then this is the place.Burberry baseball caps and pissheads.Beer shit,decor shit and the Police are freequent attenders
nigegil - 24 Dec 2006 11:24
This pub looks particularly rowdy from the outside. I have seen couples arguing outside and peeing against the walls when driving past.
emulti100 - 20 Jan 2006 04:27
Contained - Many of the pubs in the area such as The Five Ways, Thatched House and Horse & Jockey have shown a marked improvement over the past few years so I recently re-visited The Ensbury Park hoping that it had undergone a similar transformation. Sorry to say that it's as bad as ever if not even worse as you can now witness the people nipping in and out of the Gents toilet at a frequency which can't be explained by a need to empty the bladder even if they are necking pints at a record pace which didn't seem to be the case. Atmosphere remains deeply unpleasant and the ale very ordinary. Must admit that I had a chuckle when I saw that my rating of 2/10 for this place is actually above the average.
johnkn7 - 3 Jul 2005 20:41
I visited this pub last year.It was an active pub,but it needs for a refreshment especially the decor.Any way I'm an Omani boy and I spent a lot of time in this pub,so my comment is to do a refreshment in the toilet and other facilities...cheers
anonymous - 18 Mar 2004 16:39
This place is still how John describes it - even today.
Rob - 12 Sep 2003 08:47
John - how long was it since you actually drank in there, a long time ago i feel. The place has come on leaps and bounds since you last visited. All the customers seem to have respect for the landlord and other customers, new and old, no matter what day, and however intoxicated.
Contained - 7 Aug 2003 12:10
Quite agree John not a place to go to if youre not "in" with the locals,most of whom wouldnt get in anywhere else
ian - 2 Jun 2003 12:54
Don't go in there if you value your health. Full of the feral youth that have doubtless already been banned from The Glasshouse in Winton. Picture on the big screen is atrocious. You can only see what's happening if you are sat square on to the screen. Beer is poorly kept. Place is just a dump really.
John - - 24 May 2003 18:56

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