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Fox and Firkin, Lewisham

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user reviews of the Fox and Firkin, Lewisham

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I have often gone to this pub, particularly when there are bands on. I went to see a particular band, getting there just after 9 pm, and it was advertised as being free till 10 pm. They tried to charge me to get in, even after a member of the band showed them the advertised information. Eventually the security guy said that I would be allowed in, but he continued aggressively blocking my way and clearly wasn't going to let me in unless I grovelled. I am not going to grovel to someone who I have just caught out trying to rip me off. I will never go to this pub again.
DoreenBird - 12 Aug 2016 21:59
An early Friday night visit to the Fox, the first time for a few years.

I go past this pub twice a day and thought now would be the right time to have another visit.

For the first five minutes of my visit I was the only punter in here, there were a few staff members put a whole host of xmas decorations up and they looked pretty good.

The 6 hand pumps were mostly redundant apart from the 2 Sambrook's ales that were on...Junction and Wandle. I opted for the Wandle, it was fine and it £2.95 was good value for money though I'm not a fan of Sambrook's beer.

There were a couple of interesting lagers on tap namely Brahma and Frankishaner.

Music playing which helped to not make the pub seem so empty.

Nice enough pub, put different ales on and I might come back sooner.
lezford - 29 Nov 2013 19:45
Great pub, not a bad beer garden. Very friendly barstaff. And Tuesday evening has great price deals.
valis4 - 10 Apr 2013 16:39
This is a good pub.
The prices have gone up in the last few years although its still quite reasonable.
The garden out back is first class. There are no yobbos in here, most of the customers are chilled out.
Good music at the weekend and the quiz is decent midweek.
Mattyh34 - 13 Jun 2012 10:38
This pub has to have had a makeover since the last reviews. The decor is retro chic in black and white. The staff seem friendly and the (ladies) loos smell pleasant and look reasonably clean - though they don't have locks. Can't really comment on the quality of the beer as I'm not an ale expert, but they seem to stock a wide range of bottled stuff and lots of fizzy lagers on tap. They do coffee and fairy cakes and pizzas that looked & smelt really tempting. Regular live music. I'd defintely go again.
shzl400 - 2 Oct 2010 23:53
hey all, i used to work in da fox n firkin back in 1998, me name is will, the manager then was floss, i was her deputy manager. it would be great to catch up with those who drank in da fox when i was working there. email me at . . . .
babyboy - 24 Nov 2008 10:59
A good gig by the Silver Wizard Project and Ten City Nation last night (missed the Kitty Lipps, had to get the bus) but as a whole the pub is dominated by the pool table. Not quite as bad possibly as earlier reviews make out - there are two beers on pump (but no decent cider). There is also a convenient kebab shop next door and the guitarist of 10CN was spotted getting a sneaky doner from there before the performance. The stage is a good size unlike some venues and the sound system is also good.
rainlight - 25 Jul 2008 10:14
the bogs are rotten the draught is rotten and so is the managaress, she is so rude. its like going into the set of Dusk Till Dawn
millwallandy1 - 4 Jan 2008 17:18
If you're looking for an 80s/90s style Firkin pub forget it. THEY'RE ALL GONE. If you are looking for a late night music venue that features live bands DJs(local talent touring bands and stuff you might hear on the XFM evening shows) then this is the place for you.
Aimed at people who would otherwise be in a club in central / Nth London but would prefer to spend half the money. Not aimed at drinkers of real ale who would find the Jolly Farmers nearby more to their taste.
carl2bob - 30 May 2007 17:24
Once the best thing about Lewisham (apart from the road out of the place) The Fox was a great night out. However as the 90's wore on and the advent of Yates and then the Quaggy duck, proved to be the start of a terminal decline for the once majestic Fox.

Visit's in the intervening years have seen many a makeover and papering of cracks, which have not addressed the failings of this place; It's a tired old boozer, living on past glories (something that a lot of Firkin pubs seem to be these days). Either it goes back to how it used to be in the early 90's or close it and move on.
PigPen_in_the_Fens - 22 Apr 2007 17:56
Could do better to capture it's old favourite tag. Tired.
TheBlackStuff - 22 Apr 2007 16:04
Bit of a shame really as there are no other music pubs in the area and firkin normally have such a good reputation. Have gone for a beer there on and off for the last couple of years as I think you should give a place a chance.
A few times a bad pint has made me very ill, maybe they don't wash it out too well. No food.
I like to go out as a woman for a beer by myself, read my paper, do some work or chat to whoever is around.
Here, however, seems to be frequented by a mafia stylie clique linked to the bar staff. If a local lechy, mental drunk (of which there are a good few hanging around in here as they allow them to) bothers you they just watch from the end of the bar. Not very nice or welcoming!!
I tried to get to know the bar staff to try to prevent this and they described me as a junkie mental who sleeps around!! They've never said anything to me in 12mths bar here's your change! (I had been in a major car accident and was stuck locally for socialising due to mobility, I looked a bit rough sometimes but I'm a civil servant and a very very nice woman)
Boooooooo! Sexist, bitchy, cliquey, discriminatory bored staff who have forgotten they are supposed to be doing a job. Cheap beer but watch out for the locals as you have no back up what so ever should one take a shine to you ladies! The regular drinkers, other women are just plain hostile to non familiar face.
Rubbish really. Bit Royston Vasey for my liking.
spanglepix - 25 Feb 2007 02:59
As someone else said, the fourteen unused pumps tell the story of a bit of a wasted opportunity. No proper beer and generally the shabby air of a nightclub during the day. No food either, which surprises in this day and age. On the plus side, very friendly and pleasant service, cheap prices, and a jukebox. If they got some real ale in and decorated this could be a nice place.
grecian - 6 Feb 2007 11:26
Used to drink here many moons ago - recently been back and pleasantly suprised. The lager on tape while not overly adventerous, is pretty good. Also, 2 very friendly barmaids. Recomended.
easyskip - 14 Nov 2006 17:42
Not a bad pub, and regularly a couple of nice barmaids to serve you. Juke box is decent though a bit hard to find exactly what you want, other people seem to feed it on a regular basis though so if you can't master it sit back and let someone else choose the tracks.
nrj746 - 22 Oct 2006 18:34
I remember the good old days - morose teens in white make-up and black clothes. But they used to drink Dogbolter by the gallon back then.
robnest - 21 Oct 2006 11:33
Drinks are fairly cheap here and it has a late license. Generally the crowd are "teens in white makeup and black clothes", as the previous post puts it, which is rare for a boozer in Lewisham. Personally, I feel something has gone seriously wrong if you find yourself in here over a Friday or Saturday night, even if you fancy a cheap drink. Lewisham town centre overall is a desperately poor night out and despite any merits (cheaper drinks and pool table for example), this place suffers as a result. As for the H-File search…you're having a laugh! I've see more female talent at Victoria station in the rush hour.
Searching_for_H_Files - 17 Jul 2006 13:10
This place has 14 unused ale handpumps - what a waste! That has to be a record. The Tetley & fizzy pops are ridiculously cheap though. When we went to see my mate's band, Low Budget Fiasco, perform it was pretty busy & loud enough to keep my ears ringing for several days.

Definately one to avoid if you're an ale drinker or scared of morose teens in white makeup and black clothes with "I ONLY CAME TO FEED" emblazened across the front.
young_camra_collectiv - 9 Jul 2006 11:01
Large pub - cheap beer (although the cider is almost normal prices) - rock music - pool table - friendly bar staff - late license - friendly people.
Downsides - sometimes charge for entry and have unannounced theme nights (casino etc).
chrisgee - 23 May 2006 12:39
Too follow up my previous comment below, the Fox Fest 2006 is happening on the 29th of April this year...
RichLondoner - 9 Mar 2006 15:07
For anybody who missed it yesterday, showing the Fox's commitment to live music, they held Fox Fest 05, basically from midday they have alternate normal and acoustic bands on two different stages, 10 of them each! So it was on from midday till about midnight. Was packed solid and very enjoyable.
RichLondoner - 20 Nov 2005 11:54
Anyone who loves music should really check this place out. There is now live music of the rock and roll/indie variety every tuesday and thursday, and a wonderful acoustic session on sundays. Plus it's free. The beer is still cheap and the atmosphere friendly. An oasis in south east london...
NitNit - 30 Oct 2005 21:58
This pub is great, I can't believe how cheap it is. The bar staff are friendly and the atmosphere is pretty good.
Helz - 5 Sep 2005 18:53
Yes, it's back to the Fox & Firkin now, I was told it was just going to be called the Fox, but its has Fox & Firkin on the new exterior, which is almost all black now. Still very friendly and cheap as chips.
RichLondoner - 18 Aug 2005 19:49
It seems to be called The Fox and Firkin again now? The Friday alternative night seems to have gone now too.
DJ.Alexander - 18 Aug 2005 17:06
In the process of being done up. Friendly bar staff sometimes let down by less than friendly clientele.
BigPete - 12 Aug 2005 17:10
Great bar staff and atmosphere. Well kept lager. Good juke box. A few pretentious prats among the clientele though and the woeful quiz night is like a sand pit for retards.
Shaft - 30 Jun 2005 13:00
Fox isn't called the The Fox & Firkin anymore, it's just The Fox. Opening times have changed a bit, now open on Thur-Sun till 1am and all other days till 11pm. Wednesday is still quiz night, Thursday is bands night and they now have the fortnightly very good acoustic sessions on Sunday evenings. Still one of the cheapest pubs in Lewisham, Carlsberg for £1.74 a pint and juexbox is only 20p a song!!!
RichLondoner - 15 Jun 2005 10:02
I absolutly adore the fox. I can have a laugh with the bar staff and a laugh with all my mates. you can have a good night out there. even now on sundays as the rock matrix people play there. i get a 4 day weekend there and always have a great time. i feel like its my second home now. if i didnt live so far away i would be up there more often. well its tuesday only two more days then i can taste that wonderfull carlseberg. thankyou sam, paul, sam, simon ellen and emily. you all put a smile on my face.
tara - - 8 Jun 2004 13:03
don't listen to these other people. I live inthe USA and used to go to this pub in Lewisham. I miss it dearly. Every friday night after 10pm is the best. It is a metal fest. Could do with a bit more slipknot but i recomend people to go. I used to get slaughtered here every friday night, I f I come back to visit the U.K. I will definately pop in!!! Tapass x
Tapass - 3 Jun 2004 02:11
Only Been there a few times, all being Fridays! Thought it was great, had that dark dingy feel and smelled slightly stale, i like that in a pub and it's nice to know that you can go somewhere that welcomes trainers and piercings! That certainly does make a change! Bar staff seem nice and friendly, obviously theres always one bar-maid that takes dislikes to people, especially in the rocker type environment, but all in all, i'd definately go back there, if only the bus journey was shorter!

Askey - 14 May 2004 17:16
Nipped in t oget out of the rain on Sunday - I was expecting them to have a few ales on, what with it being a Firking pub, but they had nothing but nitro-kegs stuff.

Still, it's got a little bit of scruffy charm, sort of place to go for a bit of a sesh
MrScott - 15 Mar 2004 10:55
i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv the fox there every friday and its sweet theres rarley trouble and the bar staff r cool the musics cool and they help me to complte my weekly ritual of geting completely hamered great init
EX army boy - 25 Feb 2004 20:32
Rob, yes his name is Skot, well done for spelling a four letter word right, I'm surprised that you intellect stretched that far considering your previous comments! Being a local at the Fox for years it's been transformed by the hard work of Sam and her staff. Rock/Metal and Indie are choice music styles and if your into Pop Idol like I think Rob is, then your best bet is to go to Yates or the Coach and chat to 16 year olds who go whooooo a lot. Your comment about brawls (July post) is just plain wrong and that's again due to Sam's hard work in getting ride of trouble makers. I wonder why you hate the pub so much, were you one of the people that were ejected from the premises at one time, or are you one of these people that can't see further than skin depth and just because people don't look identical to yourself - that makes them wrong? Ignore Robs views, come down, judge for yourself, say hello and have a nice time with a genuine mixture of people from various walks of life.
Richard - aka Fab. - 18 Dec 2003 10:52
Well all i can say to Andy, SKOT(?) and Sean is that you obviously like slumming it and have no wish to have a more, convivial drinking environment!
Rob - 20 Aug 2003 14:52
I have to disagree completely with Rob this pub is by far the best in Lewisham is you want a Rock/Indie night out that is. pub brawls my arse...if you think it's a rough pub where do you normally go drinking? Buckingham palace?. Yes the bar staff are very helpful and freindly, the atmosphere is great and the jukebox one of the best I have used for selections. The entertainment on a Friday night is top notch with old skool metal and rock.
Sean - 10 Aug 2003 13:11
An excellent student / indie pub, if you like that sort of thing. If you don't, well... don't go there. Indie music abounds, particularly on Friday nights. Relatively cheap beer, friendly and helpful staff. Quiz on Wednesdays.
Andy - 22 May 2003 15:25

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