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Cage Wine Bar, Reigate

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user reviews of the Cage Wine Bar, Reigate

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Seemingly new management here - with untrained and loud staff, who would prefer to be somewhere else. Efficiency levels are low, with slow service.

These young people simply prefer to chat amongst themselves - rather than providing a prompt service. Greetings etc. are virtually non-existent - as are the customers.

With two of the better Reigate pubs (Red Cross/Blue Anchor) closed in the last few weeks, I don't hold much hope for this little establishment which doesn't do food.
randolf7 - 23 Jan 2019 10:51
Coma status being normal for you so no problem.
slerpy - 12 Oct 2016 11:26
Agree with last poster. But some of the young barmen love the sound of their own voices - and frequently bore the customers to coma status.
brewmason - 11 Oct 2016 18:24
Small pub, in a courtyard just off the High Street.

Reasonable spot with newspapers and weekend music.

Beer quality is good, and staff are efficient and friendly.
wealdman - 5 Oct 2016 14:55
Great building, music and staff but no ale... :(
pmusty - 18 Sep 2014 16:39
good pub
daveborley - 2 Oct 2012 23:16
"the local horsey set" oh dear oh dear.

Inverted snobbery is never an attractive attribute in somebody.

Decent pub.
kevmac - 15 Jun 2012 08:07
Toffs and the horsey set, the last two posters say. In The Cage? I've never seen either in five years. Good, well run little boozer and a bit small; gets very busy.
tempest - 14 Jun 2012 13:33
First impressions, quite a pleasant location and atmosphere.
But oh dear, when the local horsey set turned up we were entertained by some staggeringly ignorant and rude behaviour from the men who seemingly couldn’t hold there beer and preceded to lean all over us to a bunch of girls who were about as stupid, rude and disrespectful of the other drinkers as you could encounter.

The only positive thing I can say is that at least I now know where they hang out and can avoid it.

bladdered02 - 8 May 2012 09:45
Full of toffs with attitude, rugger buggers and curly haired wannabe Australians in Billabong gear. If you happen to not be any of the above, expect a middle class builder with flip flops to deliberately stand in your way as you try to get to the bar. Anyone remotely working class is immediately deemed a 'chav' and made to feel unwelcome by the local all surfing, all skiing, all rugger buggering heroes. That's why they have bouncers on the door, just in case someone wants to nut one of these tossers.
montyperera - 10 Jan 2012 18:33
Still my favourite bar in Reigate! Staff are great, always have a good night when out with friends here.
Dolph1967 - 18 Nov 2009 10:43
Someone has nicked my trick with the super glue and £2 coin boo hoo. Still the best bar in Reigate by far. Open longer hours in the sunsheeee-ine please
scooterroy - 1 Jul 2008 18:30
Cracking little boozer just off the high street.

Always pop in for a pint when in Reigate
kevmac - 29 Apr 2008 12:49
Fantastic find, definitely the best bar in Reigate, staff are all hot and very friendly - they have their own facebook group as well I think : )
bionicgirl - 16 Sep 2007 15:57
Nice little bar/pub good beer and nice people a good night out.
wayneos - 1 Mar 2007 02:34
Been here a couple of times.Nice little pub but gets abit crowded. Barmaids look very young and seem more interested in talking to one another than to serve us customers.
anonymous - 30 Jan 2007 17:46
yes deff one of my fav pubs in Reigate. I love the pictures on the walls.Makes me feel like I am in a "trendy place" like somewhere in Brighton.Only thing is, I wish they had a few normal chairs in there cos those high bar stools are abit difficult to balance on for preggy ladies or fat people or drunk people come to think about it!
candybabe - 3 Jan 2007 21:38
Always will be my fave drinking spot, good memories in here. The superglued coin gag(before they did it on telly) sitting outside all afternoon in the sun while I was supposed to be at work for ntl: watching the world go by and NEVER a bad pint HAPPY DAYS Just wish it was open more. Come on everyone pester James and Adrian to open up Summer lunchtimes!
scooterroy - 1 Jan 2007 11:12
I have been to The cage a few times with my boyfriend David and his mates Dan,Roy and Paul and yes I think its a nice little pub and very cosy. Barmaids seem very friendly and bubbly. Hellooo Roy. I have read your comments. ;-)
candybabe - 26 Dec 2006 13:03
This is so obviously accented towards the youth market of Reigate, and on that level it works well. That crowd don't generally care for quaint traditional atmosphere, well-kept ale, lively conversation with a mixed bunch - they want fizz, fun, music and a bit of glitz, surrounded by people of their own age. This is naff provinicial upmarketness, but it does what one would expect of it. Nice outdoor area in old brewey yard, redeveloped in the early '90s. If this is your bag, fair enough - more of a wine bar than a pub. And I agree about the bouncers - too much braun and not enough brain being thrown around there.
TWG - 10 Oct 2006 15:58
What a great pub, dont go that often, but when Reigate always make it a port of call. Seems to change colour every time i go in, not a bad thing, always looks clean and fresh. Good selection of spirits in the top bar!!!! Friendly bar staff, good atmosphere, can get busy at the weekends but now it is open til 12.
DonnieD - 29 Aug 2006 10:15
Quality little pub! Not really a wine bar at all. Always full of good looking lady's at the weekend. Especially love the place in the summer when its nice and hot, the courtyard fills up with loads of people in the evenings.
Great bar staff, and a good selection of larger's, no Stella which is a good thing. The bar upstairs is fairly new and is one of Reigate's best kept drinking secrets as most people stay in the downstairs bar. Takes a little long to get served sometimes, but nothing bad to say about the place, lovely stuff!!
anonymous - 23 Aug 2006 10:09
Guvnors in here are as good as gold, mind you always enjoyed this pub/bar and had fun in here. Afore mentioned door staff tried the bully boy tactics to bar me but over ruled by licencees, fair play to them and 1 in the eye for spirit and co and 1 up for normal drinking blokes, happy days
scooterroy - 20 Aug 2006 20:44
See Quality Pub but now have those w@nkers who work for SPIRIT working on the door a ............. he loves himself with weirdo leather strides BAR ME IF YOU WANT, I WILL BE MAKING COMPLAINTS TO THE SIA YOU PONY TAILED TOSSA
scooterroy - 14 Jul 2006 22:55
This pub is small, but friendly with a buzzing atmosphere. It has a sporadic but quality line-up of live, local and international bands. There is a unique choice of beer, wine and ciders which are pricey, but worth it as the lovely ladies who serve the booze are friendly, happy, if not slightly mental. It is a fantastic summer pub, as you can take your drinks out into the courtyard, where the delightful smell of El Parador restaurant may or may not lure you in, depending on how resistant you are to the lure of a good time.
tinkywinks - 30 Jun 2006 10:09
It's like walking into someones front room at a party you weren't invited to. Good during the summer as you can sit in the courtyard and watch children skate down the steps leading to Morrisons and crack their jaws open. If the skaters aren't out, you can always glue pound coins to the pavement outside the crap spanish restaurant and wait for scum or mentalists to try and pick them up, and then throw pint glasses at them. More of a theme park than a pub.
burn - 27 Apr 2006 14:10
Hmm. Its "OK". Very, very loud powersuited women spend a lot of time shouting at eachother from 2 foot and letting EVERYBODY know howmuch they spent on XXXX or who they think has a crush on them.

But, on the up side - nice staff staff, pretty good beer. Nice wine, but over priced.

Definately a "meet here and move on" venue.

Take Duck-tape - you'll need it to shut those women up.
RobW - 3 Aug 2005 12:50
Great little bar with friendly staff and good atmosphere. Positive sitting outside on the patio in the summer. Negative don't open until 4pm weekdays anymore and they keep changing the beers otherwise a 10
scooterroy - 20 Feb 2005 09:57
does anyone know if this is over 18s or 21s?
Kat - 9 Jun 2003 16:40
Good beers Nice people. Good restaurant next door.
Clive jennings - 30 Nov 2002 17:01
Bit of a wine bar, quite nice if you like that sort of thing.
Very small & gets packed at the weekends
King Jon - 21 Oct 2002 15:57
Small, friendly pub in an 18th century prison in the Cage Yard, nr Safeway.

Mixed crowd, younger at weekends when the top bar (in the old cell) is open too.

Dave - 21 May 2002 13:08

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