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Royal Oak, Loughton

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Good news for real pub-goers (and The Victoria Tavern next door) The Royal Coke is being demolished.
Oh dear, where will the (few) customers go now !
Jimdee - 20 Aug 2014 18:52
Probably a nice pub once but when you walk through the glass doors you know what's coming. No real ale. Every shred of character expunged. Now a train wreck of a pub. Avoid!!!
pubinspector - 6 Mar 2014 21:10
...and if you are in the neighbourhood - make sure you get the right flat.

Flat 3 - ask for Irina. She is Bowen's well-worn sidekick and the 'lady' who procures everything that satisfies his sweating, dribbling desire.

Makes me sick thinking about it.
mikeowen - 22 Feb 2014 15:42
Ha, ha - I should have said 120 Bournemouth Road, Pool, Dorset BH14 9HY.

Or Bad Lausick Germany, or even Latvia if you believe the tall stories of this Bullshit Master.

He is a fat, greasy pile of kiddy-fiddling sweat.
mikeowen - 22 Feb 2014 15:40
Notice how Colin the Beast says I don't 'know any thing about him being a nonce or going to prison in Germany'!!!! Not a denial about those things, sound like an acknowledgement or a confession, lol. The truth is, I know a hell of a lot about fat nonce Colon, ever since he lived at Longcroft Rise, No 46. Shacked up with Miss Rusina. You see Beast, you know that I know. Greasy Beast Colon fiddler and his Hound Hotel...Come on Colin, if you're still in town, pop in to the pub for your laptop...No? No, not got the guts. Don't worry though Fatman, we're coming down to PE House to give it to you in person. All your abuse about Lee Ribgy - you will pay. Mark my words.
SeanOB - 30 Sep 2013 21:10
Sean B is obviously a Wanker and knows nothing of my life including me being a nonce or going to prison in Germany he is full of shit and you can see the kind of wankers that reside in this pub so dont drink there , dont waste your money .
colinbowen - 26 Sep 2013 01:40
Let's see if Colin the Beast turns up to give his side of the story...I think he'll hide behind his keyboard and say why everybody else are 'obviously' nonces...Even his two sisters have disowned him, they are creeped out at the thought of his crimes and fantasies. Skulk and hide in Poole, Bow boy - you'll never have the guts to front us out face to face........................
SeanOB - 21 Sep 2013 18:38
Rin Tin has it bang on the money. If fat man Colin is such a tough guy , why does he shoot his mouth off on here about the Oak, instead of showing his face again and getting his laptop back? Why? He hasn't got the balls. Runs off and hides in Poole - hey, that address is correct, why is he keen that you 'ignore it'. If it was wrong he'd happily let people think he was there!!! I know his old neighbour in Longcroft Rise who told me he got a jail term in Bad Lausick Germany for sex abuse. Shacked up with Irena the husky, banned from contact with his own kids by Essex Social Services. Come on Colin, you're a fat nonce with no balls...and No Laptop, HA, HA, HA
SeanOB - 21 Sep 2013 18:29
Obviously Rin Tin Tin is a complete Wanker , and obviously a nonce himself , i have kids in Loughton and they have never been abused by me . Rin tin dick head know nothing and i fled no where i am still here dicky . He is obviously another Catholic Dumb Irish Immigrant that hangs out in this Pub with Billy Bullshit and you can ignore the address i dont live there Colin Bowen
colinbowen - 28 Aug 2013 14:33
Woah, don't worry about Colin Bowen - he's a known nonce who's split the Essex scene - currently residing at Flat 3, 120 Bournemouth Road,Pool Dorset BH14 9HY. Talks nonsense for a living and needs a very personal counselling to put his life in order...
RinTinTin - 17 Jul 2013 22:34
I was working that night in the royal oak and remember the previous review man. He was a total creep and kept making innapropiate comments at the bar staff. Please do not listen to that review he got chucked out of the pub for distrupting the quiz he was screaming out the answers and shouting at the other customers pretending he knew them from the army?? and then got nicked himself!!

STAY AWAY from this crazy man.. For your own safety
Kelsi20 - 1 May 2012 17:31
Dont go to this Pub i went there on 20th of February 2012 for a quiz night , the place was full of chavs and to boot the Landlord Billy Newman decided to chat with some floosies and kicked every one out in seconds , my Computer worth a thousand pounds got left behind , so i went back the door was blocked so i tried the windows . The Landlord Opened a window and threw a GelPack at me and told me to F off , I called Essex Police and they threatened to arrest me for trespassing , any way now march 28th the Landlord Has Stolen my Computer and Business Papers , and Billy Newman the Landlord was uncooperative when i sent detectives from Harlow police the Next Day . Do Not drink in this thieves Pub , His Name is Billy Newman now known as Billy B*llSH*t Newman . From Colin Bowen
colinbowen - 28 Mar 2012 16:56
My colleagues and I stopped off for a drink and to have a look at the place this week. Its a nice place but not somewhere that I will go to again. Its more for younger folk and we are looking for venue for our christmas party.
stuartdever - 8 Oct 2010 19:51
This is a nice pub, tucked away down a side street. Really busy on a Friday night and I went there about a month ago. Good disco and atmosphere. Really busy pub which is worth visiting.
caroil - 30 Jul 2010 23:29
If you want to meet plastic sudo gangsters, or LOOSE women, its the ideal place, couple of iffy ales, 90% of the males drink wife beater, and the chat is allways about 22 puffs and the magic sponge,(footie).
chiefknut - 10 Dec 2008 17:16
Wood panelled pub for those too old to go to Blue Monday or Minx.

A fave venue for "Bell and Spurling"
Plugus_Maximus - 30 Mar 2005 19:10

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