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Old Orleans, Enfield

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Now a Harvester.
EnfieldTaaaanBlud - 23 Nov 2011 16:05
4 Cokes and 4 mains £60, pricey for what it is. Food reasonable. Fairly pleasant surroundings but not a pub its a Big American Diner. x TFA
nutbar - 24 Nov 2010 17:44
Well, what can I say that has not been already said. I have been using this pub??? since it used to be the wake arms and also City Limits. We arrives here as my wife wanted to go because it "looks so nice with all of the flowers outside" WHAT A MISTAKE! We arrived and parked in the ample car parking and were very impressed with the floral display outside, we wanted to sit outside as we have a four year old so she could use the play area. We sat down and four people lit up and started smoking so we moved inside, we were seated by our waitress who was very nice at a decent table and ordered drinks, the Fosters tasted like they had left pipe cleaning fluid in before serving and the gin and tonic tasted even worse (how can they mess that up??) we ordered the sticky chicken served on a bed of onions and when it arrived I thought they had made a mistake and given me a childs meal or starter. I complained to the waitress who got me some more fries as the twelve I had been given would not feed a mouse, once we had been given more we ate our meal, in fairness it didn't taste too bad but what a rip off. The staff here were ok the place is still a nice building but only go if you fancy being fleeced, the food is over priced and not great, the drinks do not taste right and you leave with a feeling of being ripped off!
stitsevol - 17 Aug 2009 09:27
Went to Old Orleans on a Sunday afternoon with wife and two kids. What a mistake. 25 mins before getting any service. The place was cold, although not as cold as the food when it arrived. Burnt black chips with a kids meal was not a good start. In fact, three of the four meals sent back to the kitchen and came back just as cold and equally unappealing. Greasy pasta is not a nice sight when presented on your plate, although their chef/cook obviously though it was because he/she did it twice. The so called meatballs looked like grisly off cuts. After complaining, we paid for the one meal that could have been eaten. Would i go there again. Never, never, never. This was without doubt the worst meal we have ever eaten out.
foodguru - 11 Mar 2007 16:21
Ridiculously expensive for drinks and food. NOT worth it, find yourself a real pub
Yvette - 2 Jan 2007 15:50
Keira's gone for good.

Knock the place down.
TapsPunk - 23 Sep 2006 15:33
It's just not a pub. The food's fine enough, but it's NOT A PUB. So don't go there for a drink. OK?
big_andy - 24 Apr 2006 17:10
Who the frell knows what to say about this place?

As a pub, quite frankly it sucks. The one redeeming feature is the stunning young lady behind the bar who looks like Keira Knightly, who's most likley left for Hollywood by now anyway.

The bottled beer is alwawys warm and though you might ask what a grown man is doing drinking beer from a bottle, you'll find that their draught is nearly as bad as the George, thus making the impossible choice of cold bad beer or fairly average and warm bottled.

Once you've decided what you're going to drink, told a whole load of chavs that no you're not looking at their chaved up girlfriend who probably tied her hair to a jumbo jet embarking for Australia to have it pulled back so tight and explained to the DJ there is music other than what's on his latest nonsense Ministry CD, you can relax and drink your warm bad beer.

All in All, Keira, come and work in Taps and save my pain.
TapsPunk - 5 Dec 2005 17:42
Y O Y O Y O Y O Y?
Why would anyone choose to spend an evening drinking in here? As a restaurant it's ok but as a bar it's poor. Limited selection of beers that aren't always up to the required standard for the discerning drinker and a pretty poor range of cocktails if truth be told, especially in comparison to the superior TGI Friday's about five minutes walk away. Prices are way too high unless they have one of their special offers on, which seems to be increasingly rarely. Decor is, in fairness, quite different and effective when compared to most Enfield pubs, even if it is very tacky Southern Gothic, but the boozed up post-work and/or pre-Eros night club crowd make it unpleasantly crowded on some evenings, whereas it's like a ghost town (aah-aah) on other nights. Unimaginative DJ pummels your brain into submission on Friday nights with bass turned up to "kill". Barstaff are friendly and good at what they do but there are often only two working at any one time even when the place is rammed, so be prepared to wait for a while. There is normally some good eye candy in here but are you prepared to endure the empty pockets, disappointing drinks and either tube train in rush hour atmosphere on Thu/Fri/Sat or quiter than Highbury when Arsenal are losing effect on most other nights?
Mr.Monkfish - 13 Oct 2005 11:53
I don't know what it is about this bar but I really like it. It may have something to do with the fact that I work just up the road and am in there nearly every Friday and that Iím normally several sheets to the wind most of the time. The atmosphere is very good, possibly because I'm usually with a big crowd from work. DJ Scooby leaves much to be desired as the selection of music isn't much cop, still ear plugs are surprisingly cheap these days donít you think? Bar staff are very good at what they do and are always friendly and polite, even if they speak very quietly, must remember to take the ear plugs out! Drinks are slightly overpriced in the way that Craig David is slightly annoying and it took a bit of getting used to when they got rid of the 2 for 1 offer. Decor is typical of a chain restaurant/bar in the mock American stylee and is always kept tidy. Have not yet eaten in here as there are cheaper eateries around the area. The restaurant is seperate to the bar which is good for those who just want to go for a meal. To be honest I have never had a bad night in here and never seen any trouble. Clientele tends to be people aged between 18-25, some have wandered down the dark alley marked ďChavĒ but arenít from the same tribe as those really annoying little gits in the local pubs. This bar is great if you're in a big crowd celebrating a leaving do or birthday. I highly recommend this particular branch of Old Orleans, it's bigger than the others, and better. Been to the one in Guildford and that's rubbish!
junction25 - 22 Sep 2005 16:49

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