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Neptune, Boscombe

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me and the wife went to the wheels festival at bournemouth .after a long walk we thought we would pop into the neptune for coffee.
what a mistake. I ordered to coffees and the barman uttered £3.92.
not a please or thank you when I held out the money he was to busy talking to another member of staff. eventually he took the money and wandered off to get the coffees,he came back and just plonked the coffees on the counter and wandered off . I had to ask another member of staff if they had spoons,sugar,etc .I was told they were at the other end of the bar. why he could not have said this i do not know. we found a table and sat down, right by our table two youngsters were playfighting on the floor, when one stood up he was about 16 years old the other was about seven years old. This just shows how standards a slipping. will not be using THE NEPTUNE AGAIN.
jomcc - 26 May 2014 10:17
It's dirty with rough clientele and rude staff but once you're sat down you can generally ignore that and look at the waves.
On a recent visit though we were given plastic glasses (at 1pm on a rainy day) we asked for glass but were told the manager had told them to serve plastic, they could get fined/shut down if glasses kept being found on the beach etc, I asked if the plastic is for good now and a server woman came out of nowhere and said it will be plastic all throughout the summer(!).
When we sat down we realised everyone else in the place had glass and they were serving in glass. I went up to the bar and asked why this was and the same server grumpily told me the manager had just been over and changed his mind. I asked for 2 glasses and she poured my drink into a filthy glass and demanded I bring the other plastic one up for her to do herself. I asked her to just give me a glass and she rolled her eyes really stroppily (for a middle aged woman!) said 'fine!' and sent me away with another dirty glass.
My partner and I are both in our 20's and were reasonably well dressed. Being clearly discriminated against then repeatedly lied to really was a bit much.
Why is it places with the best potential are often the worst?
popiellajones - 12 Jul 2009 12:31
prices very good, i went and had early bird, food was okish and service was very low, staff very friendly, but just your bog standard harvester, great location, but i believe there are to many in this area, i do pefer copper dean harvester to this one but highly recommened the iford bridge
me000 - 9 Jun 2009 22:38
Is this pub still here? Quite frankly it's a joke.
man_versus_horse - 1 Mar 2009 15:11
Ordered a salad for 8, received what was quite obviously a side salad, bar staff oblivious when I pointed out that my salad was in fact slightly less than half the size of the salad ‘garnish’ that came with their sandwich that cost 4.50. Have been a few times because of its brilliant location but have been disappointed every time. Pleasant enough staff but they all just seem so dim, no one appears to be managing the place. Anyone managing such a potentially wonderful establishment in a location like its got so poorly is clearly not the brightest of sparks. Poor food, poor beer, slow staff, drunk aggressive regulars.
biggingerdude - 3 Jul 2008 14:47
For a pub in such a prime site with masses of space, who is letting this go to rot? The bar smells foul - like many others before the smoking ban, there are LOTS of bluebottles, the mix of customers can be a bit threatening too. Why don't they shut it down, gut it, and start all over again with a conservatory on the front, a brighter and cleaner interior, and decent staff to keep up the standards. With all the new development and reef coming up down there, this is a potential gold mine - when will they wake up?? Not for the faint-hearted!
dorsetknob - 23 Apr 2008 20:13
Avoid this Pub, Bad food, Dirty Glasses, Very Bad Standards! Shame was a great place about 18 months ago, must of had a change of management!
566849 - 17 Dec 2007 18:46
Theres always loads of staff, but only ever one guy serving (which equals ridiculous waits at the bar), the rest seem to wander about the pub aimlessly looking for empties. Some staff very friendly, others incredibly rude, just depends on the visit I suppose.
Food is fairly good, but a place to avoid if you have a fear of large amounts of flies

popiellajones - 27 Jul 2007 16:15
Untapped potential. Are there plans to refit this pub when the Boscombe development gets underway? This area needs a good pub - I'm not sure whether the present corporate and branded offer is the best solution. A nice Free House or tenancy would be ideal.
I don't agree with anonymous postings - COWARDS.
dorsetknob - 6 Jan 2007 14:07
I usually avoid Brewers Fayre pubs having had bad experiences in the past, but when out with friends and family it's not always just up to me where we go which is how we ended up in here.
It was fine. I have no complaints with our food, and we had an excellent waitress. The bar man was cute. I had pretty low expectations so I was pleasantly surprised!
I did remember what it is that I hate about these places though.
It's the other punters!
Too many people getting lashed up with kids in tow and getting just as loud and obnoxious and annoying as their kids who are running riot.

beaniebeer - 7 Nov 2006 15:14
It often strikes me that this is a brewers fayre that the company have forgotten about.
Unfortunately have never really had a good visit here. Visited last week for the first time in a year or so, and the place does look a bit more "cared for" than on previous visits but having visited quite a few brewers fayre it always seems that this pub either does not attract or does not retain motivated staff.
On this occassion we checked before going in that the fun factory was still open and was advised it would be open for another hour, went in straight away with the children only to be told that the duty manager had changed his mind and it would be open for only another 20 mins. The kids went in and it was shut within 10mins!
Consistency is important--if asked a question by a customer its important that staff find out the correct answer!
To be fair the food was good (although standard brewers fayre grub)but it was unfortunate that a member of staff (possibly a manager) had to point out to his staff that we had been waiting longer than other customers for our food! After this was pointed out it was served quickly and with relatively positive staff!
bmth123 - 3 Sep 2006 16:18
REDMICKKK - 4 Apr 2006 19:42
This pub had been recommended by a dear friend who must be dead now after reading these comments I will certainly be searching for a more friendly pub to bring my reunion to...
Tiggr - 29 Jul 2005 17:33
Absolutely rubbish.

Manager got his staff to tell us to leave, didn't have the balls to do it himself. Manager wasted more of the tax payers money on getting the police out when other than us there were about 4 people in the place.

This pub should be avoided at all costs.
KennPFC - 29 Jul 2005 15:36
useless staff !!! a coke and a lemonade please, NOT in the same glass ffs

A manager who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a pub again, took over 400-00 pound from our group on meals and drinks and then called the police becuase he couldn't understand that people get noisier when they have spent loads of money and have had some drinks.

It's called HAVING A GOOD TIME, for gawds sake, we even had young children with us who I am sure are traumatised from the experience, little vernon was quite upset by the whole experience..

bluegg - 29 Jul 2005 10:19
A chain-pub with chain-food and lots of provision for kiddies.

The view over the sea is lovely, the position of the pub is really great.

Pub employment policy interesting: a barman who cannot add-up and too drugged to understand menus? I assume the job conditions are terrible.

In the right hands this could be a fantastic pub.
seasiderMM - 17 Dec 2004 05:35
Nice and busy in the summertime. Bit cold and pokey in the colder months. Staff very slow and look as if they don't want to be there but beer is always ok.
sprout - 14 Oct 2004 16:54
This Neptune is nothing more than a beach bar. There is no real ale,and it is like so many bars along the Bournemouth sea front. Places like this cater for those who only care to drink keg. Those who care to walk up to the cliff top will find better establishments.
Peter Froude - - 5 Nov 2003 23:21
We went there for 1 crzy stag night with me & the lads. The totty was amazing, all laydeez in bikinis-my wife has no idea what we got up to, but lets say I nearly cancelled the wedding for 'Delores'!! Great place. 10/10
Bill Inpantsan - 11 Jul 2003 15:30

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