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Mad George, Watford

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user reviews of the Mad George, Watford

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pintlad - 4 May 2007 09:43
I heard that the previus owners of TAYLORS have got this one
anonymous - 26 Mar 2007 12:49
i know a little bit about future plans for this place but not sure i should say too much...all i know is, its gonna be nothing like before and possibly something a bit special this time...fingers crossed, eh!
anonymous - 24 Feb 2007 17:57
The pub is closed, has been foe several months, unsure as to any future opening. will post further info when it is known.
groover666 - 16 Dec 2006 15:32
Was in there last night; someone had been sick in the toilet at about 6pm and it was still there when I went back at about 10.30 ( not by choice I have to say ) Need I say more about this place
johnroberts - 15 Aug 2006 10:24
I know of someone that used to get a lot of 'business' out of there from pissed up, smashed idiots with more money than sense. However, now they have introduced a smoking ban (ha!), everyone hangs about in the street outside which makes it more difficult to conduct transactions in private. Maybe the ban is as a result of too many wazzed-up locals falling asleep and dropping lit fags onto the sawdust on the floor. I'm sure if the place were to burn down Watford would weep at the loss!
anonymous - 8 Aug 2006 10:45
And the landlord has done more for football than any of you moaning b*****ds
Ketch - 2 Aug 2006 14:56
Im absolutely disgusted with all these s**t reviews that i ave just read, obviously all you people that ave been to this outstanding pub dont appreciate the finer things in life. I have drunk at this pub now about 3/4 years now, which aint long but long enough to get to know it quite well and get very p**** on many, many occasion. i know it aint the most normal pub and it is full of nutters but u can ave a laugh in there without getting kicked out for going mental! theres also good music on the juke box, pooltable, chairs n tables, cleanist toilets ive ever seen, good beer, roast dinners, unfortunately kareoke, football, some girls, stella, whiskey, nobbys nuts, pepparami, shop opposite for fags,live music,2 kebab shops n a pizza place n cafe on same street! what bloody more do ya want. so any more complaints i wont be happy yeah,know what i mean? sorted? Ketch
Ketch - 2 Aug 2006 14:53
This pub is not good. Unpleasant bar staff (did not meet the one from Marks and Spencers but the bald landlord is the sterotypical footbll lout ) and I have to say that the toilets are the worst that I have ever seen
paulscarratt - 3 Mar 2006 14:42
Visiting Watford on business and, as I do looked through the site for advice. Found this pub and thought it can't be as bad as the reviews say or at least, it will have improved after such bad comments.
Well, if it was bad before, it is now truly awful; a real credit to Punch, as I understand it is one of theirs.
It is definitly a place where you wipe your feet on the way out; the place is filthy and the staff awful; the lagar is like piss and even the spirits did not taste right ( though I did not dare to complain if they are watering them down because the staff are scary )
The bald bloke behind the bar was monosybillic except when anyone mentioned football when he managed to be almost human, though I am not sure he brings much to the beautiful game
I did not see the ladies toilet though the stench was dreadful but the gents were amazing; full marks to the management for getting everything wrong; no paper, leaking urinal, no soap,lock not working and remains of vomit everywhere ( and I visited on a Tuesday lunchtime. )
If this pub used to be the best in Watford, it has changed because I have found some excellent pubs there with really good service.
I recommnd you visit this pub just so you appreciate your own boozer because nothing can be this bad
anonymous - 21 Dec 2005 11:25
The pub used to be the best in town albeit always a bit weird when it was Blakes but the regulars were great !!!!
anonymous - 7 Nov 2005 10:38
I was delighted to find the pub had a juke box and put my money in at once !! Imagine my horror when the landlord ejected my songs and my money only to replace it with his own tape of ******* ****.I think I may well have been the only one in the place who noticed this as everyone else was kind of mute and red eyed and lethargic,mmmmmm, very odd.The loo had no bog roll and the whole place stank of rotten eggs (which was definitely either the drains or the toilets),which amongst the aroma of someone trying to cook food,was nothing short of rank.The peroxide nutty blonde barmaid had a huge nose and was strangely wearing a Marks and Spencers Uniform how wierd is that ?? She was openly eyeing up my fella along with everyone elses from behind the bar inbetween giving me evil looks.I decided we would leave.A sad day as a few old loyal regulars told me that this pub used to have a good reputation in the good old days. xx
anonymous - 2 Nov 2005 20:52
i went into this pub looking for a non commercialised pub to have a quiet drink in before i left watford for milton keynes. it is reasonably close to the junction station so thought it would be quite convenient. well it was absolute mayhem in there... never seen anything like it before in my life , had been into the verulam beforehand it made that look tame. there was charlie all over the toilet cystern in the ladies and i thought i dont ike the look of this before i decided to leave as quick as poss and the lady with blonde hair working behind the bar who was arguing with one of the punters... i have to say she was quite venomous and i felt sorry for the customer i left rather quickly and would advise you never togo in there unless totally paraletic then you will fit in. it seems to me you are not allowed in this bar unless you bring your own bottle and just a word of advise please dont wear sandals girls you might get splinters from the saw dust on the floor!!!!
anonymous - 31 Oct 2005 22:09
I happened to stumble across this 'place' on halloween night and i certainly got a fright! service was appauling, management pissed up and pissed off. miserable bar maids i would rather drink wee!
marks out of 10 - minus 100!
note to bar staff-dressing up for halloween doesnt mean actually acting like a witch-nasty!
anonymous - 31 Oct 2005 21:20
Horrible, horrible, horrible!
But nice if you're a druggy I suppose.
anonymous - 10 Dec 2004 12:20

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