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Queens Head, Weybridge

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user reviews of the Queens Head, Weybridge

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Decent pub with very friendly, helpful staff. One end of the pub had the eggchasing on, the other end was gastro-food oriented, but still possible to find a happy medium between the two to stop by for a quietish drink after a walk along the River Wey, with the Twickenham winter beer in good form.
PhilR - 12 Mar 2012 09:08
I had the special sausage salad. It was greasy, overdressed with salad dressing. I then had waffle and caramelised apple. The waffle was a waffle -indistinguishable from one bought at waitrose. All the desserts on my table came with a liberal dusting of icing sugar - why? It just deadens the taste .
Friendly service though, and everything was clean. The brown paper table covering was a bit cliche rustic and rather annoying as it kept catching on our legs when we moved.
hounddog2 - 1 Nov 2011 02:21
We meet some friends here on Friday,having not been here before I did some online snooping first, after reading some of the quite frankly odd comments here I thought my friends had lost their minds. I was however pleasantly surprised the Pub staff were friendly and the beer good (Pint of Doombar). While there was a wait for a table in the restaurant (we hadn’t booked) it was worth it, the food was great, the service spot on and while it was on the higher price end for a pub (not extortionate) there was a set course menu that was good value. There is an open kitchen and I could watch the chef cooking my steak on the grill that was almost in the restaurant. the only confusion is that there seems to be something going on with Raymond Blanc here but it is certainly not Michelin starred food more like a good country Pub with a good restaurant.
JamesHill. - 12 Jun 2011 12:22
Great pub, one of us went here for some clowns wedding couple year back, it were triffic plenty boating, free plonk,since then its changed hands into more of a brass -erie, sadly misleading, no thomas moores anyplace, although we both went here looking for boilers, whilst having a meal with said clown and Ebdon brothers, the clown and the Ebdon jnr complained constantly about their happy meals. We both liked it more than them and didn't complain as much mainly cos we got no bottle. Although saying that boono did give the waitress a shock when he promised her some fun for wonga Didn't assist in the overall discount we received from Raymondo White.
el_spic_and_el_phick - 27 Dec 2010 15:56
Food distinctly average I'm afraid. Also couldn't believe Raymond Blanc would be happy. Service very friendly though, they didn't seem to mind when we sent a dish back! If you want a decently priced pint and friendly atmosphere check out conservative club, on a wednesday they have fantastic open mic night. And you don't have to be conservative to go there. I've checked!
Bimbling - 14 Oct 2010 09:33
Used to be a complete shit hole in the late eighties but got it's act together in the last few years. Now its gone back to the way it was. Never eaten here myself but my mate Harry says its like 30 quid a dish to eat crap from Iceland.

It can't be true about old Raymond owning this gaff surely?

p.s Fair play to them they have done the shitters up nice.
Gordon_Gekko - 21 Sep 2010 08:49
Well said huntforbeer. I drink in the North Surrey region on a regular basis and am neither a ‘mockney’ nor an ‘electric fag smoker’ (whatever that means in Northern slang)!

Maybe TheThirdMan should spend more time reviewing pubs in his native Macclesfield (of which I notice he has posted no reviews).

as_johnson - 7 Sep 2010 14:13
I'm not familiar with Macclesfield-how much is a pint of beer there?I'm sorry that the Third Man is so dissapproving of the clientele of Weybridge pubs.I can only commend to him the Percy Lambert where fights are a regular occurence and even the occasional stabbing (yes,it is in Weybridge). For a late night spot of clubbing he should try Noir by the station-a well known haunt of local low life and probably few nancy boys or mockneys.
huntforbeer - 7 Sep 2010 08:52
I moved down from Macclesfield two moths ago and now live in the area. I went here on Saturday after being told that it was re-opening. Me and the wife had steak which was fine. Sorry to hear about other peoples bad experiences on the same night. My main complaint is the same as all the local pubs I have now visited...the clientele. It was full of soft southern nancy boys...all mockney talk and electric fags! They give the misses the creeps!
Thethirdman - 6 Sep 2010 14:35
i was disappointed,but not surprised, to read the two previous posts.My family and I have been regulars at The Queens Head for five years.We were eagerly looking forward to the re-opening -what a dissapointment.The refurb is fine and we have no problem with the staff,but they have put up the price of hand pulled beer by 60p a pint making it by far the most expensive in Weybridge.I have worked out that were we to continue to patronise the pub it would cost us an extra £1400. a year-aprice we are not prepared to pay.This may be a drop in Raymond Blanc's ocean,but not everyone in Weybridge lives on St Georges Hill.I can only assume that they have no wish to cater for those who go to the pub for beer alone.
The food can best be described as "mediocre"-I cannot believe that Raymond Blanc has seen this menu-less still had any input.
Any suggestions as to where to go in Weybridge for a decent reasonably priced pint?
huntforbeer - 6 Sep 2010 13:01
All Hail Joe Johnson!! Thank god I'm not alone in thinking how bloody awful this place is ! Made the mistake of going here friday night with the missus. Let me start with the bar... Three pikeys who look like they were plucked for the Lambert dressed up in cricket outfits! Very Classy, they really look like they should be drinking Bacardi Breezers in Oaklands park and NOT working in a Raymond Blanc restaurant. Then we move onto the main event.....The food. OMG... I seriously think the chef may have learning difficulties! My steak was well done (asked for rare) and the chips were raw potato. The wife had the Sea Bream Special.... Looked like a roach caught out of the Thames !! The only saving grace at this point was the woman working there with the black dress, she had legs going all the way up to her arse...Very Nice !! I asked for my money back and I got it. Still feel very very let down. I used to love this place !! A total nightmare and I wont be back..... Raymond Blanc....Don't make me laugh !
Mr_Cupid_Stunt - 6 Sep 2010 09:42
Where do I start with the shocking meal I had last night here….

The Queens Head in a shrewd marketing move changed their phone number so after ringing several wrong numbers across Google and almost giving up I eventually found the new company White Brassiere and booked. The table was supposed to be ready for 8:30 but upon arrival they had no record of us and I was made to feel this was my fault and we then ended up sitting down at 9:00.

The meal started badly, 6 people offered 4 small slices of bread with no side plates and butter swimming in water. I complained and was told abruptly "it’s complementary!" Wow thanks ever so much I thought as I used my menu as a plate.

The tables looked like they’d been dressed by WHSmith, brown parcel paper wrapped the tables with cheap napkins bound in string, no expense spared! Must have lot of change from the 100K make over

The menu was disappointing, so I hoped there would be some interesting specials, I was wrong there were 2! And one of those was on the main menu pretty much. So uninspired by this poor menu we all opted for there steak "Free range Cornish sirloin steak" to be precise 10oz for £19.

My partner who is 8 months pregnant asked for well done for obvious reasons, hers was delivered rare! It was sent back but came back again rare! I wanted rare, got medium and mine was half the sise of my friends and yet we all chose 10oz. To make matter worse the steak was like shoe leather tough gristly cheap! Although not for me. I sent mine back but out came medium shoe leather. Even the chips were bad hadn’t been fried long enough so were soggy

No home made sauces to go with the steak either, just a metal basket plonked on the table with small bottles of Heinz ketchup, Mustard etc I though I was in the Harvester for a moment

They did offer me another meal but I was fed up as this stage and complained about the whole evening to the manager. He didn’t charge us for the steak but really this was the least he could do. If they had been more apologetic and written off all or more of the bill I wouldn’t be writing this review. I overhead lots of people complaining so we weren’t alone.

Raymond Blanc said in a BBC1 interview this year 'there is more to life' than Michelin stars maybe he was referring to the new Queens Head as this place will never get near one.

Joe_Johnson - 5 Sep 2010 13:03
I don't know when "Passing_By"was passing by the Queen's Head but as mentioned in my previous post the pub closed in May.When I passed by this morning it was a building site and is likely to be so until it re-opens in September-until then there is not much liklihood of Stella,Guinness or even anything else.
huntforbeer - 19 Jul 2010 16:44
Not much in way of great beer, but can always buy a Stella or Guinness here.
Passing_By - 11 Jul 2010 18:24
The Queens Head is about to close and after refurbushment will re-open as a faux(rather than real) french restaurant and not a pub.
For Weybridge this is a disaster.
I would like to wish all the deposed staff good wishes for the future,my family and I will miss them -and the pub!
huntforbeer - 30 Apr 2010 14:24
Surely the best pub in Weybridge-a combination of a classic English pub and an excellent French restaurant.
Always three well kept real ales on hand pump,good quality bar food,friendly staff and the set lunch menu and Sunday lunch menu are very good value.
huntforbeer - 22 Mar 2010 11:30
They do a cracking Ruby on a Sunday here. Follwed by a very tough quiz.

There are always a couple of different gravy sorts behind the bar too which is a bonus!

charlesfox - 9 Nov 2009 11:31
I remember this one walking up from Weybridge station. I did quite like the place itself, I have no idea what beer I drank. Actually It was a Stella I believe, now I do not normally drink Stella but this is probably because there was a lack of Real Ale. A must stop on a Weybridge pub crawl.
BestBeerBoffin - 1 Jun 2009 15:49
Visited this pub one wet saturday morning,very crowded with well dressed yobs,asked for a pint of courage best,the Aussie barmaid replies take of your cap,we dont serve men wearing caps.Iwas wearing a cloth cap,it was raining , walked out never been back since.
retiree - 12 Feb 2009 06:45
Actually, I'm sure the mixture of staff was accidental, but its certainly INTERNATIONAL!
huntface - 23 Oct 2007 23:40
Great little place this. Lovely building, a ‘Building of Special Interest’ plaque greets you by the door. Its probably late 16th century for those into old buildings. A large inglenook fireplace is located to the right hand side of the bar with two large leather sofas. Comfy. There is a smaller open fireplace to the left of the bar, both of which are raging during the colder months, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

Beer is always good. If its not, there’s never any hassle getting it changed (an example which a certain pub by Weybridge station could learn from).

Current real ales are Courage Best, Wadsworth 6X and Greene King IPA (can’t see any of those being pretentious). All well kept, and all under three quid a pint, which in this part of the world is somewhat of a rarity.

The food is, contrary to the earlier post, fantastic! The club sandwich is a particular favourite of mine! The fish soup is well worth a try too.

The restaurant, which is separate to the bar, is also excellent. The cuisine is rustic French, and very good it is too, some classic dishes served to you by a Frenchman – its just like being on holiday. Great. Reasonably priced too – oddly for Weybridge you’re not relieved of several limbs for the price of Sunday lunch.

The staff are fantastic. An intentional mixture containing Aussies, Kiwis, Polish, French and English. All good fun and attentive.

Sports-wise; there are two large screens, mainly showing rugby and cricket. They do not show football however.

Only downside is it can get very stuffy in there when it’s packed.

Just about the only place to go in Weybridge where you won’t get really annoyed and fleeced. Well I don’t. You might.

huntface - 23 Oct 2007 23:33
One of the better pubs in Weybridge.

A former coaching inn, the interior is on the unusual side, what with bare brickwork and random iron poles stretching from floor to ceiling - I bet someone's done themselves an injury on those at chucking-out time.

Decent beer selection, 3 pulls and my pint of St Austell Tribute was in very good condition.

Food is available and there is also quite a big function room. Atmosphere inside was pretty good.

Worth visiting for the interior and beer.

Quinno - 7 Apr 2007 14:59
Crap food, too expensive, and not exceptionally nice surroundings. Typically over pretentious beer selection and only one ale on at the time of my visit. I'm not saying this pub is bad, its just average.
mothola - 14 Nov 2006 16:31
I liked the old staff. There used to be a girl called Sharon that ran this place. I think there was a guy who was cute aswell. Big tall lad. The place hasn't been the same since they left. She was from Australia, and was here for a while. Nice girl, and always made us feel welcome. The Sunday quiz nights were the best with her at the helm. Always a lot of fun. Never been the same since she went. Why did she go? If anyone can let me know why it would be much appreciated.
jezz - 8 Jul 2006 18:14
Lovely! Nice drinks, tad expensive, but lovely comfy seats, nice people and lovely pork scratchings!
j_watts - 20 Apr 2006 13:14
Next to a local market, bit peculiar it seemed. However it had a decent atmosphere, plus a TV to watch
aleman - 18 Sep 2005 01:18
You missed DAMN expensive! Had to grace the place with a visit as many people use here as their drinking ledge. Service was not exactly quick, bar bird nothing to look at and Guinness was over £3! May not return...
ArtherG - 7 Apr 2005 15:27
A traditional enlish pub, with a french restaurant. Mix of staff. everything from Australian, Irish to French and Czech.
Barry - 18 Feb 2005 11:34

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