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Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

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user reviews of the Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

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Can't match the review below. Superb!

Sixth and last of the Wimbledon 8. That stat tells its own tale.

I quite like this place - big, airy, full of paraphernalia , great location and beer as indifferent as the other six pubs.

Photos and more info at my walking blog -
Mappiman - 15 May 2016 13:53
Nice building and interior, great location, overpriced (4.20) and indifferent pint of Special; clientele a noisy bunch of pampered, gilded upper middle-class arseholes. Never again.
strongarm - 3 May 2016 16:01
It's a long while since I've been served such short measures without the barman automatically offering to top them up. 3 pints of Ordinary, one must have been an inch short of the brim and the other two about 1/2 & 3/4 inch short. People in the area probably so well off they don't care.
Sunday roasts looked good but expensive.
Trequites - 11 Apr 2016 16:03
Wimbledon Village. Evidence that people with too much disposable income dress badly.

Anyhow - this is a very smart, aspirational pub with friendly service and decent beer. Top end of the market of course but nothing but good service and good, albeit pricey beer.
terenced - 5 Oct 2015 09:12
I guess the beer lovers here have not been recently, the dog and fox is NOT CHEAP and it does cater to the wealthy clientele of Wimbledon village. You could not however ask for friendlier more caring professional staff and the food and beer has always been great and served with a courteous smile. It's hotel rooms and vibe are getting rave reviews everywhere else - read for yourself!
freebeerforall - 31 Jul 2014 14:46

I have known this pub for years but I do not think I will ever go back again. I hate having to argue when trying to return a bad beer. The Ale is poorly kept which is completely unacceptable especially as they bang on how good it is?

Both Doom bar and Bombardier were ridiculously vinegary and cloudy. I told the bar staff and they replied that they are meant to taste like that? The girl behind the bar asked me what I usually drink and suggested that I did not know what a real ale tasted like!?! The lad behind the bar tried to look through the cloudy mess and told me it looks ok!?! Very patronising and ignorant.

Avoid this place like the plague as the bar staff really have no idea what they are doing or even what they are talking about. The Ale is very very bad and I really hope that someone from Youngs gives them a very stern talking to.

A real shame.


fullersfan - 24 Sep 2011 15:27
This pub seems to be more of an airport hanger for the nouveau Wimbledon clique than the proper pub it appears to be from the outside. They do serve real ale and have several options so fair play to them. I agree there's very little in the way of atmosphere or a smile and a welcome. The bar maid was wanting to be helpful but managed to show me more of her Y-Shaped thong, her cleavage, amply to massive breasts and her badly placed tattoo in the middle of it all. If she'd have been my sister I'd have twanked her one for the needless tattoo stupidity.I don't look like your average Wimbledon Villager but I didn't feel welcome either. It is far too expensive for what it has to offer and I'm sure there's cheaper service elsewhere for food, wine or beer but location, location, location - it is on a winner there.
Mcloj - 12 Jul 2011 13:03
Good point mate.

To my astonishment ... it's not even written by a woman.

This guy HAS to be a faggot.

Pat_Bateman - 2 Aug 2010 14:39
A shambles....

worst coffee I have ever had in a pub. The lad serving us didn't have a clue...

Food was nothing special.
andy0009 - 2 Aug 2010 14:00
This pub has had its heart and soul ripped out. I hear that it was once Oliver Reed's local. If that's the case, he must be spinning in his grave!

Visited recently and was greeted by an unsmiling, unwelcoming barman. Only one beer was on. Cross the road to the Brewery Tap and you have a choice of at least 4 ales.

Judging by the half-price meals on offer this month, the place is struggling and it's hardly surprising. Walk a little further and find real value in the Village.
pomona - 7 Jul 2010 21:57
This pub seems to be more of a warehouse for fashionable rich kids rather than a proper pub. There is almost nothing in the way of atmosphere or welcome, and walking to the bar can feel more like an inspection of your class and attire than anything else. I live very close to this pub, but as I don't look like your average Wimbledon Village 20something Fashionista (I have a couple of visible tattoos and a lip ring) I feel unwelcome. It is far too expensive for what it has to offer, and you can get a much better meal, pint and service down at the Rose&Crown. I'll go and spend my money across the road at a real pub, thanks very much.
jtana - 11 Jun 2010 12:56
Its an ok pub, which is as previously said massive inside, half of which is divided into a restaurant. I had a meal with a mate, and is pricey. Food isn't bad, but isn't extraorinary either.
Maybe in a party mood with a large crowd and prepared to pay out for it, this place would work well, but for pop in visits it doesnt do much, as well as having very gloomy feel to the restaurant area
the_original_rawnsleys - 22 Mar 2010 13:13
Excessively stripped-out Youngs pub which does good enough beer but apart from that offers no real atmosphere except that which, like the proverbial Spanish tavern, you bring yourself. I suspect that some of the wellheeled Wimbledonians do precisely that, while others prefer to drink in proper pubs like the one over the road.
rainlight - 23 Dec 2009 08:31
Busy atmosphere, with a decent range of beers. However the food's pretty poor considering the price of it - I paid 13 for a vegetarian sunday roast, and the parsnips were somewhere between rubbery and rock hard. The beer's expensive too. Disappointing and massively over-rated.
troopoo - 19 Dec 2009 14:28
This pub is big, I mean massive; On a friday night you could arrange to meet a mate in here and spend the whole night looking for him. The emphasis on the place is very much on the food side which I don't really have a problem with - it is Wimbledon after all. Its probably the area's most popular boozer and that is reflected in the pricing which is fairly steep although my pint of Youngs Special was in reasonable order. Perhaps for a quieter, more traditional setting I'd suggest the Rose & Crown up the road.
ChrisP87 - 19 Nov 2009 20:00
The beer is good but it is only the third thing that will hit the attention of a non-Wimbledonian.

The first thing is the air of self-satisfaction omitted by the landlord. On the short journey towards the bar, one is hit by visions of this unseen landlord's appreciation of their own social standing and capital acquisiton; visions of him drinking wine in June, Guinness in fall, acknowledging the company of tennis players, and firmly asking some grubby riff raff to leave the premises.

The second thing that greets the Outsider is the immense lack of experience the young drinkers have with Suffering. They have arrived from their parents' house, just 50 yards from the building, having exhausted themselves with a frightfully detailed conversation concerning a stream of superficial parties. Their beauty and confidence pours out and drowns the unnoticable in a thick fashionable treacle.
anonymous - 21 May 2009 20:22
THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF SOUTH OF THE THAMES!!! Went there on Saturday night and was charged over 18 for 4 drinks, one of which was a coke! When I asked if the bartender had made a mistake I was told that a glass of wine is 6!!!
I've drunk in this pub many times over the years and I have to say that neither I nor any of my friends will set foot in there again after this weekend. The prices of both the food and the drink are obscene!! STAY AWAY!!!
davering - 30 Jun 2008 21:07
This pub is overpriced in an overrated area.Amazingly packed!
GingerGeorge - 20 Apr 2008 17:12
Went here Saturday night as a friend was having birthday drinks here. WHAT A RIP OFF 1 pint of fosters, 1 pint of Guiness and a small yes SMALL glass of house white wine 12.95!!!!! I'm sorry but the place had to be the most pretentious over priced waste of time there has ever been. Go across the road to the Brewery Tap or down to a proper Youngs pub the Rose and Crown. Also the Guinness was off!!!!Skint and stomach ache thanks Youngs!!!
charliefarley - 14 Apr 2008 16:28
Agree with most of the posts. What was a decent pub is now just atmosphere less building. Wimbledon/ w'don village lacks a boozer which does proper pub grub and appeals to people wanting to meat for a few pints in a good location.
Oh, and the food is awful. I had one bad meal and should have known better, but I went back with a different friend and had a worse meal served by lazy arrogant staff.
Bring back the old Dog!
anamenooneelsehas - 25 Mar 2008 16:48
I hate to be negative, but this is not the best pub around. Too dark, expensive and not a proper boozer.
Fart - 1 Feb 2008 18:18
Haven't been in this pub for a while, was shocked when I went into this pub to see that it had been totally destroyed by another moronic Young's refurb. Was it really necessary to destroy a pub with atmosphere and turn it into an obscenely expensive gastro pub when Young's own a perfectly good gastro pub in the Firestables just across the street ? Want good beer and good food, go to the Hand in Hand or just cross the road to the Tap!
oban - 25 Jan 2008 16:20
Used to use this pub around 95-2000. Great Youngs boozer, and not the trendy Gastro-type of place that has afflicted (and had by the late 90s) Wimbledon Village and it's environs. Neither was it pricy (comparitively speaking)back then.

Great comedy nights and it used to get rammed in the busiest nights with a good atmosphere.

Reading down the page I sense things have changed. For the worse. A shame.

wbafc_beer - 5 Jan 2008 22:39
Went there for Sunday Lunch. Not allowed to sit where we would have liked, HAD to sit on a table for two even though we were early for lunch time. Food arrived cold (i had roast beef), and seeing as it was costing 13 i sent it back, the gravy was lke jellied water and tasted foul. They sent a fresh dish to me but after saying the gravy was tasteless and horrid they covered my plate in it kindly. Got fed up of waiting to be served and sending food back,save your money!
anonymous - 21 Oct 2007 15:46
I found it to be a breath of fresh air after the noisy, smokey dives down at the bottom of the hill. Good beer and room to sit comfortably and have a chat.
Maybe I am just getting old, but I will probably go to this pub again.
nich52 - 24 May 2007 00:45
Possibly the best located pub in Wimbledon. Perfect location in fact. Used to be a great pub, especially for the quiz on a Tuesday. Now it looks like any other pub in London and is fully of Tarquin's, Pier's and Arabella's. Shame because it's doubled in size which is nice but lost all it's soul. Food far too pretentious too....You can see why everyone has migrated to the Rose and Crown...
anonymous - 14 May 2007 21:53
Phoned last Thursday to book a table for 4 at 8:30 on Friday. Turned up and they hadn't got my reservation. This is even after the guy taking the booking repeated all the info to me over the phone. Terrible.

And whilst I'm angry with them... Almost 40 for 2 drinks each. I know this is Wimbledon village, but for crying out loud? 9.85 for a double vodka and coke and a pint of Fosters!?!
stevenclark40 - 8 May 2007 21:25
Under no circumstances consider eating in this pub. We had poor food in Jan 07 but thought that they must have sorted it out by now. How wrong we were!!! Food was cold and looked sooooooo unappertising it was unbelievable. Uncooked roast potatoes, chips dripping in oil, everything was a beige colour etc etc. We complained to the manager who told us "The kitchen has been a complete shambles today. We have taken too many covers." Not what we wnated to here. Left without paying.
OK for a drink but otherwise don't bother.

hlr - 29 Apr 2007 21:07
This pub has been ruined by the refit,soulless, cavernous, no atmostphere. Worst of all you now have an obstacle course of pushchairs to avoid every time you go in there. I had an email exchange with the manageress ref the children policy, they are allowed in the bar untill 8pm, she seemed very proud of this. What she doesnt realise is that all her old customers have moved to the Brewery Tap or Rose and Crown, because they dont want to be surrounded by screaming Tarquins and Jemimas whilst trying to enjoy a Sunday Lunchtime pint! Shame on you Youngs!
anonymous - 27 Feb 2007 10:35
Refurbishment has made it very sterile, a bit like an 80s wine bar. The beer seems to have taken a turn for the worse as well. Only plus point is the non-smoking.
They also say on their website that this is the closest pub to the Tennis, which it definitely isn't by any stretch of the imagination.
(Just by way of a little comedy, The Landlord's surname is Dankbars apparently.) Avoid.
anonymous - 18 Feb 2007 18:20
Only one thing can be said after the previous comment MILF haven. In all seriousness I used to go here occasionaly a few years back mainly in the summer and wasn't that impressed in fact I always thought it needed a refurb. If it's been cleaned up then i might try it this summer before going to the Hand in Hand and the crooked billet as i haven't been there for years either
lazy - 25 Jan 2007 13:10
I wandered in on Sunday to see if it really was as unutterably terrible as their website would seem to reply. Actually, it was worse. It's a cafe cum restaurant for the 3-wheeled buggy brigade of Wimbledon Village. I've no comment to make on the beer as a)I couldn't bear to stay in this preening hell hole for long enough to try it and b)nor will anyone else who doesn't have little Tarquin and Clytemnestra in tow.

The one plus was that it was nowhere near as busy as it used to get on Sundays, but that might be due to the fact that it's doubled in size (obviously further removing any of the last vestiges of character).

Youngs, stop it.
MrLash - 23 Jan 2007 16:15
Rubbish. No smoking, over-21's only, ruined the interior, charging 10 entry on Christmas Eve (didn't even bother to check New Year's)...
A crime has been committed in our midst.
pintofstrongbow - 11 Jan 2007 22:28
What have they done?? After the refurb they have gutted the lovely pub of old, knocked through to the barn next door (where the chavs went) and banned smoking entirely - 7 months ahead of the legal ban.

I haven't been against all of Young's recent refurbs but this is one of the worst... it really is: it now feels like a badly lit All Bar One. The tables for the most part are far too high (I'm 5'11") and the now cavernous interior has stripped the place of any character and atmosphere. Pleasant staff though.

This used to be my favourite Wimbledon haunt. Go elsewhere - a few of the nearby pubs are still quite nice. Another great Young's pub is dead.
arctral - 20 Dec 2006 13:40
Incidentally, for all their banging on about their darn linguine it's not even on the menu! Jokers. There was me planning a trip tonight to smell the "almondy" (sic) aroma....

Agree with JohnBonser, there are still some decent pubs left, safe from the hands of these morons.
Mr_Flash - 6 Dec 2006 13:38
I love good beer, conversation and good food but I hate over the top ponciness!! I also hate endless refurbishments for no good reason.
mitomighty - 6 Dec 2006 13:22
Youngs pubs used to be about decent beer and pleasant conversation - some still are, Mr Flash, but you need to know where they are !
JohnBonser - 6 Dec 2006 12:42
I quote from their website below and I'm not joking. I thought Young's pubs were all about decent beer and pleasant conversation.... Apparently not. Unforgivable, the D&F was, in its former life, really rather good. This spiel is just pure bollocks quite frankly:

"By now you've hopefully got the picture of what we're all about. If we're going to serve linguine with oven roasted root vegetables you can bet the veggies will be in season. We'll have glugged some quality olive oil over them beforehand and probably scattered some lemon thyme over to infuse the flavour. We'd probably heat the linguine, preserve a tablespoon or so of the liquor and stir in some fresh, homemade pesto. The pinenuts would have been toasted to give off that almondy aroma and the basil would be fragrant and organic. The Parmesan in the pesto would be quality and freshly grated, and as we bring the whole dish together we would serve it with a dish of the same on the side."

Mr_Flash - 6 Dec 2006 12:39
It is a real shame. Welcome to the newest creche in Wimbledon. Oh well, maybe it will relieve some of the pressure from Tootsies! Great!!
mr_lunch - 6 Dec 2006 12:32
But it is a tragic waste of a pub - he's not wrong there
JohnBonser - 6 Dec 2006 12:25
Shut but opening on saturday. Looked inside but didn't look particularly special despite being inside a lovely building. The new pub sign is a bit crap. Still that seems to be the way young's are going.
mitomighty - 28 Nov 2006 18:56
D&F has been closed for a long time under going a refit, brewers don't normally take this long so I hope it's business as usual asap. Was a good pub at times and Youngs always top draw.
Harlap - 7 Nov 2006 19:38
I met the Poo there once (Mark Phillipousis) he was very rude. Mind you he'd lost his quarter final... perhaps he didn't want drunken englishmen taking the piss out of him...
onlyhereforthebeer - 29 Apr 2006 18:31
Can be a bit rowdy at times and i've seen it kick off in here on a couple of occasions. Usually the Roehampton or Mitcham scum are involved though. A shame really because other than that its not a bad pub.
pianoman - 18 Apr 2006 19:38
Not so bad really. Aussie youthful staff who dont know their own bar prices, expansive setting, and occasionally loud pub. Music without imagination and a tad too high,very smokey. The Youngs Bitter was good surprisingly. OK, if a table bagged, but the poor relation to the Brewery Tap across the road.
darloexile - 6 Feb 2006 14:09
Was there last week, and was amazed at how chavvy the place was.
twiglet - 22 Dec 2005 22:56
this pub has arguably the best location in wimbledon village but one shouldnt stay there just for the location alone - there are better pubs within a stones throw of this one. Dont get me wrong; its an 'ok' pub but very complacent with its position and never seems to do anything to make it more attractive. For such an original pub, the inside doesnt lend itself to the warm and cozy feel one might expect, but instead feels a little bare and exposed. I'm not sure whether its down to the lighting, the furniture or something else. Anyway, i've been going to the dog and fox for years and probably always will so dont let me put you off, but do try other places too; i.e. the rose and crown, the hand in hand or the fox and grapes.
anonymous - 19 Dec 2005 18:41
Won the pub quiz in here once. the locals were seething.
tanderson7 - 15 Nov 2005 16:27
Beer is good, atmosphere okay but a little too rugger-and-rowing for my liking. Best bit is the dart board surrounded by a mosaic of corks - it looks great and excuses many a stray shot
oneoverthe8 - 7 Apr 2005 20:10
Yes, quiz still happens, 9pm on Tuesdays
anonymous - 20 Dec 2004 17:26
Well kept Youngs ales though the lager can be unreliable - having said that they will replace any drink with no questions asked. Bar staff vary from extremely welcoming to downright surly. Good, traditional pub food at very reasonable prices (particuarly when one considers that this is Wimbledon Village!) Lots of space but does fill up with 18 yr olds trying to look 21 (and being alternately loud/squeaky) on Friday and Saturday nights (particularly during boarding school half terms/exeats - the 'local' youths are more at home at Yates' on the Broadway). Good and unobtrusive music, and bits of foreign 'wisdom' painted on the walls. Well worth a visit, probably the best pub in the Village (excluding the pubs on the Common of course!)
Mr Lash - 24 Sep 2004 15:19
Does anyone know if they still do the quiz on Tuesdays?
Lizzylou - 13 Sep 2004 13:32
Best avoided. Full of my-daddy's-got-a-yacht types. Any of the other pubs in the Village are better - the Crooked Billet is much better.
anonymous - 31 Aug 2004 14:36
This pub is my local for 4 weeks when I come to the village to work during the grass court season.It is a great place with an awesome atmosphere and everyone is really friendly.A tennis player or two has been known to pop in during Wimbledon so as you could imagine the place is swarmed with tourists!
I always look forward to coming back each year knowing I can pop in for a drink and meet some great people.
Rosie - 24 Jun 2004 16:17
you have to check out the dog and fox during the tennis. great atmosphere and very friendly staff. try a burger and a bud from the bud bar outside then hit finch's afterwards. i agree with cherry. that aussie guy was hot!! haha. GOLD!
Joel - 24 Jun 2004 05:11
Where has the short Australian guy with dark/shaved hair gone? He was quite fit! This pub is nice, good atmosphere on weekends and friendly staff. Someone let me know if the Aussie guy is coming back
Cherry - 29 Apr 2004 07:43
I've been in a few times, but its not a place I would linger for a second pint.
Richard - 7 Mar 2004 11:22
Wimbledon village is a top place in the sunner, you can't beat the atmosphere. If you can't handle the 'rich kids' then you're quite simply in the wrong place, you should head down to the centre. The Dog and Fox is great stuff but again, if it's the people you're against, the village isn't for you. in fact the type of person you find here is one of the main reasons why so many people come...
mace debater - 16 Feb 2004 11:28
Never found the pub or the staff to be anything other than very welcoming.Good atmosphere,nice to sit outside watching the world go by in summer and they even have dartboard/football on the TV.10 out of 10
Paul - 6 Jan 2004 11:35
This was a bizarre Pub. It was full of people who had either dressed up for the night or dressed down. Went there on a Saturday night, it was busyish, but we got seats, the musiv was not intusive. I like the fact that the bar is circular and in the centre, so it is easy to get served, or sit by the bar. Generally good, better than many in Wimbledon town centre.
Mike - 3 Jan 2004 12:19
This pub is more towards the bronze/ wooden spoon end of the medal spectrum and certainly far from being gold. The drinks are over-priced, the atmosphere pretentious and the staff seem to take pride in their rudeness. This could be a decent place but needs a radical overhaul. Only visit if you are as mad as a March hare. Or pretentious, I suppose.
Yves - 23 Dec 2003 10:04
This pub is gold!
Mick,Sarah,Jez....all the staff,they make it happen!

_ - 27 Nov 2003 13:21
I used to come here with my theatre group on a Sunday but ever since my 86 year old mother was knocked over by a male member of staff and then laughed at, we have decided never to come back again. Such a shame because I used to like playing the quiz machine after lunch.
Vera - 20 Nov 2003 11:57
Not a welcoming place. Due to some rather unsavoury characters behind the bar everyone gets treated like a thug. Would advise you to drink elsewhere
betty - 20 Nov 2003 11:34
Where's the English guy that looks like Andy Roddick these days? He was working in the Dog and Fox one night during Wimbledon I think. He plays tennis too he told me.
Havana - 20 Nov 2003 11:06
This was a fav of Ollie Read when on his benders in Town. Apparently he had his own room upstairs when he got too pissed to stumble home.
Gladiator - 14 Nov 2003 15:37
I like coming here when I play in London. The English are so polite and they should be so proud. I came with my friend James this year but next year I will come with my girl Mandy. She can't wait to meet some English people and drink Pimms. I love England and AELTC.
Andy - 11 Nov 2003 13:57
Open fires, great ales & good value for money food. Really cosy atmosphere!
susie - 31 Oct 2003 19:13
Nice pub with nice food, not outstanding either way. Outside seating area quite pleasant in the summer...
Mark - 23 Oct 2003 14:34
Have to say when the tennis was on the village was the place to be...great atmosphere...What a great Thursday night !!! Even Finches was great.. The sexy men came out to play...Thats you Nathan. :-)
Sarah - 30 Jul 2003 18:56
What a night! The creme de la creme of the village hotties can be found at the Dog and Fox on the lash! The staff are pretty fit too! Best atmosphere, good burgers, rest of the night is a blur!
Nathan - 13 Jul 2003 15:58
Is absolutely pumping with the tennis! I have never seen the Village so busy and the Dog is the place to be! Best atmosphere I have encountered for a very long time!
Jason - 27 Jun 2003 12:03
used to use 3 times a week. don't bother now, full of kids no control gone down hill since new management took over last year. smelly dirty and food is rotten staff are so rude and dont give a shit!
sandra and kev - 22 Jun 2003 10:40
it's a pub, nowt more nowt less. Staff functional, food OK, drink OK. Hardly anything to write home about (in fact why am I bothering?) It's just an average place.

Outside seating area smelt of urine.

Strong odour of the pub dog radiating from the rug :(

Ross - 20 Jun 2003 14:28
the staff are excellent! very laid back bunch of aussies!!
kelly - 20 Jun 2003 11:55
the bar staff are not the problem its all the little rich kids that go there that think their gods gift!!!!!!
kylie - 20 Jun 2003 11:52
I think the staff are very friendly, especially Kate. She even puts up with Adam's bizarre requests for egg with everything...
Clare - 18 Jun 2003 21:18
Bar staff gave me a looked that questioned my ability to pay for my drink (no i was not drunk, perhaps its because I earn less than 45000 a year?). Bit of trendy public school reunion if you ask me.
Gaz - 18 Jun 2003 20:56
If anyone is in the Dog and Fox on June 23rd, wish the beautiful American bartender, Meredith Happy Birthday!! From her Mom
Deb Kiemeyer - 18 Jun 2003 14:32
Mick & Sarah are good to work for. They have a gorgeous healthy baby, who has a sexy Nanny! Lets use this site for what it is meant for, Finchs has a great atmosphere, especially Sundays in Summer
Ex-Fincher - 12 Jun 2003 06:51
the staff here seem to hate young and/or lively groups of people. Finches, next door, is a much more suitable alternative.
chris - 8 Jun 2003 16:49
sounds like it is an awesome place can't wait to see it myself.
See you soon Kate
Deann - 13 May 2003 03:28
Only ever had good experinces at the D&F nice pub,best assistant manger Kate .I guess if the kids that worked there relised what went on behind the scenes for them they may look at it differently .
Marc - 9 May 2003 22:37
The D&F is a great pub , and Mick is a great guy . It is a pity that bitter and twisted exemployees use this forum to express opinions they have not got the gumption to say in person.
garry janes - 9 May 2003 03:09
In my experience only those that cant behave appropriately and have to be dealt with feel the need to put comments regarding a publicans pedigree. I have had experience with Mick and have found him to be nothing short of accomodating and an excellent host.
Toni - 7 May 2003 22:52
Great pub quiz on a Tuesday night. Good for sunny evenings & even better for the tennis!
FoxyChick - 17 Apr 2003 19:35
Great pub if you were a rugby top with the collars turned up...
Andy - 7 Apr 2003 22:25
Great summer pub especially during the tennis fortnight, even if Daddy hasn't got a Porshe and Mummy never bought us a pony...
Fred - 7 Apr 2003 18:12
Top pub, excellent staff. Best pub in the viilage especially weekends when you can go to Finch's afterwards.
Samantha - 7 Mar 2003 09:21
nice ypungs pub
great amosphere

anonymous - 5 Mar 2003 22:29
Wicked for a Sunday drinking session! Loved the Roast & the saucy manageress's both kiwis!
Kev - 17 Jan 2003 11:05
Good quality pub food,especially the sunday roast, friendly staff & great atmosphere.
Hugh - 16 Jan 2003 15:40
Under new management now, improved greatly. Better menu and nicer staff
Tom - 20 Nov 2002 16:52
As a Wimbledon local, I have to say it's definitely a summer/tennis pub. The rest of the year it's full of people you want to avoid. Go to the new Slug & Lettuce, or perhaps one of more scenic pubs on the common - The Hand in Hand, Fox & Grapes, etc...
Adrian Yorke - 7 Oct 2002 23:52
It really is rubbish there. Never enough staff on at lunchtimes and management never around

James - 13 Sep 2002 15:33
Full of ponces. Don't go there.
Pascal - 19 Jul 2002 09:20
Very expensive, crap food and crap staff. Don't bother.
mike - 14 Jun 2002 17:49
awesome in the summer. is the best pub in london when wimbledon tennis is on.
Matt R - 25 May 2002 12:30
Absolutely fantastic. Very friendly and helpful staff and an excellent atmosphere. Great in Summer evenings.
Mrs Will - 22 May 2002 15:09
Good for the quiz, rubbish apart from that.
Clare - 7 Apr 2002 19:09

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