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Park Tavern, Chichester

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user reviews of Park Tavern, Chichester

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Returned after three and half years to find this place has gone from strength to strength. The Fullers beers are still well kept, and the food is thoughtfully cooked with prices matching quality. Decor is pleasantly rather than self-consciously quirky. Definitely worth frequenting as there is much to enjoy about this comfortable, welcoming tavern. We will surely not delay our next visit for so long.
richythemole - 1 Mar 2014 18:46
a fullers pub that i have never done before,quite a charasmatic local with a nice fun interior and good service,four ales on offer obviously involved three fullers and one from Wales,the fullers George gales HSD was very good but £3.60pint!8/10 for the place although that is far too generous if i take into account the prices
fat_beer_badger - 10 Jun 2012 18:42
Good pub opposite the pretty Priory Park. Well kept beers from the Fullers range, maybe with one guest ale too. Clean and well designed interior with a few quirky furnishings but quite tastefully done. Appealing to a wide mix of punters (but excluding chavs or yoofs), and events such as live jazz. Professional service. The discerning man/woman's local in Chichester?
JonRambo - 1 Apr 2012 08:24
Visited on a wet day in December. This really is a great pub - friendly, good beer, great atmosphere, no hassle, nice dogs around, pork pies and scotch eggs on the bar. Liked the decor and the mix of customers. Shame i don't live a lot nearer
spincat - 3 Jan 2012 10:31
Was visiting friends in the city. Walked there via the cricket pitch (Just saw the end of a game). Just after last orders on the food, but no problem. The guy running things twisted the chef's arm and we were given menus, no hurry. Great food, great beer, excellent service and a great end to a saturday night. Visit here. It's what a pub should be
anonymous - 12 Jun 2011 08:57
Popped into The Park when in Chichester last Sunday. Only popped in for a quick drink but saw the roast dinners and decided to stay! Food was great and the staff friendly and helpful. Late afternoon they had live music, a local duo who were amazing!! Had a really great time and what was meant to be a quick pit stop ended up being a lengthy visit!! Highly recommend this place. When I'm back in Chichester I will paying another visit.
oggy1211 - 19 Apr 2011 20:08
The Park Tavern is a great pub in a lovely location. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and there has always been a really nice atmosphere in there whenever I have visited. The current landlord and landlady have transformed the place and they serve great food too. Highly recommended. Proper beer, proper people, proper pub.
basement72 - 8 Apr 2011 13:03
Throughout Chichester there are quite a few pubs and bars but there are very few True Pubs left. A place you can go to with a group of friends or on your own. Well the Park Tavern is just that place. You'll never feel lonely here. The staff are amazingly friendly but not false forced smiles. The food is outstanding and whether be a Fishfinger sandwich or a full on roast you are after it will hit the mark.
The other thing that sits this pub above head and shoulders above all of it's competition are the events that it puts on. Always rasing money for charity from Carol Singers to sh*t Shirt night. However the events are always well balanced that if you are taking part enough people do that you don't feel silly but likewise if you don't take part you are still part of the overall amazing atmosphere that this wonderful pub brings.
This pub also has one of the most fun and relaxed quiz nights you could possibly want to take part in.
Hats off to the Landlord and Lady.
danccooke - 7 Apr 2011 18:17
Particularly enjoyed the Anjou Pigeon, blood pudding, risotto of spelt and umbles, which is the 9th course at The Fat Duck. Was there last week. Very nice it was too.
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
sprogphoto - 5 Apr 2011 13:20
I too had the misfortune of experiencing the 'Group from Hell' as experienced by 'sprogphoto'. The service is what you would expect from a 'Local Pub' serving decent pub grub - It doesn't pretend to be a Gastro Pub, or a 5 Star Hotel where you would expect the finer attention to detail.

From the onset, the group gave the impression that they were too grand to be dining in such an establishment, and it was an honour that they had deigned to enter the premises.

As mentioned in sprogphoto's posting, the noise from this group whining about every possible item throughout their stay nearly blocked the music out, and ruined my visit and I am sure many others with their antics - especially one Gentleman? who should know better.

Maybe he was the 'Gentleman' who hails from Mayfair W1 and is now a 'man of leisure' - As you state, there are 53,500 public houses in the UK, in which case do us all a favour and frequent the remaining 53,499.

The Park Tavern is the best pub in Chichester bar none - Friendly and welcoming which serves GOOD home made food at reasonable prices - especially the 'specials' for Tuesday and Thurday night events.

Tally Ho, Toodle Pip Old Bean :)
navsalias - 5 Apr 2011 00:23

Thought I’d have a look at some of the pubs I use on the beerintheeveng website and when I saw the last 3 reviews I thought I should put the record straight on them as my wife and I happened to be on the adjacent table to this very unpleasant group.

They were celebrating a guy’s birthday and spent the entire time bleating and moaning about everything. They even bullied the lovely young girl that served us.

The guy StoutChappie that wrote the review attacking the pub dog obviously thinks of himself as an intellectual wit. If you look at his other comments on ‘beerintheevening’ he just goes about criticising the establishments he visits. I wonder what he does for a living? I was at the bar and on his 2nd pint of HSB he actually said ‘the liver is evil and must be punished’! What a berk.

The group also had a child they had no control of whatsoever. He was bouncing around (presumably stuffed with E numbers) the kitchen door while staff were bringing food out. Bet they would have been the first to complain had little darling Johnny got a plate of hot food on his head.

The Park Tavern is a great little pub that does lovely homemade food. We celebrated my wife’s 60th birthday there in January and had a great night. The only unpleasant experience we have had in many visits there was when we sat next this unruly bunch.

sprogphoto - 4 Apr 2011 15:57
Our party of eight had an average Sunday dinner.The vegetables were nice but (my) lamb was more fat than meat. We'd waited an hour before it was served.I wasn't really happy about dining with a couple of (docile)dogs roaming around ,particularly as the bulldog was flatulent. We would have liked a dessert but although the staff kept coming past they then seemd to be distracted and didn't take our order. One of our party didn't get his coffee either but he didn't tell us until later. After paying, one of our group had a gentle 'word in the landlord's ear' as we didn't want to alert others to the problems we'd experienced . This resulted in a Basil Fawlty type scenario. He very loudly asked what on earth he was meant to do about our unsatisfactory experience as the staff were untrained.The volume of this, to our surprise, brought forth an angry chef. Just a quiet apology was what we'd expected. None of us would dine there again nor would we recommend it on the basis of our experience.Our ages varied from 60's down to 20's and we all felt the same.Customer service is definitely not one of this pub's assets.

worlcupyear - 28 Mar 2011 14:25
I had heard such nice things about this pub, which probably contributed to my disappointment. Long wait for food ( 1 hour) even though the pub was practically empty, poor service ( never did get dessert or coffee) and when we -politely- commented on the missing items the manager was very defensive. This prompted the chef to come out of the kitchen and she was verging on aggressive. Very embarrassed infront of my family. Lovely food however, but unfortunately we feel unable to return.
Oodathunkit - 27 Mar 2011 23:43
Really nice pub. HSB good and ham, egg and chips followed by treacle tart very good too.
AndrewW - 21 Jan 2011 10:38
What an excellent pub! Had not been to Chichester for a while, and popped in here. Incredibly welcoming and friendly landlord. Cracking pint of London Pride and superb ham sandwich. Only slight complaint was that it was a bit difficult to get to the bar due to scrum of locals round it, but would definitely return.
oldgolded - 18 Sep 2010 10:43
Met some friends in here last night and was amazed that although I have lived in Chichester for a few years I've never been in, what a lovely comfortable friendly place with a really nice atmosphere. They keep HSB, London Pride and Gales' Seafarers. I will certainly be going back, if for nothing else just for the home-made sausage rolls! Very glad I've finally found this place, give it a try.
beaufort_sussex - 3 May 2010 09:41
It seems the Park Tavern's previous problems with rude staff are a thing of the past. The new landlord is very pleasant and seems to really be turning the place around at last! The Gales Seafarer is a great pint the dogs tottering back and forth through the bar add to the the pleasant atmosphere, we will be going back!
oxenhillshaw - 2 May 2010 18:23
Decent sized pub located right opposite the park and just a minute or two’s stroll from the High Street. The room on the left seems the popular one with a large bar area. There’s a smaller bar on the right with a long room behind it, partitioned off with some folding doors. Presumably this can if necessary be used for private functions.

In a way, this is almost two pubs in one. The front bar has lots of wood panelling and large engraved mirrors reminiscent of a London pub (in fact one of the mirrors even says The Ritz!). The large room at the rear has a completely different feel with whitewashed walls and lots of black and white prints adorning the walls. There’s also an interesting stained glass panel in the ceiling depicting some hot air balloons.

It seems popular with dog walkers, presumably due to it’s location. Might be best to avoid it if you’re not a fan of dogs. By the time we left on Monday evening, whilst the pub itself was still fairly quiet there were no less than five dogs in there, and none of them particularly small ones.

Beers on offer were Gail’s Seafarer and HSB plus London Pride. Ciders were Strongbow and Aspall’s Suffolk.

Blackthorn - 1 Apr 2010 10:56

City centre "local" with very welcoming landlords and clientele. Four handpumps. Having sampled the Seafarers, didn't need to try anything else. Simple fresh cooked menu including appetizing home made scotch eggs and sausage rolls on the bar. Two irresistible pub dogs: Monty (English Bull Terrier) and Hank (Whippet) - equally welcoming to other dogs. New tenants in March deserving of success. If you are in Chichester, don’t miss it!
KempseyKrawler - 31 Mar 2010 18:48
Compact Fullers pub with a nice view across Priory Park towards the East Walls. Looks like the bar area originally comprised two small rooms, now opened out, with a dining room beyond (although a notice on the door said "Sorry no food today"). A refurbishment has left the place with a slightly odd mixture of old and new features, but the old 'joanna' remains. Four handpumps (one with the clip reversed), including HSB as a reminder of the Gales heritage and an excellent pint of Seafarers (£3.00).
rpadam - 3 Feb 2010 22:59
I have been here twice recently and both times had a very enjoyable evening. Great food and very friendly atmosphere. The pub is under new management and the place has been pleasantly redecorated. I thoroughly recommend this Fullers pub for either just a drink and sandwich or an a la carte meal. And the home made ice creams are superb!
Sylviasmother - 15 Jul 2009 12:54
Met up with a few friends to celebrate a birthday. Place was heaving . Food looks good. Will go back to eat. New people have transformed it.
jefe - 10 Jul 2009 03:49
On a day trip to Chi, I had roast beef and a pint of Gale's here for Sunday lunch - both very good. It was very quiet, but I put this down to the back street location. Possibly the politest lady I have met behind a bar in the UK. Landlord not encountered, so I can't grade him.

15 minutes walk from the railway station.
apchilcott - 12 May 2009 20:28
The landlord isn't rude, although I can see why his sense of humour might not be to everyone's taste!
Phmoo - 6 Aug 2008 12:02
Good location with views across Priory Park. Former Gales pub, now owned by Fullers. I had a good, well kept pint of Cambridge bitter, brewed in Wisbech.
The landlord and locals were friendly towards a visitor. I found the landlord a bit laconic, with a dry sense of humour, which some people probably take as rude. Hence the comments in other postings of his rudeness.
jbsjazzer - 6 Jun 2008 10:39
A good pub for a beer, food is good and well worth a visit. Landlord is always in good form for a Basil Faulty double may appear eccentric to Townies
abouttown - 12 May 2008 15:42
Nice enough place. Shame the landlord seems to shut it for a few weeks every year while he goes on holiday...
waveydavey - 8 Jan 2008 13:48
Excellent quite pub. Good beer served by a humorous landlord and his wife. The food is good with either Thai(authentic) or pub grub available.
anonymous - 12 Sep 2007 17:59
I agree with previous comments that this is a good little pub and the food is excellent but the landlord is extremely rude and beligerent, which seems a shame because it will put me off going back in there again.
anonymous - 22 Aug 2007 09:43
The building itself is nice and set in a very pleasant location. The interior is charming. However is is spoilt by a rude landlord, more bitter than his ales. What a shame.
Thatone - 15 Jul 2007 01:28
Small and charming. No irritating music, no fruitie, no pool table just good beers and company.

Lovely little pub for a pint and a read of the paper.
boozerbill - 14 May 2007 14:16
The pub has to have the rudest miserable landlord I have encountered. Ever. Steer clear of this pub until he's gone for good.
tedsalmon - 23 Dec 2006 13:23
In addition to my previous comment, the rib eye steak is the best you will ever taste!
Phmoo - 11 Aug 2006 20:02
Nice little boozer with great ales and lovely food, also homemade pork scratchings !!!! a rarity in pubs these days! lovely.
thedazzla - 29 Mar 2006 21:23
Fantastic pub. Especially if you like drinking alone.

DeanMachine - 4 Feb 2006 10:50
I have been drinking in this pub for 15 years, and love it to bits. Richard and Joy, the landlords, are among the best and are always ready with a friendly welcome for regulars and visitors alike. The beer is well kept and consistent, and I can recommend the Thai and English food on the menu as some of the best in Chichester.
TheLayVicar - 11 Nov 2005 12:21
An excellent pub. Good Gales and other bitters - four in all I think - and really good food. I haven't tried the Thai range on the menu because the ribeye steak sandwich is SO good and I end up having it each time.

Only one problem with the pub - you can't see the cricket pitch on the other side of the road cos of the hedge!! Otherwise not a lot wrong here. Nice landlord - seriously concerned to see that you are a happy customer
jerry_the_tippler - 13 Sep 2005 11:09
Great food - traditional English and authentic Thai.
Quiet local, except during Chichester's Real Ale and Jazz and Glorious Goodwood, when it becomes lively and crowded.
Reasonably priced food, excellent beer (Gales pub.)
Bar billiards table too!
Very friendly. Central Chichester although it's off the main streets where the other pubs are, opposite a lovely park where cricket is frequently played.
Phmoo - 1 Sep 2005 16:36
Nice friendly little local, good beer and cracking Thai food. Tucked away from the main drag - recommended!
Mark - 3 Sep 2004 13:58

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