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Railway Bell, Tooting

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user reviews of the Railway Bell, Tooting

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This pub has now closed. It is now a European delikatessen.
offramp - 26 Jan 2014 10:03
Went into this pub on 1 other occation and was not impressed at all that was 3 maybe 4 years ago and said i would never go back. however one drunken night last week i went in there with a freind and have to say wow! what a change for the good. it was buzzing with customers the busiest i have ever seen this pub. they had an elvis person on in the back function bar but the place was rammed packed. a freind told me to try the place as it has good bands singers etc. and he was so right. its exspensive the side and back bar does need a clean up but what a change for the good. finally the place has got managment who cares about the place! will return and so should others its not the railway bell we all knew and hated its the new railway bell that people should try!
tootingboy - 21 Apr 2012 10:21
Had 15 minutes to kill waiting for a train so popped in for a quick one. Only London Pride on (1.65 a half). Looks a bit shabby and run down, stage area around the back.
GuideDogSaint - 22 Sep 2011 12:41
Still empty. I'd give it a try if it had live music that attracted me, like ORIGINAL bands, not covers bands or such.
But I don't blame the management for booking bands playing more tried-and-tested material. At least it's not the front room of the Gorringe with its one man bands posing as live music.

Happy to help with some custom, when I'm not too busy travelling to places that offer something I need - but Tooting is a pretty diverse place (read: socially-segregated).

Divided along the lines of race, nationality and culture with very LITTLE mixing (even Brixton has more with their snobby places), and it's not the British people's fault as I detect very little racism there... lovely sociable, educated immigrants only come in the form of doctors and the rare open-minded people who're above being held-back by invisible, old-fashioned, pathetic social barriers). Everyone shares the desire for a new LCD TV on their wall, why that instead of sharing the desire to socialise together and mix? Scared? At some level, yes! Poor people monetarily seems to mean poor people socially, how sad. I live here, incidentally, but it's bloody true if you look around! That's the problem with many pubs and public places in Tooting - ignorance of how to live nicely, rather than rushing around to the next earning opportunity, ghetto it is indeed! Only love can overcome the ghetto's pressures, whoever you are and wherever you come from... Where's the love, Tooting?
Groovehound - 27 Jul 2011 19:41
A quick thanks to my bro for getting this site to my attention and allowing me to vent my anger.
This lunchtime me and bruv whent in to this pub for a quick drink,the place was nearly empty,i bort 2 drinks and sat down,i then realised i had been shrt changed by 3,i was fuming but bro said to leave it as i cant proof it.i tell you now,next time i go in there and she tries that again her face jewels wont be on her face !!!!
SUEBLAKE - 2 Feb 2011 20:23
You were luckier than the girls and me bluenose,we went the other week and the barmaid we had was just not intrested,spent more time talking in the other bar than serving and when we did get noticed ,if looks could kill,well.According to my friend she's been there a while, HOW !
Apart from that a nice time ,although we didnt go to the bar as often as we would have liked
MISSLADYLOVELY - 27 Jan 2011 22:18
Nice friendly pub. Lovely barmaid. Had lots of time for me and my drunken football talk even though she didn't support my team!

Customers were friendly too, even the ones supporting the other team.

Heartily recommended!
Bluenose1875 - 26 Jan 2011 23:26
i thought this place was a drug whole people sniffing coke in the toilets landlord u his own arse and landlady snogging punters AVOID AVOID AVOID
scaleo - 14 Dec 2010 01:10
I went to this pub recently to see some of the live music, and I must say: it is most definitely a great music venue in the making.

The front has really been cleaned up, the outside area for smokers has been decorated - and now they are working on the inside [which does most definitely need doing].

Although it wasn't very busy, the atmosphere is good and the bar staff are very chatty and friendly.

Overall the live music is the key attraction here and it would be great if they followed in the footsteps of the Green Dragon in Croydon.
anonymous - 24 Sep 2010 16:47
have been popping in the bell for a few weeks now and i must say the place is really starting to come to life. The stage area looks great as does the front of the pub and even the smoking area out back looks fantastic. The live bands are a great touch ( i saw Jin House and they were amazing), The staff are very friendly and the locals are very respectful, i was a bit aprehensive of going in at first because of the reputation it had but i was pleasently suprised to find the bad rep it had was quite unfounded. Pop in to watch the footie or listen to the great live music either way i can guarentee you well definatly enjoy yourself and you will meet some great people. Well done to the new landlord and lady the bell is back
wildwilma - 8 Sep 2010 11:08
From rags to riches.....What a difference a couple of new owners make....
The new and improved railway bell is fantastic.
Les bieres, not sure what bus you were going past on but the outside is deff not whitewashed!!!!!! Not really wise to comment on others and their tastes when you dont have the facts correct.
Popped in today and not only has the outside had a complete overhaul but the inside is getting a complete facelift....The stage area looks fantastic i might add.
Anyone looking for live music on at the weekend should deff pop in, if only for a look!!!!
Long live the railway bell and all the best to its new owners....
Already seeing a massive difference.
minimo83 - 21 Aug 2010 16:41
Simply dreadful sums up this place. Ghastly customers, perhaps aspiring to be the Devil's cherubs, flank the doors to this hell-hole. Lately someone's had the "bright" idea to whitewash over beautifully glazed original tiles displaying to one-and-all a glorious lack of taste! I expect it won't be too long before there's another fight which gets the place closed and, hopefully, this time for good (although, as a friend said, keeping the place open keeps the dregs out of the other pubs). Shocking place. The 1 point I've given is for what could be (with a massive dose of TLC) a lovely building.
Les_Bieres - 9 Aug 2010 21:34
Pub now re-open. Severely empty. Someone spruce the place up, hire some bouncers, and put in a stage - it would make a decent live music venue in theory, with the layout. Shame the only thing they ever had was awful, cheesy one-man-band type stuff. Who the hell wants that when you can listen to the radio for cheesy pop music instead? Good luck with this place, it has a bad reputation.
Groovehound - 14 May 2010 18:04
this pub has recently closed after the owners went bankcrupt!!! good job really because this is a nastly place and should have closed ages ago!!
crawley1 - 27 Dec 2009 12:16
The manager of this pub is a nice guy, he make the customers laugh.
HAPPYHOLE - 19 Sep 2009 23:53
I went here recently to see some of the championship play off final. V cheap Pride which tasted fine but I did not feel welcome, either by the sour-faced bar lady or the generally grotty appearance and atmosphere of the place. I finished my pint and went over the road to the Gorringe Park. Much better.
ian_j_baker - 6 Jul 2009 21:01
The comment posted by the new landlord is fair. I am no shrinking violet and having a accent that is hardly local has made me genuinely frightened to go in here. But that has all changed now. A decent boozer for a night out with company but even better place if you are out for a swift swallow and want decent beer and a blokey chat, with a sore face not being part of the night out. Thumbs up!!
FARUPNORTH - 23 Dec 2008 15:12
i took over this pub in april and all though it has not been an easy pub, the reviews on here are uncalled for and untruthfull.
drug useage/dealing does not go on in the pub.measures have been set up to ensure that this is the case, and we also have strict policys on anyone who may be caught with an immediate barring from the pub and reported to the local pub watch so other pubs are aware of who the dealers/users are.
to talk about an ex member of staff is uncalled for as they are an ex member of staff for a reason and if your description of this person is true as you say then i wouldnt believe everything this person has told you.
as for 999 calls, you are talking about incidents which happened 2 years or more ago. since i have taken over the police have rarely been called to the pub as there has been no trouble and no need to call them out.times do change and it seems we can not get away from a bad reputation which is years old and out of date.
give us a fair go.come to watch the football or get involved with one of the entertainment nights we have.get to know the people who drink at the pub and dont just assume that they are a dealer or are trouble.dont judge a book by its never know you might actually enjoy your self
happyfeet - 19 Nov 2008 18:47
not a nice pub. was drunk and sang karaoke in there once, silly behaviour.

Was my local in feet and inches, but if you want a pint in that area, drink in the Ramble.
Stout - 4 Sep 2008 17:05
a lot of the reviews here are incorrect and unfair.
i have seen no evidence of the accusations in the reviews.
as for shagging at the bar, was you walking past the right pub or was it a drunk hallucination?
this pub was taken over recently by new management.the staff and manager are very plesant and do a good job. there is a good customer base in the pub, a mix of young and older custom which is fantastic for the atmosphere.
its a proper pub-not many of them around now.people should be supporting it, not slating it.
happyfeet - 26 Jun 2008 21:56
A dingy hole. Full of common people - in front and behind the bar! Dreadful. Worst pub in Tooting.
Sprue - 27 May 2008 12:56
funny thing about this pub. Inside its very big which is why maybe it always feels quiet whenever im there(even if there are people inside). It's ok for a pub. Nothing special but nothing awful. House doubles, prices ok. The thing that makes me laugh though, is every time i've walked past this pub very late after i've had a night out there always seems to be someone shagging at the bar.CLOSE THE CURTAINS GUYS
noggintnog - 20 Apr 2008 13:18
The less-evil twin of the Gorringe. Both have 'interesting' looking clientele, but the Railway just seems that bit less intimidating (I hasten to add that after you've had a beer or two there a few times it's not so scary). The pub is huge, and has 'entertainment' on a weekend which is standard fair. If you've finished work and need a pint (but can't be ar*ed to walk down to the Ramble) then give this a try, or turn left and try the Gorringe.
anonymous - 16 Aug 2006 18:20
A pub in SERIOUS need of a bit of love and affection. Went to watch the football there once, decided to miss the second half instead of staying.

Another place that could be good if someone cared about it enough.

I think this place getting no reviews for nearly 3 years shows people aren't rating this place at all, which is a shame as being near the Tooting train station could be a good place for a cheeky one on the way home.
herbaltea - 15 Mar 2006 13:44
This much I know: always avoid pubs with the words 'railway' or 'station' in their names.
OK_just_a_quick_half - 19 Jan 2006 16:32
Big pub with sports themed bar at one end. Serves a good pint of Guinness. Nice mix of young and old customers.
Dean - 1 May 2003 12:08

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