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Sun Inn, Barnes

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Lezford, I don't know The Sun but the fourth beer sounds like it was Roosters 41 Degrees South from a microbrewery in Knaresborough.
paul_d102 - 4 Feb 2014 16:40
I walked in here about 15 minute after the France vs England rugby game had started on Saturday. As expected the 2 bars were both heaving.

2 very different bar areas with the back bar being where food is served and having a good style about it.

Attentive bar staff that were quick and served the "hoards" that were requiring refreshments!

4 pumps dispensing the following ales...Sharp's Doombar, Fullers London Pride, Kirkstall Dissolution Ale (this was a very good pint) & Roosters ?? South....I didn’t catch the full name of this beer and research has not yet located it.

I left half way through the rugby match and headed up the hill to the Red Lion.
lezford - 4 Feb 2014 15:56
Considerably improved. A good range of draught beers, sometimes the condition is patchy but they have always changed it if it isn't right. Good food available late at night. Music sometimes but you can usually find a corner to escape it if you want. The main thing is the attitude of the staff seems pretty good.
IKBrunel - 18 Sep 2013 12:35
This used to have a bit of a suspect reputation but a good beer venue (and seems popular for food) and a decent outside area, at the front, of all the boozing pubs in Barnes this comes out as the best one.
NLBS - 2 Apr 2013 14:30
Having embarked on a sojurn of a decade or more in north London I have returned to the area and see that the glacial pace that the bar staff exhibit has barely changed. I remember the experience of standing at the bar (and clearly concious of the feeling) that I was slowly being subsumed into the ether of the pub. Invisible to the naked eye. At 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

However, on a recent visit with a friend (with whom I made many visits in the early days of this century) I was reminded that this is perhaps not a peculiar phenomena to this particular pub.

Why? Well, I noticed that the beers available (Sierra Nevada etc) virtually corresponded with a hostelry that I became familiar with during my stay just south of Enfield. And indeed, it transpires, M&B are the owners of both.

There on a sunny day the bar was usually 6 deep, and with the numerous staff seemingly encased in concrete boots, some of us duly left after 10 minutes and made the arduous journey 2 minutes across the The Green to be served with alacrity at a equally boistrous and vibrant rival.

My analysis being that just maybe this is systematic of the group or brand as a whole.

Generally I can never understand, being the solitary occupant of a bar area, being asked the question (eventually) "Are you being served?". A quick cursory glance of the serving area establishing that the plurality of staff on duty must be visually impaired.
beer_dreamer - 28 Oct 2012 22:42
Nice ambience, smart, clean tidy , welcoming pub, well kept beers...nice price though £4 a pint, ouch ! As for the food , didn't try it but the fixed price lunch menu looked good at £10 for 2 courses and £13 for three. I'd say it was worth a visit .
rob372 - 12 Jul 2012 08:36
We have had drinks here before & had a great time, so decided to come for a Sunday roast with some I wish we had gone elsewhere! The beef roast cost a staggering £13.50 & contained extremely chewy meat (which I gave to my dog), the 'roast' vegetables were boiled or steamed bits of sweet snap peas, celery (yes celery!!), carrot & leek & the yorkshire pudding was really burnt. Now I get that things are generally a little more expensive in Barnes, but I would also expect the food to be of a good quality. When I mentioned my disappointment to the waitress she didn't seem to care, there was no apology or offer to try & rectify the situation. My husband had also ordered a side of creamed leeks, which they didn't bring out & when he queried it, they told him that he hadn't paid for it & even bough the receipt out to show they were right...luckily my hubby had kept his receipt showing the payment (they had given someone else the leeks who had not paid for it) they bought the leeks out & they were again steamed leeks in a runny, tasteless white sauce. All in all, I would def not eat here again, disappointing, bad food, bad service & far to expensive for the poor quality of food they slop out to you. I have only given it a 4 as they are dog friendly & serve my favourite cider on tap.
DaniLdn - 21 May 2012 16:25
Really nice-looking cosy pub, staff did well but the food was disappointing. I would actually go back for the well-heeled Barnes charm but probably wouldn't eat again.
sophies - 29 Nov 2011 15:24
The current low rating is very odd. This is a really friendly pub, staff are great, beer and ale selection is good and wide ranging.

It's in a great location and the fact that it's family friendly and welcomes dogs is something to be applauded.
barryscott1 - 29 Sep 2011 01:35
Surprised this pub only got 4.1 average score. As a 30-something I really don't care if they bar a lot of 20-somethings and teens. The drink selection seems really good (excellent choice of ciders). Didn't sample the food but the menu at least looks a bit different to your usual pub fare.

Nice location near the pond as well.
followedthrough - 29 Aug 2011 12:11
Another pub which has avoided a review for over a year.

This used to be decent place, albeit with incredibly slow and inefficient service.

However, over the past few weeks a number of people I know have encountered problems in getting served, yes and they're c.24-28 years old. Pathetic.

If you're enacting a 'Challenge 25' rule and are in fact challenging customers well above the age of 25 when you are yourself probably under 25 then you are limiting your clientele by a considerable degree and insulting them at the same time. Surely, most people who go to pubs are in the 18-30 bracket so why take such a gamble and be so over-zealous about this?

Essentially this place thinks they can get away with it because they rely on 30-somethings with their 9 children and 4 dogs who don't care where they are as long as they can spread out.

I urge you not to bother, there are a few other decent, well-run and common-sensical pubs in the area so please go there and not here.

Oh and the food is dire.
dragostea83 - 30 Jun 2011 13:23
Friendly enough pub, arrived at 4pm on Sunday for food, we had the roast, the prices were reasonable but I am afraid that the quality was below par. The meat was very dry and the vegetables had given themselves up. The people on the adjacent table were also not impressed.
bouncinbob45 - 17 May 2010 09:25
A very nice pub in a great area, cosy in the winter and a garden for sunnier times, which is often busy but usually friendly and good fun. If it can get a bit hectic, especially on the food front, you have to be patient and it will turn out OK.
There is a lovely flower stall right next door, well worth a visit if you have had one too many in the pub.
F100PYL - 31 Dec 2009 18:55
The staff in this pub are great. The prices are extremely reasonable and the food is delicious. A big thumbs up from me!
lisalovelyfish - 9 Oct 2009 11:12
Great location, pity the pub doesn't match, full of posh student types along side quite a lot of "dodgy geezers", good selection of beers, wine list a little confusing though.Didn't manage to see any food, but menu promised the usual offerings.
barracudda - 2 Aug 2009 01:28
after a nice walk by the river, despite the negative reviews from my parents we felt we had to sample it for ourselves.

my wife was pleasntly suprised with the choice of wines on offter, and also myself was stunned with the inlcusion of leffe - but in the end, ordered an erdinger.

after a few drinks we decided it was maybe time to sample the delights of the menu that was on offer - delicious food, and even my parents were impressed although they didnt like to admit it!

all in all, everthing appeared to be going very well - didnt know what the parents had to complain about.

the problems started when the coffee woman forgot to bring our latte's in time with the brownie we had ordered, our waitress was apologetic and really made up for the managers incompetience.

all in all, with the scenic views an quality of food i would recommend this place for a good day out - wold love to sample the other menu items sometime soon.

still... a very nice pub. we will go back!

grahamparker - 3 Jul 2009 04:15
Gets very busy on weekends with lots of people with small kids and babies. That said the food is decent and they have a good range of beers.
Not a bad pub and judging by the amount of Sunday lunches they do this place is certainly making some cash. Worth a visit if you can be bothered queuing up for a table.
wobble - 26 Jun 2009 16:51
I was in here earlier this week and found the barman/governor (?) to be very polite. There was a blonde woman behind the bar who totally ignored me and I had to wait for said gentleman to come behind the bar before I was served. I thought that she was the cleaner until she started moaning about something on the menu.

The rear of the pub, which is the majority, seems to be some sort of dining area. The pub front is quite small, but there is plenty of seating outside. There is a duck pond opposite, but it is on the other side of a fairly busy road.

Pride, Bombardier, Broadside, Westons cider, Fruli and some premium lagers were all available. I think that my Pride came to £2.90.

To be honest I quite liked it here and would go back if in the area.
Strongers - 3 Oct 2008 12:38
There's a common theme running here, the service when we went was extraordinary, the female blond (you know who you are!!) assistant manager on the night in particular was unbelievably rude, and single handedly has ensured that none of the 5 of us will bother going back which is a shame becuase despite the quite high prices we used to quite enjoy going here. There are plenty of nice pubs in Barnes without having to settle for one that literally takes the p*ss out of you.
teeceee - 3 Oct 2008 12:19
Visited this pub with a group of 10 collegues from work on Wednesday night. Yep, the bar staff could do with smiling, but the waiting staff were very friendly and helpfull. Beer was in good condition, but the best thing was the Millers of Speyside forerib of beef, hung for 21 days, for 2 to share. Shared this with a collegue, and must say it was absolutely fantastic, would recommend it any day.
Nice_Pint_Please - 3 Oct 2008 10:12
Service was OK, but beware of the extraordinary prices: £9.70 for a pint of London Pride, small glass of wine, packet of crisps and a bowl of salted peanuts. Still the beer was in excellent condition.
simontheeditor - 18 Sep 2008 07:38
Such a shame about this pub, great location and nicely done out inside but this is wrecked by the apallingly rude staff and dreadful standard of food (think Happy Eater or Little Chef and you get the idea.)
If you can avoid the food and just get someone else to go to the bar and deal with the staff then go for it!
I agree with the review from jobbugvw - if they change the management I will try again.
deavsie - 21 Aug 2008 09:28
Really looks after the locals this one. Friday 11th July beers/wines, etc were significantly cheaper than Saturday 12th July. "How come?" one asks innocently. "Oh we've put the prices up 20p more today only because it's Barnes Fair today" - as I am served my drink in one of the 'plastics'!!

I too agree with the burger story by visitor earlier - what a rip-off and poor value for money++

Red Lion down the road much better.
ickleockle99 - 18 Jul 2008 18:46
I am going back in for some action tomorrow - this time I am ready. first we stop for a couple of decent beers in Hammersmith, second we have arranged to get some scoff on the putney road, third we have our anger management certificates - those antipodeans behind the bar wont nail us! If all else fails we have the pleasant memory that they have dun sod all in the world cup for years and have to own up to producing harry kewell.
hardnoxandurtysox - 16 Jul 2008 00:59
Not so much a public house, as a tired cliche. "Like, yah, let's go and drink at 'the Sun'," drool irritating West Londoners. "Did you know, one can sit by the pond?" Oh WOW! Aren't you lot SO INSIGHTFUL and CUTTING EDGE! I tell you what: GET OUT! Oh my goodness.
chrysler1 - 15 Jun 2008 17:54
The Sun used to be a great place to meet for drink or a night out! However this has changed over the last year. The staff are awful, very rude with attitude and our food took 50 minutes to arrive. We then were told off by a waitress for moving to another table (although this had nothing to do with the long wait for the food)!!!! There were about five chips on the plate, and the burger bap was twice the size of the burger, very poor.

We also had a large piece of cress still attached to its seed and with roots, floating in the pint of beer!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

I ordered a glass of red wine, which was absolutely appalling; I can buy a better bottle of wine from the local newsagents! The poor wine has been a recurring theme with this pub for the last year. Every time we go to the Sun Inn, I am hopeful of a nice glass of wine, and every time I am disappointed. They do not have any ordinary Cider on tap either. The rudeness, attitude, very slow service, lack of ordinary tap cider, appalling wine, and well over priced everything, equates to a very bad night, so we have stopped going.

When they change the manager, we will try again!

jobugvw - 27 May 2008 12:39
The Sun is the Marmite of Barnes boozers - opinion is always strongly divided. Myself, I like the range of interesting beers (Kreik, Sierra Nevada both excellent) and relaxed atmos that compensates for the prices and occasional overabundance of horsey types bragging about their latest 4x4/BMW. Weekend staff tend to be disinterested, spoilt local teenagers though so don't expect attentive service.

hexenductionhour - 3 May 2008 11:36
A bit surprised at the other comments, but then again im not a regular. What a selection of lagers, beers and ciders!! too many too mention, and a nicy cosy interior.
dalglish - 1 Apr 2008 16:56
Very disappointing as this time last year I used to boast about how great my local was. Great building, great location. But now The Sun desperately needs a manager who can kick butt. It's gone downhill in the last few months. The staff are slow and don't seem to care about the punters. Human warmth has gone.
There is a smell of drains in a couple of the small rooms off to one side that hasn't been fixed in a couple of weeks (they just squirt air freshener around).
On the plus side they serve good chips.
maxc - 8 Feb 2008 19:23
I'm not sure how much of a consolation it is that the reason you can't get served is because the bar-staff are inadvertently useless and slow, as if that is somehow a redeeming feature. All I know is that it isn't the fault of the poor thirsty sods at the bar who are trying to hand over their hard-earned (but most of whom have now given up and gone to other local pubs with a slightly more obliging attitude).
crapulous - 31 Jan 2008 14:58
I know it sounds hard to believe given the comments below, but The Sun has actually got quite a lot better in the past year or so. The staff may be a little slow, but I like to think that this now just inadvertent rather than the deliberately insulting behaviour of old.
juraluth - 30 Jan 2008 16:48
Went here for lunch on Sunday - very busy atmosphere, food was perfectly acceptable and not too pricey. But it takes an eternity to get served at the bar, quite unbelievable how slow some of the staff are!
slacker - 29 Jan 2008 15:04
If you don't mind being served by slack,teenagers, eating food cooked by imcompetents & sitting with chavs, then this is the place for you.
hounddog - 17 Dec 2007 15:59
I would like to apologise for my behaviour at The Sun the other night. I had been standing at the bar for only 15 minutes when I lost my cool and shouted at the barstaff. What I had failed to comprehend was that one of them had just broken up with her boyfriend and the other had cutlery to clean. How unreasonable of me to think they would have time to serve me under such stressful circumstances. Sorry.
hardnoxandurtysox - 17 Dec 2007 13:29
Its great we've still got a few pubs in Barnes to choose from but this one really does need a kick up the jacksie. I couldn't get served last time I went. I was pretty much the only punter at the bar, a crisp fifty in my hand so as not to stand out, but the four or five staff were involved in more pressing jobs like flower arranging, complimenting eachother on choice of perfumes, making skinny-focha-mocha-chinos, and having a calligraphy competition on the specials board. A beer please and in the relatively near future. Is that too much to ask in a pub, gastro or otherwise ?
crapulous - 1 Nov 2007 16:44
Given that this pub is the nearest to where I live I so want it to be my 'local'...I really do. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to be loyal to a venue where the service is so fantastically slow. I gave up and left for the first time this week after waiting several minutes in a near empty pub to order. Two other gentlemen had similar thoughts and departed for the Coach & Horses down the road. The three of us watched in wonder as we were ignored while the one visible member of staff seemed to take an eternity to make a cup of coffee. Tragically this is not unusual, it’s not that the staff are unfriendly when you finally catch their attention; it’s just that there seems to be a total and utter lack of urgency. It can’t be that hard to sort out…….can it?
New_to_Barnes - 27 Oct 2007 00:32
anonymous - 26 Sep 2007 10:43
Just to inform "Chavvy" about the real facts.

Peter Bull "WAS NOT FIRED". The company wanted to reburbish the pub, which Peter Bull had wanted for years as did his new assistant but they did not want to spend the money.

They paid him off as they wanted someone younger. They do this so they can pay some child to run the pub at a menial wage, someone without much experience. They did this to all their managers over London when they refurbished their pubs. Some of these managers had been there 30 years and it was quite traumatic for them to lose there security and home.
The pub was not re branded( that was the impression they wanted to portray)it has been Six Continents retail for years, when they bought it from Bass in about 1990's which is now known as Mitchell and Butler(same company)
You will have noticed they replaced Peter Bull with Adam Jennings who was a nightmare and was fired for fraud. He barred more people than Pete Bull's assistant (the one with the nice legs and long hair)
They have since had various managers running the pub and seem to change every six months. At the moment there is a dress code(outrageous) and the place is still nice but never the same family, frindliness that once was.
Getting served is a nightmare. Same old story, staff chatting while you wait for a pint, then you move around to the other bar and they go to the opposite side. Some changes aren't always good.
He did like his drink though.
anonymous - 23 Sep 2007 14:45
Roger - you either write travelbrochures or are an estate agent - hopefully the former. Pride Bombadier and Adams are NEVER ordinary. Try Kew Gardens if you want organic.
hardnoxandurtysox - 24 Aug 2007 20:32
Not being a regular but certainly falling into the “Ale Swiller” category albeit minus the kids, I can’t comment on the political history between the management and the regular punters but having popped in here during a whirlwind tour of the local hostelries, I have to say I found the place to be very welcoming, efficiently run and had a pleasant enough time. Due to that 2007 rarity of a sunny evening, the front terrace with its seating overlooking pond was fairly busy but there was plenty of space inside the rambling interior. The low ceilings, multiple pillars and fairly dim lighting make exploring the pub a bit like caving and there are several snugs, nooks and crannies that open up around every corner. The place has been sympathetically refurbished and retains a lot of character with its bare floors, oddball selection of seating, lighting, quirky décor and, er, an elephant! A selection of newspapers and board games are available to pass away the time although the Ale selection was, to be honest, rather standard (Pride, Adnams & Bombardier). Westons Organic Cider made a refreshing change and there was a good choice of continental draught beers. There also appeared to be good disabled facilities. Behind the pub is a walled bowling green, claimed to be the oldest in England, where they still play to the original rules. There are suggestions that Sir Francis Drake taught Queen Elizabeth I to play bowls here although the blurb on the wall of the pub says the club was only formed in 1725. If you are not familiar with the pub and are in the area, I certainly wouldn’t let the low rating put you off. It is quite an interesting place and I quite warmed to it.
RogerB - 24 Aug 2007 15:27
Excellent boozer, serving all manner of interesting lagers. Nice decor, decent grub and fab location - always worth stopping for a pint.
chazzles - 9 Aug 2007 11:43
Peter Bull. you are joking. do you losers ever ask yourself why he got fired? and why the pub got re-branded? yeah chatting to locals while they drink one pint every day really rolls in the proit doesnt it. i cant see why they ever got rid of him!!
Chavvy - 20 Jul 2007 17:50
I used to work at this pub back in 1997 and remember a time when the patrons were also your friends. Peter Bull was the governor and kept his employees in line. Being a Yank, I got the usual wind up, but after a while the locals got used to me. There were some lousy times too, but most of my memories there were of retired musicians and the working locals who came in not only for a pint, but for the camaraderie. We were like a giant family! I visited this site to see how this place was doing after ten years and it sounds rather horrifying. I was considering coming back to revisit the place but nearly every review about the Sun Inn seems to make me want to see the pond and walk right past.
septict_ank - 16 Jul 2007 03:41
What a waste of what could be one of the best pubs in the country, the best location ever, a clientelle base to die for and yet it is run by no-brains for easily pleased ale swillers & kids.
anonymous - 13 Jul 2007 00:34
I've been going to the sun for a few years, and i have found that it has greatly improved under the new management.

It has rthe most fantastic range of draught beers, i love it. They must have nearly 20 beers on tap, and lots more bottles. The food is fine, quite reasonably priced i have found -the chips are not half bad.

They have a problem with underfilling pints, but otherwise, it's a classic barnes pub, and long may it continue.
nimhbus - 27 Jun 2007 10:36
Noisewater/ Snowdog - you must be civil servants - you wud queue to breathe fresh air. Bulky - spot on mate. This place needs a kick up its smug asinine arse. I usually hide a good Solzshenitsyn inside a copy of the Sunday Sport.
anonymous - 27 Jun 2007 00:25

anonymous - 25 Jun 2007 16:05
A good range of draft beers. Didn't order any food so couldn't tell you how long you had to wait for your order. The food looked nice but was perhaps a little over priced.

Service at the bar was fine, but this was during the late afternoon. I would definately visit again.
snowdog2112 - 12 Jun 2007 13:27
Beer by Bazelgette, Prices by Cartier, Food by Little Chef, Service by B. Fawlty. Staff courtesy of "Neighbours".
anonymous - 28 May 2007 19:31
I make a point of going in to the Sun at least once every two years, to remind myself why I don't use the place. My last visit was New Year's Eve 2006 or was it 2005? We dropped in on the way from The Coach to elsewhere, walked up to the bar and ordered drinks, no good, closed. On the way out, I met a man coming in. "Don't go in there mate," I remarked, "the F*****g C***s have shut the F*****G bar, Wan***s." "I know," he said coldly "I'm the Manager." I shall always remember the look of frustration and bafflement on his cross little face as he realised that he could not bar me since I never go in there, and could not throw me out since I was already leaving. Happy days. I have given up swearing now.
bulky - 18 May 2007 17:55
I too recently spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon getting squiffy on continetal lager. Fortunate enough to bag a table outside the front of the pub, enjoying the fantastic location. Good selection of beers and food, but unfortunately I guess let down by its own success of being to busy which is not helped by employing casual staff championing low-slung denim.
Dr.K.Noisewater - 30 Apr 2007 16:42
3.6 out of 10 is a little harsh.

Had an all dayer in there last weekend. The Pub itself is lovely, good staff, great selection of beers with Peroni on tap which is always a bonus. It trips itself up on the service which took 45 minutes and they forgot one meal and had to be reminded twice before it appeared. Food was good though and the staff were very apologetic. If you like drinking a little bit too much on a weekend in the sun then this is the place. Eat somewhere else though!
magnum_pi - 30 Apr 2007 16:02
This pub is gorgeous and has a great atmosphere.
The food is great, the wine menu is wonderful and my boyfriend tells me that the cider is AMAZING, although it did get him super drunk!!!

ism2 - 17 Apr 2007 15:25
It is an amazing trick to take a pub in a perfect location and turn it into a less than perfect establishment. That is a deliberate understatement by the way.
anonymous - 21 Mar 2007 17:52
Fantastic pub, shame about the rubbish service.

I do love this place and really is a great shame. Sundays tend to be their busiest day and you can wait over an hour for a meal ... only to be served by a very overweight waitress wearing clothes several sizes too small for her! It's enough to put you off your long overdue roast!

That said, they have just gone through a beer and food revamp and have some fabulous beers on tap!!

I'll say it again ... terrible shame about the poor service!
Atlantis - 12 Mar 2007 16:08
Have to agree that the service is usually quite poor, as is alot of the food and the food is overpriced but it does have a good atmosphere, a nice selection of beer and sits in a great location across from the pond.
Think it deserves higher than a 3.6/10.0
A good idea would be a comments box at the pub to try and rectify some of the problems.
BarnesXV - 9 Jan 2007 17:57
Have been a couple of times in the last few weeks and haven't had the problems described here - although I think I've been there at the same time as the landlady and haven't ordered more than some potato wedges. The drink's fine, the atmosphere is ok - it never seems to get really busy which is probably a symptom of the variable service. Decor is trying too hard. What will be interesting is their plan to put an ice rink in the carpark on the weekend before Christmas - shows great iniative by the landlady, but could be another triumph of style over substance? I won't be around to see it but hopefully it'll get a mention here from someone.
sjb92 - 16 Dec 2006 00:23
I'd agree with many of the comments below -i've been coming here on and off for 4 years or so. It seems to have got worse in that time. Used to make more of an effort, but now does seem to be run by 18 year-old trendies with very little idea at all about customer service.

That said, if you bear that in mind and don't attempt to order food, the beer selection is decent and always interesting, and the place has a certain atmosphere that can't be denied.

nimhbus - 14 Dec 2006 22:37
Take a great historic old pub in an amazing location with wealthy customers on your doorstep and... make it the worst pub in Barnes! Yay!

I could just about forgive the dingy wannabe Ibiza chillout cum Changing Rooms brothel decor (which was surely passé in 1994) if it weren't for the preposterously useless space cadet staff and wallet-bleedingly expensive and poorly-kept drinks.

One of the most weirdly unpleasant pubs I know.
begpardon - 25 Oct 2006 15:16
Visited last Friday for a few drinks and some food, not a busy evening in the pub but to say the service was poor is an understatment. We orderd a bottle of wine and 3 starters : vegetarian platter, calamari and baked camembert. This order had not arrived after one hour. I actually think there is no chef as when I enquired (again) over the wereabouts of the food, there were blank looks from the bar staff who seemed surprised that they had taken a food order.

Once their error had been pointed out (again by me) to the disbelieving staff I had to ask for something to compensate the fact that there was such a delay.

To cut a long story short they were most unwilling to offer anything, I had ask for it (bottle of wine). When food did arrive it was not (surprise, surprise) as it was described on the menu -e.g. not pitta bread but in fact warm (not toasted) french bread, goats cheese and red pepper dip was served in a soup bowl looking like soup with goats cheese in and then a slap of goats cheese on the side. Service mistakes were clearly annoying other customers but after 1hr 15 mins I gave up and was just happy the food hadn't arrived with footprints on it. Not sure if would go back as, from speaking to locals the service is very unstable at the best of times.
floozie - 17 Jul 2006 15:39
Nice venue, fantastic location, some nice beers but a bit of a lottery when it comes to service. When the slightly 'older' staff are on duty the service is excellent.

However when the kids are given the run of the place it takes forever to get noticed and even longer to get served, even when the pub is quiet. They look barely legal to have a drink themselves and seem more interested in chatting and giggling to each other in the corner then actually serving customers. The two 'spaced out' lads with the mullet haircuts do the pub no favours, when struggling to remember orders over 3 drinks they are fighting to keep their trousers up which 'fashion' dictates should be hanging half way down their arses at all times. Getting served drinks by lads who are constantly realigning their boxer shorts while handling glasses is not exactly endearing.

Also, in future, when a customer has a complaint (like the woman standing next to me at the bar did about the food) it might be worth taking it seriously as opposed to laughing at her which the blonde girl behind the counter did.

New_to_Barnes - 20 Jun 2006 00:18
Tried this place out one Sunday a few weeks ago: beer was fine, (Broadsword, I think) service was nothing special, but it certainly wasn't off-hand or particularly poor. The atmosphere was generally fairly relaxed and easy-going (as you'd expect from a decent pub on Sunday lunch)

The only real disappointment was the food; vegetables were all very soggy, (to the point that water was seeping from them!) the roast potatoes were like bullets, the gravy was little more than brown-coloured water and the whole thing was cold. Not great value for the best part of ten quid.

I'd certainly go back for the beer, but I'd give the food a wide berth.
bluey - 26 May 2006 08:57
Have been going reasonably regularly here for the last three years and have not witnessed too many of the (very descriptive and some quite passionate) issues below.
Always found the place had a unique sense of ambiance - very tastefully decorated, pleasant (generally) house music playing more often than not and the crowd are the usual interesting bunch of stock-brokers, public schoolkids, Garth Crooks and some very attractive ladies. All of which you would expect of Barnes.
There's occasionally the odd thug-like idiot but it's a pub, it's gonna attract them.
The food has always been good in a gastro-pub style and I drink mass marketed commercial beer so can't really harp on about real ale quality, state of the pipes, etc.
The only thing I can really concur with the moral majority below on is that the bar staff always looked doped up and can be very slow taking/delivering your order.
But really now, it's not that bad and a great location, especially for summer. Barnes doesn't have much life or atmos about it, except for here. The other pubs around are somewhat boring by comparison.
algis100 - 25 May 2006 14:45
This pub still has a long way to go to catch up with the Coach and Horses, but they're trying harder now.
Incidentally the comment below from Mr Optic Delusion doesnt help anybody or provide any meaningful information - some new glasses needed perhaps ?
JohnBonser - 13 Apr 2006 11:24
Can the voice of reason interject here? As it says, reviews here are not to be taken that seriously, but we all have a point of view. Unfortunately, people make more effort to complain than they do to praise. Clearly maggot had an unhappy experience and will not be returning. Equally clear is optic's views on some of the clientele. If something isn't right then bring it to the Manager's attention who will, I'm sure, attempt to resolve it. My view is, go there, try it and make up your own mind.
cherry_pip1 - 13 Apr 2006 11:15
well maggoty, I've been back a few times since the old management left and I see improvements. Its because of customers like you ie.. so far up their own arses they actually think they're somebodies..that most "ordinary" people stay away. Its customers like you that ruined this pub in the first place, compounded then by a Manager that didn't give a damn. Customers like you probably wouldn't be impressed if HRH herself served you. I'd prefer you and people like you to stay away permanently and lets get it back real. So maggoty, lets get real...people like you are nothing to be impressed over, nobody is gonna put out the red carpet so get over are typical of the kind of customer this pub now attracts. Probably have no manners, no style and certainly no class and to the new Manager, don't give up, everyone knew it was gonna be a tough job getting standards back, and with customers like maggoty, tell him go dont need his likes here, get rid of these "Im rich so I must be a somebody" types and the regulars will come back...we can see what you're trying to do..get it back for us regulars.
optic_delusion - 12 Apr 2006 15:14
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't believe the hype...........
I've visited in the last few days, and see no difference from the bad old days. I can only assume the management have asked their friends to add to this website, and offer warming congratulations for the alledged changes.
Beers off sale.... burnt food... please make your own minds up.
Actually, go up the road.
Maggot - 11 Apr 2006 22:32
Well I went here on Sunday evening after the boat race as it was recommended by a local. I am surprised to read the comments are so negative as my friends and I had a comfortable enjoyable evening. I imagine that the manager must have been ousted, the staff were not the happiest on the planet, but then speaking from experience that is not always possible. I found the service pretty good so may be they are new! I hope everyone who used to like this pub feels safe to venture back there now and we haven't seen the pond yet!
TrinityHobbit - 5 Apr 2006 22:48
This place has really improved since the idiot South African manager left, the staff could do with smiling more but I had a really good time there this evening, got some great table service from the duty manager who really seemed to be on the ball and looked after our(and others I noticed) party brilliantly.

rabidbarfly - 19 Mar 2006 03:45
Well, since seeing the comment about it being a Mitchell and Butler owned pub I wrote them an email pretty much saying what my comment in November said - and also sent them a link to this comments page!
I received a call from Desra at the Sun Inn last night apologising for the horrendous service we and so many others had received, she subsequently invited us back in so I could let her know my other comments and see whether any improvements had been made. She is the acting manager brought in to sort the place out, and I think she's doing a really good job, had a really nice evening in there last night. Hopefully now the old manager has gone the atmosphere will get better again. It's great because we're coming up to summer time now when it's fab to sit outside or over at the pond.
ipitythefool - 14 Mar 2006 13:20
Great pub, lousy staff
cask_king - 9 Mar 2006 23:58
Went to visit the pub after a long absence and delighted to find a new manageress there.She looked after our party exceptionally well and simply could'nt do enough to make sure we had a great meal and a great time - worth a visit
FASTSHOW - 6 Mar 2006 23:01
I used to be a regular in this pub. My wife and I used to go in with our friends most Fridays for an £80 group spend. I am never going to go here again. The staff are incredibly rude - they have obvuiously been learning from 'The Bulls Head'. I had a meal here last Saturday which featured burnt potato wedges the colour of charcoal. I complained and the chef came over. He snapped one of the wedges in half to show me that it was white on the inside.... I congratulated him on not having completely creametd them! Eventually I got a new portion. The chef stood and gave me a evil looks for the duration of meal... nice. The manager came over during my meal to point out that the first portion that I had been given were perfectly OK - 'that was the way they always cook them'.

Avoid this place like plague until the owners sort out the management propoerly.
spiky_mikey - 1 Mar 2006 15:59
I've been coming here for a few years. Now I won't be going back. After asking a member of staff to stop shouting into his mobile so that I could actually hear my friends talk he threatened me with verbal abuse and asked me to step outside 'for a fight'. I made a formal complaint over the bar and they couldn't care less.

Again the drunken member of staff came back to threaten me, and my friend, and I had to call the manager and the police because he was so aggressive and abusive. The manager was hopeless, his 'couldn't care less' attitude was very apparent. He asked me to make a complaint in writing and I've heard nothing back. The moral of the story? Yes, it's a good location and an unusual layout, but the staff and the manager are sullen, abusive and plain unhelpful. Avoid The Sun Inn if you think a venue should value its customers' opinions rather than simply take their money.
anonymous - 18 Feb 2006 13:22
Personally I blame Mitchells & Butlers. Terrible appointing at Manager level. For years.
My friends live locally, and this pub has underachieved since 2002. Remember the old days by the pond?
anonymous - 15 Feb 2006 19:54
Popped in one Saturday afternoon and they'd run out of real ale! There really is no excuse for such poor cellar management. Went to the Coach and Horses instead and really enjoyed it.
somertel - 15 Feb 2006 15:44
Mr Sound is spot on, nice location, terrible everything else
JohnBonser - 20 Dec 2005 15:30
Survives on location alone.
mr_sound - 6 Dec 2005 23:30
My boyfriend and friends have visited this pub often for the last couple of years, usually in the summer to take advantage of the garden and the pond across the road. We went there last night and I have to agree with most of the comments that the staff are terrible! Miserable, smile and you'll crack your face characters. My biggest reason for this review is that at 22.55 last night I went to the bar to order a final round and was told the bar was closed, even though no-one had called last orders. On pulling the Saffer manager up about it he shoved his watch in my face, even as I was trying to explain that my watch is set via a radio controlled transmitter to GMT, and said that the time on their clocks was what they went by. When I asked why they hadn't called time or rang a bell he said that very few pubs did this anymore - urm, isn't it like, the law?? And I visit a fair few pubs, and every single one does. Complete moron. Defo go to take advantage of the location, but don't expect anything other than misery at the bar.
ipitythefool - 1 Dec 2005 11:49
The only thing you get from this pub is insult, rude staff and cold food Good luck?
sellwood2 - 25 Nov 2005 11:50
well i gave the sun one more chance, but yet again it was a very very bad experience. That south african manager is still there so the rude culture continues. I had to wait over 10 mins to be served when i was served it was without a smile and a lot of attitude. It doesnt get any better.I tried to complain but he simply told me to leave and became aggressive. thats customer service for you. my opinion - avoid at all costs
anonymous - 25 Nov 2005 11:44
I don't know where to start with the Sun. I go there because it is my local and it also has a very good selection of beers from both the UK and abroad (though at a price- this is Barnes after all). However, it has the most surly barmen i've ever seen who serve you when they can be bothered (normally after 10 minutes just as you're about to give it up and head to the Coach and Horses), also it has the most bizzare collection of tables and chairs i've seen in a pub anywhere. The food is pretty pretentious though the potatoe wedges are ok. Having said that, it is the ultimate pub for hot summer days sitting outside watching an impressive range of £70k+ Sports Cars go by.
anonymous - 21 Nov 2005 14:02
Great pub especially for the large beer garden in the summer! The standard of the food can be variable and so I try to avoid it on the whole. The prices are very resonable though.
spiky_mikey - 19 Nov 2005 16:09
Back in the days when i used to still enjoy going to the pub with other people i had many a good evening here. saw sally from home and away in here once.
tanderson7 - 15 Nov 2005 16:19
I have been to this pub for dinner and all I have found is a very rude south african guy. He has no manners and spends all his time drinking at the end of the bar when people are waiting. And as for the food, I saw the chef pick up a sausage from the floor and serve it on a meal. My advice is to find a better pub in the area. Oh and it looks like there are some very dodgy goings on back in the front bar, best to keep away
sellwood2 - 3 Oct 2005 20:26
Have visited this pub about four or five times in the last year because it's in a nice location and looks good inside. I always hope with each visit I make, that the staff will have improved. Strangely, even though there have been different bar staff every time I visit, they're always rude and very slow, until it's 11.01pm and then they suddenly become very animated and harangue you until you leave. I agree with another comment on here, someone ought to tell them that you are legally allowed to take 20 minutes to finish your drink after 11.00.

I've eaten there three times and the food is always poor value for money. I was once given an ice cube in my drink with what resembled a frozen mouse dropping encased within it. I had my drink replaced but no apology was forthcoming. They just don't care. I'm not going to bother with this place again.
fayola - 24 Aug 2005 11:38
Staff are so unbelievably rude - do they not realise they are meant to be providing a public service and encouraging people to visit? This pub deserves to fall flat on its feet. Food is cheap and unimpressive. Landlord is an absolute wally.
anonymous - 11 Jul 2005 13:01
A few years ago, there was a very surly landlord here, but at least there was some life and character to the place, and generally friendly bar staff. They also used to serve some good food. However it has gone downhill. The staff are unfriendly and unprofessional, and the food was not worth the money. I can't recommend the roast beef - dry beef, with a mixture of soggy vegetables, and some broccoli that was well past it's sell by date. Lovely setting and beer garden, just shame about the rest.
philbo - 5 Jun 2005 20:41
Nice pub, had a lovely friday lunch there. Beer garden is fantastic in the sunshine.

Best pub I have eaten at in the area.
Jetstream - 3 Jun 2005 20:34
clicky and pretentious. Unfriendly too - much better up the road in the coach and horses or Bulls Head.
harietta - 29 May 2005 09:14
Used to go to this pub fairly regularly some time back the landlord was always bloody rude. On one occasion he insited on having rugby on telly (fair enough)but, when the rugby was finished, we asked to switch over to the footie - he refused point blank and pulled the plug. As long as he remains the landlord I'll spend my cash elsewhere - the man's a prat.
timengo - 22 Apr 2005 17:00
I am surprised to read some of the negative comments about The Sun, we always get good service here, even down to a bowl of water for our dogs if we bring them to the beer garden. Very good beer and food (if a bit expensive - hey, this is Barnes though!)Pleasant decoration inside and attentive staff. Give it a try.
Zim - 18 Apr 2005 09:53
Having gone there last week we found the pub manager to be extremely rude. We will not be visiting there again and urge others not to.

anonymous - 23 Mar 2005 11:56
Where the hell is the table football!!!!! Almost the only reason the go to the sun. I used to dirnk their before all the changes, even pre table football, when the place was decked out with stuffed birds etc, and to be fair it was a darn sight better then.....
rdsolo - 28 Jan 2005 15:48
for some reason this pub stinks of sewage... not the whole pub, just at the front to the left.. they really need to sort this out. luckily the wife enjoys a pint of FRULI, which is a strawberry beer served on draft.. which i have to say is really rather good! they also on occasion do some great guest bitter! the food could be better although their sunday roasts i highly recommend. great to see ray stubbs & garth crooks chewing the fat at the bar on a saturday afternoon after grandstand!! bar staff friendly & efficient. shame the new landlady got rid of the table footie!!!
Dwin - 16 Jan 2005 17:05
Glad it is not just me who finds the people who run this pub to be incredibly unfriendly and often plain rude. Just got told that a couple of extra slices of bread to go with an over-priced meat pate I had ordered would cost an extra £2.50. Outrageous. And when I complained I just got a lot of lip from the fat landlady.

A truly sad fate for what could be a great pub. Best avoided until the managemenbt are driven out by failure.
juraluth - 16 Dec 2004 14:03
Really lovely pub, been done up recently, looks bit fancy / foodie pub, but not.
Except on weekday evenings (too many after work estate agent etc drinkers) filled with nice, normal people; couples, groups of girls, people with young kids, enjoying a few drinks & a quick sandwich or potato wedges etc.
lizzievm28 - 7 Dec 2004 11:48
Called in Saturday (27 Nov) after an absence of 6 months. Big mistake, the place was almost empty and the old atmosphere was sadly lacking.
theory900 - 29 Nov 2004 15:24
MATT - 16 Nov 2004 13:29
the bar staff are wicked, too bad about the lame the new fruli, but bloody expensive.champers and fish and chips?!whats that about????they need to get some taste.ground breaking new about some customers?or maybe get the roof fixed!see you in the red lion where all the other regulars have migrated to.glad to see the doorstaff have gone,but the managers wife handles it pretty well!!!so beware!!
piper, from putney - 29 Sep 2004 21:31
Visited the sun inn the other day.As it got to 11.20 we were told to drink up in a really nasty way.We drank up really quickly and said we were going but it was only just twenty past but the fat landlady with dark hair stood over our table and said get out now even though we had no drink left. I neede to go to the loo and she followed me and stood in the toilet doors telling me to hurry and not bother coming back again. Isaid I am going but there was no need to be aggresive. She just stood there and said come on get out and don't come back.I notice she went over to some others after hassling me and gave them the same abuse. Don''t bother with this pub. They don't know how to speak to their customers. And you can't say a word because she'll just tell you to drink somewhere else and bar you. What's happening there? The service is not good and the prices are bad.
Laura Scott - 2 Sep 2004 00:55
This pub would normally be buzzing in the summer months but it seems for all the extra seating in the car park the place is as dead as a cemetary.It's has become an utterly boring pub and is not worth the effort. The prices are very expensive and the bar staff are very miserable looking. Even the pond across the road is a mes. What has happened to Barnes?
Grahame Fletcher - 29 Aug 2004 14:43
Sorry whoever Jane,Mr Bull and Candice are but you have no idea what you are talking about. The pub does have some "reasonable ales" and some very trendy "expensive" Belgium beer but is not always up to scratch,well not when I have visited.The staff and management are very unfriendly and stand offish, the service needs to be improved. The presence of Bouncers is very intimidating and in Barnes is seems a waste of time,I can't see any trouble around. The place certainly looks dirty most of the time and needs a good clean.This pub is lacking in atmosphere that it used to have in the "old days"I'd miss this and go to The Red Lion where the bar staff are "frindly",the place is "clean",the music is just right and there are no bouncers and they have live music once a week and do breakfast till 1pm.
Jonathan S. - 25 Aug 2004 12:17
MR BULL - 24 Aug 2004 19:43
JANE, FROM BARNES - 24 Aug 2004 19:41
I went into this pub on Sunday. What has happened? It was the worst service I have evr come across.Inside the pub was dirty and unwelcoming and the staff and management cold and unpleasant.They even had dooemen.The prices are extortionate £4.50 foe a glass of wine and tables in the car park by the waste bins. Do not visit this place until they close it down and start again.The food,service and manner is really bad, It's turned into a pool/dart playing louts hideaway.
Candice - 27 Jul 2004 03:00
This pub has changed management three times in a year. Bar staff don't stay long enough to get to know, but I suppose the late nights make them late for school.
The state of the place is off putting and it's getting really rough, in fact that rough they now have bouncers. Imagine bouncers in a village pub,what's happening? The toilets are a complete mess. We do not need bouncers in Barnes,its sooooo intimidating. Skip this place if you are looking for a nice place to drink and walk a bit further to The Bridge.
Anon - 24 Jul 2004 14:44
Used to be fantastic - nice old pub with a great atmosphere and they did fantastic thai food at a great price. Has now turned into a ponsy gastro pub and is no way near as good. Real shame.
anonymous - 10 Jun 2004 13:04
Came back after about 6mnths to see if there was any improvement..
what a joke still crap staff(most of them haven`t told there mummies and daddies they drink yet)staff seem 1%better mid-week,
must be because all the other staff have to get up for school,
rude,inept and lacking in communicational skills,and as for the staff.
SCOT - 9 Jun 2004 19:39
This is sad. I worked here back in '89/90 when Len & Jan ran the show, then when Peter came in. It was a great place, so much atmosphere and true friendship between staff & customers. I miss all of the old musicians.
Graeme - 4 Jun 2004 18:55
New manager really good, atmosphere is great - was there last sunday and the staff really are friendly and professional apart from the rude australian one with a beard. food is great and well priced, hoegardon and lefe on tap - fantastic. this place has NOT lost its charm - stuff the coach and horses and go to the sun to enjoy an evening by the common and pond.
aa - 28 Apr 2004 22:34
Too expensive,is getting really scruffy,bogs are gross,ten year olds behind the bar, menu is crap, and all the riff raff are back. Give it a miss.
annonymous - 20 Apr 2004 21:01
Still down the pan but the staff are getting better. Bar and tables are always wet and dirty,those stupid white things for the wine look tacky and it's true if you are past puberty forget it.
Lizzie Taylor - 5 Apr 2004 22:27
watch this space - things are on the up at the sun.
anonymous - 12 Mar 2004 15:17
Gosh, what has happened? Why has the outside been painted an unattractive grey-green? Whose idea was it to try to give a Mediteranean type bar feel to an old timbered pub? After those shocks I was pleasantly surprised by the service and quality of the beer, but life's too short to waste your time coming here.
Martin - 9 Mar 2004 13:10
Not as bad as everyone makes out. It is expensive, but then so is everywhere else within 3 miles. A couple of decent beers and reasonable food. The worst thing is that it tends to become filled with chavs on Saturday nights...
Christopher - 26 Feb 2004 12:52
And as for that annoying horn sound every time food is ready to be served............
jack - 10 Feb 2004 13:45
What is it with those stupid white things for the wine? It looks so naff if you ask me.

Could be a great pub but........
richard - 7 Feb 2004 10:44
So they give you board games to keep you amused on Sundays now do they. Not so long ago you could go to the Sun and be entertained by one of the wittiest and best landlords in London and his team of professional well trained staff. You can't follow a legend with scrabble. Long live Bully!
Graham Fletcher - 22 Dec 2003 10:29
All of the previous comments about this pub relate to a completely different place than to what the Sun Inn is now. Be surprised. Go back...
Pas d'idiot du village - 22 Dec 2003 04:12
well for those of you who have not visited the sun inn recently... the staff are certainly not "rude" in fact more than obliging... and as for the new(ish) management... full of delightful suprises! the food is quicker than ever and the ambiance is local friendly and ever welcoming - the board game selection makes it a real sunday favorite
nikki - 11 Dec 2003 23:16
SCOT - 24 Nov 2003 00:01
New manager, but not much change at the moment. Staff still ignorant. Maybe with time it will get back to normal.Time will tell.
Anon - 5 Nov 2003 00:50
Heard the new manager is being moved on. Yipeeeee. How did he stay so long. Rude, ignorant and no personality, like the rest of the place, he managed to turn it into an unfriendly and boring pub. So much tradition down the drain!Food is crap staff likewise.
anonymous - 13 Oct 2003 00:05
I have been informed that someone is putting up comments using my name. If you are too cowardly to use your own at least get the spelling right.The bar staff are unfriendly, on that I agree.
Catherine M
catherine - 8 Oct 2003 17:09
Lovely pub - well it could be. Staff useless, rude, slow etc.
One time I had a tab, when I paid it they gave me the wrong card back. I returned to the pub later when I realised, and they just handed me my card and assured me that the bill had been put on the correct card. Never appeared on my statement though. Pay cash if you don't want a surprise at the end of the night.
anon - 3 Oct 2003 17:33
Jim great comments about this once great pub,but as for the beer (when theyve got some) being gassy,i have seen more gas after a visit to the monzil,and more bubbles in a spirit level. but this place really sucks and the toilets when they are functional really stink,no toilet paper or soap usually.please the powers that be sort it out.Ex drinker of this sad place. S.Hite
Steve Hite - 13 Sep 2003 23:40
theres nothing worse in life than an a truly unsophisticated place swaggering about like its got real class, full entirely of arrogant, pretentious people. this is a dark, impersonal, overpriced pub completely lacking in atmosphere... AND the beer is too gassy. if you dont believe me, visit the Sun and see what its like.
jim - - 8 Sep 2003 07:01
I'm sick of this pub and the ignorance of the staff and shall be writing a letter to the company. Which is by the way
Mitchell's and Butler
Mr Micheal Tupholme
catherien - 30 Aug 2003 15:16
This pub used to have great beer and a great atmostphere, when the old team was there, I don't like what they have done to it now. Tables in the car parK, wot's that about. The prices are way over the top. The manger's a miserble git. Bring back Peter and his daughter.
Rick - 18 Aug 2003 17:03
Tuesday29 July 2003
Went into the sun inn. Guess what, no ale on. Was told by the wet team leader that they had ale but no one could be arsed to put it on. Great customer service. Not Closing time 11.15, curly haired barmaid(looked like she'd had an electric shock) screamed out shouted for us to leave,very rude. Exact words "Sling your hook".How much more are we suppose to take? Complaints get you barred.Anyone got the address of the company? Time we made an official complaint.
Roll on the Red Lion re opening! Think they'll loose business. How did Adam get the job? Silly old woman, he's totally on another planet.
janet - 30 Jul 2003 21:13
I lived in Barnes in the 70's and this was my local and was lovely. Recently visited the UK with my husband and had to go back to The Sun Inn, was very disappointed, not the same place at all. OK inside outside could do with a tidy up.
Robyn Fowler - 17 Jul 2003 08:22
Aahh The Sun Inn Barnes
What on earth has happened.
I visited on Barnes Fair Day. The pond loked a mess. The pub toilets were a mess and the bar staff had no knowledge of bar tabs it seems. Question is this progress? It had become quite shabby in the past but at least the staff were friendly,new their customers and were helpful and the age group was varied, now at 28 I feel too old to enter the place. Most of the bar staff look under age.
Bring back Elvis and all the good times.
A very dissapointed (ex) customer
Phillip Green
Phillip - 16 Jul 2003 04:24
Jane the ale used to be excellent, now it's shite.
Why do we put up with such rude staff. I for one have complained but was made to feel like a complete idiot,no one takes any notice. Who runs the place? Unable to find any management, so Had to whinge to a member of bar staff who pulled a few faces and contiued serving someone else. My food was appaling and Miss bandana couldn't have cared less! Anyone had this problem?
No toilet paper either,don't dare ask for any you may get barred.
Jennifer Sanderson
Jenni - 16 Jul 2003 04:14
Looking for great service,friendly and helpful staff, then don't visit this pub. Waiting time for a drink at least fifteen minutes on a quiet nite. Staff seem more interested in eating and chatting than serving. Ale is lousy, probably dirty pipes. Yes you are right, the team leader looks more like a lap dancer than management.
Amy the thai food has gone but have relocated to the bull's head down the road. Music too loud and the staff not only shout at you to leave but also swear.Tables in the car park, Why?

Janice Moore - 16 Jul 2003 02:15
Nice pub, seems to be staffed by aliens. Beer used to be good but now they've got Hoegaarden which will do. Manager always looks lost and stunned as if he's just taken over a madhouse. Food too expensive. Furniture brilliant. Toilets stink.
Jane - 15 Jul 2003 11:32
The best thing about the Sun is that it keeps the young and shallow out of the other better pubs in Barnes.

Expensive food of poor quality served by staff with an attitude problem. Great guest beers like Adnams Southwold but badly kept. Smokey and with Europop at levels to make your ears bleed. So of course the kids love it, bless 'em, and fight to get in at weekends to show off their latest piercings and swill alcopops and watery lager.

To be avoided by anyone past puberty.
John - 3 Jul 2003 16:12
great location - just crying out for a new management team and efficient bar staff, the waiting involved to get a pint of beer is shocking. My advice find another pub it just is'nt worth the wait.
Ben Peck - 17 Jun 2003 12:03
A great pub to be on a summer's day. View of the Pond (know its been re-built) must be in London's top ten - if you can get a table! Food well overpriced for what it is.
Gary - 7 May 2003 08:53
Very nice venue but the staff is arrogant, moody and non commercial.
anonymous - 2 May 2003 10:28
Lovely pub. Cosy inside and ample seating outside for the rare English summer afternoons! Hoegaarden on tap - fantastic.
Angus - 7 Apr 2003 12:04
Nice pub, location etc, shame only about the truly miserable bar staff who make you drink up by 11.10 every night so they can get back home in time for frowning practice I guess.
Matt - 2 Apr 2003 10:13
Opposite Barnes pond so has a nice view of the green. Fantastic Thai food. Tables outside. Very nice!
Amy - 31 May 2002 16:34

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