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Oxford Arms, Camden

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Despite being in the centre of the Camden Market area, this appears to be a genuine pub. Nice pint of Robinson's Trooper and rugby on TV.
Aztecgoat - 2 Dec 2018 09:26
Very hard to get your bearings in this pub, the beer garden is almost as big as the bar. Very much a pub that survives on passing trade/tourists with little atmosphere. Few ales, nothing out of this world plus the continentals. Staff reasonably friendly.

Precisely 2 reasons for coming here: 1) Use the best smoking area in Camden 2)Watch the footie, they show Continental games too.
QueensParker - 6 Oct 2013 02:45
Everytime I walk past this pub there are people dancing. This is surprising, as its a traditional boozer. Went in for the first time and sure enough.... two ladies started dancing. Nice beer garden. Typical london pub.
Mappiman - 25 Sep 2012 19:58
Boring pub on the main tourist road. I wouldn't bother unless you are very keen to watch a football match.
Richard_ReadingFC - 29 Aug 2012 12:45
While at The Oxford Arms, my friends and I were very disrespected. We were standing off to the side in the outdoor space, socializing when we very rudely and rashly approached by a heavier set lady who apparently worked there. She demanded that we give we her out ID's ( we are way over 18) and then demanded that if we were not drinking to leave. Understandably they are a business but we may have bought drinks later or at a different time. Rudely and disgustingly we were pushed out of this pub. We will never go back, and in fact we plan on calling and filing a complaint. Never disrespect your customers (or potential costumers), that is the number one rule of business. I hope you all take this into consideration when you think about going to this "Pub".
Heathbarg - 10 Jun 2012 21:25
I went to this place after seeing it on a list of 'best london pubs' shown on another website. Whoever nominated it clearly hasn't ventured to anything beyond an average pub. Don't misunderstand me, this place is fine and has an okay range of beers. However, it is very average and can get very busy with people standing near to the bar watching football. There is beer garden outside which I quite liked. Fine for a pint or two with your mates, but there are much better boozers in Camden such as the Elephant's Head across the road.
packster - 16 Feb 2012 12:21
Nice atmosphere, eclectic mix of people typical of Camden, some good tunes played and no one seems to mind if you want to dance. The bar staff are friendly and fast and the door staff I found unobtrusive.
Not a bad pub to visit for Friday or Saturday night entertainment but not really the place for a quiet pint.
I find the lack of frosted glass on the windows a little strange as you watch the world go by in the busy street and the world looks in at you, not too big a deal though.

Gerardc79 - 13 Nov 2011 20:12
Ok if all you want is to watch the TVs and football. Soulless and not worth going if you don't want to join in with the football fever. I don't! Go opposite to the Elephants Head if you want a 'proper' pub..
TEL3 - 6 Aug 2011 10:33
Good football pub. Shows a lot of Spurs and the other North London team's matches on a saturday. Good central location 6/10
stokes1982 - 7 Jun 2011 16:14
Went there on Friday night. Good friendly service. They had London Pride and Deuchars on draft I had the Deuchars which was a good pint. A DJ stated some great old tracks. Really good atmosphere.
tanky - 14 Mar 2011 12:46
Staff were good... offering me a taste before trying the Rock's Own, which was a good pint (though the barman knew it was good as he was virtually pouring me a pint before I'd said okay). So - good beer, dilligent staff.. half way there but... this place just doesn't work as a pub for me. It has potential and could be great but basically in Kentish Town if you have any kind of space you don't need to make much of an effort to make money out of it. It obviously was a 'proper' pub at one time but the mish-mash layout now gives a 'neither fish nor fowl' feel to the place. If you're pushed for time and want a swift pint before catching a train maybe okay but not a 'destination' pub for me.
anonymous - 29 Oct 2010 18:18
I went here during the week for a few pints before a gig at the Jazz Cafe.

Staff seemed friendly and beers were fine. The table could have done with a clean, but apart from that seemed to be a good bar. The location is perfect, close to tube and large windows gives the bar lots of light (this was in the summer). I'd give this a 6/10, worth stopping buy for a couple of pints if you happen to be in the area, but nothing special that I would go out of my way to pay a visit.

2AndyGorams - 15 Oct 2010 11:57
Rude obnoxious doorman. Best thing that could happen to this pub is that it goes out of business and becomes a Starbucks! People who treat their customers like this should not be allowed to run pubs. Please avoid, and hope they go out of business.

altdorfs - 10 Oct 2010 11:38
toto51, yeah thats a real shame- I hope you get the police involved so they can investigate it. Because thats just unnacceptable. I hate it when I try and sneak spirits into pubs and they get confiscated, but when they refuse to give it back... well that just takes the piss. By the way the next time you post something, anything for that matter, on a website, it might be worth reading over what you read and making sure it MAKES SENCE. Or were you pissed when you signed up and wrote this one comment?
anyway about the pub - nothing special, has a wetherspoons air about it. when you go its not advisable to sneak spirits in.
sir_adam_of_downham - 17 Jun 2010 23:49
no real ales on here Sunday 10th
oftenscore6 - 19 Jan 2010 12:37
I quite like this pub, in spite of some of the other comments posted here: it's comfortable, the staff are pleasant and helpful and the beer is not expensive. The food is certainly not as bad as others have said - it is decent enough in my opinion.

Just a shame that they don't have a garden, but then this is London and space is fast running out in these parts!!
trickynick - 4 Jan 2010 09:51
If it wasn't for this pub's location The Oxford Arms would have gone out of business a long time ago. There is no atmosphere in this dated and run down boozer. The staff don't know how to pull a pint and aren't too hot on customer service either, they still use 25ml measures and can't be bothered to clean the glasses properly. The food is much to be desired too, the menu is typical and it looks as though the Chef takes no pride in what he is serving. The only positive is the DJ who plays classic rock at the weekends but if you can wait around til 11pm for him to start while you have people urinating in the corriders then be my guest!
Eddie.Mango - 15 Dec 2009 11:29
Good pub that would be unremarkable if it were anywhere but Camden, as it seems to be one of the few in the area with no theme to it whatsoever. Thankfully, this means that the pub staples of conversation, drinking Pride until the early hours and watching football on the multiple screens can be got on with instead, which is no bad thing. How a cesspit like the World's End can exist, doing brisk business, in such close proximity to the Oxford mystifies me.
pablos13 - 19 Nov 2009 21:08
Nice atmosphere, decent pit and not overpriced. When there are decent down to earth pubs like this all over Camden I simply cannot fathom why anyone would want to use that pigsty The Worlds End. Come here, The Enterprise or The Elephant's instead. You'll see i'm right.
realalesnob - 12 Oct 2009 19:10
I really enjoyed my night in this pub, watched some great comedy in the small theatre upstairs then spent the rest of the night in the beer garden - the atmosphere was buzzy and all in all it was fun night and I liked the pub. The evening was tarnished somewhat by the person who's job it was to get everyone inside from the beer garden at a certain time. Aggressive is not a strong enough word to describe this person/guard dog with absolutely no people skills whatsoever.
Ellie77 - 27 Sep 2009 14:04
went in on a saturday night - it was busy, usual camden stuff but not as a bad as these seemingly personal vendettas make it oyt to be
jmclane - 23 Aug 2009 19:13
This pub used to have great staff but it seems to have gone downhill. We ordered 5 vodkas and 7up - but the south african bar girl did not put vodka into them. I even had another bar man confirm that there was no vodka in them. What did she do? Took the glass of me and poured it down the sink. Real nice. 25 quid for 5 7ups.

The Danish boucer at this bar is a real decent guy.
willybilly - 15 Aug 2009 18:35
Hi, I'm Giorgia. I'm seeking a guy that I met at the end of september 2008 in front of Oxford Army. He's Ross(if I remember well)30 years old, medium high, blond and curly, used to smoke camel light. Maybe he can be an usual client. In this case, please tell him to go on gumtree on missed connections. I hope that will have soon something to say about the kindness of the stuff of Oxford Army.
Anyway sorry for the disturb and thank you!
giorgia - 8 Mar 2009 22:15
When pat ran this pub it was one of the best around.. now they have some arrogant grey haired old fart.. that wouldnt know what customer service is... if it bit him in the ass....
Caroline... sack the prick... and get someone who knows what they r doing.... he dont have a clue...
im a regular there... but wont be back untill he has gone...

ill venture down to pats bar on mornington street.... its only 5 minute walk and the food is OMG better....
actually its better all round...
OBG - 31 Jan 2009 22:43
The staff in here were certainly in no rush to serve the 3 deep queue of customers whilst I waited for my turn at the bar.

There are 3 pumps with 2 Prides and 1 not used. Hoegarden and standard lagers are also available. I counted 4 plasma screens whilst I endured my hellish wait at the bar.

I’ll probably not go here again as it is nothing special and I had no service problems in the Elephant’s Head opposite even though it was busier.
Strongers - 18 Nov 2008 14:03
always have a fun night here, they've done the outside bit up, heaters and a covered area, good for smokers. Suprisingly lacking in tourists seen as its right smack bang in the middle of camden high street. good fun and everyones always v friendly!
Megan79 - 8 Oct 2008 22:57
Not only does this pub provide ample Saturday afternoon entertainment in the form of live Soccer matches - it also has the finest Foi Gras this side of Moscow.
drunkbythreetwenty - 19 Aug 2008 14:23
I've been a visitor to the Oxford Arms for nearly 4 years now. Far and away one of my favorite puns in London, doesn't need flashy decor, gastro menu's or BOGOF deals to stay popular.

The best place in London to watch Saturday Football, far and away the best atmosphere to watch a North London Derby, fantastic staff, brilliant Landlord.

If you love football, camden, beer or guiness, this is your pub.
bennytwolegs - 15 Aug 2008 11:04
Good pint of Guinness and the bar staff were friendly enough. Showing Gaelic football on the TV Decent enough. 6/10
clarkey_cat - 9 May 2008 16:46
This is one of my favourite pubs in Camden and have always had a laugh when I've been there.
Found the staff to be friendly enough.
The food during the day is pretty good to!!
All round a good place to go for a nite or start a nite off!!!
Rob25 - 4 Apr 2008 16:49
Well well, where to start? The rudest bar staff i've experienced for a while, asking for a drink was an inconvenience to them. Not one single smile between them, Camden has always been famous for its Gothic connections but it seems the staff here have mistaken it for misery. In fact the only time a member of staff did change their expression was when they messed up one of our food orders and when we asked if it could be corrected the reaction was to laugh in our face and say 'its too late now!' No apology was put forward and to make matters worse two other members of staff looked towards us and shook their heads being more concerned with their trendy hairstyles it seemed. And the toilet had urine all over the floor, I think this pub summed up the whole of Camden 'going downhill and stinking'.
DKavanagh - 11 Mar 2008 13:58
Not a bad boozer, but not as good as has been stated(horses for course though i suppose0
Its got a certain sort of "Older and wiser retired camden crowd" as its punters,who probaly had their day during Brit pop.Worth a drink if passing, buty nothing else really
tottenhamsean - 2 Mar 2008 14:58
I hear that Pat Logue has departed the Oxford Arms for pastures new, and of course the legendary quiz has gone with him. Does anyone have information on Pat's current whereabouts?
grecian - 13 Feb 2008 12:20
This pub is synonymous with success. Great service from Ronaldo and Giggs makes the whole experience fulfilling. Speaking of filling, the baked potato range is extensive and and isn't over-priced. Speaking of United's squad this season, cannot wait for Saturday afternoons in the Arms to return.
5pintsdrownedDave - 7 Aug 2007 16:35
The Oxford Arms is little more than a basic Victorian boozer that has been stripped back to the basics taking its heart and soul with it. The beer range is limited and expensive (London Pride £3 a pint on my last visit) and you would need to plant a forest the size of Brazil to offset the carbon footprint left by the multiple plasma screens. There is some nice original tiling in the entrance that the builders must have missed this as they tore away at the pubs innards. The décor is plain and unfussy with bare floors, large plain windows and dull cream walls and ceilings. On a positive note there are some nice old b/w pics of Camden and the music is generally a bit quieter than some of its neighbours and there is beer garden at the rear although this is little more than a paved area with a few benches. The Oxford is perfectly adequate and functional but as for being “unarguably the best pub in London”, I would say it’s unarguably the best pub at 265 Camden High Street and little more.
RogerB - 7 Aug 2007 15:25
many a great saturday afternoon here. this place really lives up to my user name. best known for local alcie charlie who does a great frog impression while downing a pint. always best when starky isn't there
drunkbythreetwenty - 7 Aug 2007 15:13
Tremendous, words fail to do the arms justice. The seen of many historic battles over the years including the taming of the Jonce by lunchtime and the massacre of 7 tequila T-shirts. Unarguably the best pub in London
07ArmsForeverNoStarks - 7 Aug 2007 15:02
On the face of it, there is nothing noteworthy about this place, but having worked in the area for many years, I can say that it makes a brilliant effort to capture the feel of a local in a neighbourhood that does everything it can do to conspire against this.

The landlord is everything a landlord should be and a splendid bloke. The pub quiz is perfectly judged and the free sausage, beans and chips a brilliant touch after a hard night's drinking.

The pub retains its slightly bohemian character and attracts all manner of Camden types. I have given it a 9 only because of the disappointing decision to axe the juke box a few years' back.
BoehmBawerk - 17 May 2007 14:07
The closest thing to a proper pub on the Camden High Street.

Not the best beer selection in the world, but well kept (ie: the London Pride here is pleasantly drinkable), and the landlord is a decent bloke.

Good for watching the football.

Nice garden (they actually bother to put out flowers), especially when it's winter and you're with your Geordie mates who don't care if it's a little cold out...
Pylene50 - 20 Apr 2007 23:38
Intriguing mix of clientele ranging from the elite to the man who lives on the street. Highly recommended for fans of football watched to the sounds of soft rock. Cristiano Ronaldo taking on the full-back to Foreigner's "I wanna know what love is" is the 9th wonder of the world.
5pintsdrownedDave - 12 Feb 2007 16:27
ok for football and if you want to pull a tourist at half time. bit tun of the mill
smokenewboy2 - 29 Dec 2006 15:18
I was in the oxford last weekend, really good atomsphere, well worth a visit. The food is well impressive and cheap. Carla 24
louise23 - 28 Sep 2006 12:31
Quite a run-of-the-mill Camden affair. The beer is ok and it's good fr watching the football. The pub quiz is ok and not too hard to baffle all and sundry. Thats about it really - 6/10
wocca - 24 Aug 2006 15:47
The place is a toilet, but it's always got a good crowd and it's got a late license. Beer garden's nice (in comparison to sitting inside, that is). Seems to purely exist as "a place to go watch the football".
mrfrisky - 24 Jul 2006 13:29
what a cool place to watch the footie!! Wicked atmosphere at all the matches and with 6 plasma screens couldn't really go wrong! Good food if you are stopping for lunch. And for London drinks are reasonably priced. Me and my mates have had many a fun nite here bopping to the everlasting Pete the DJ.
louise23 - 7 Jul 2006 22:24
Presentable but unremarkable boozer that at least has the advantage over many of it's neighbours of not trying to be particulary "trendy" or "funky". Alright for a couple of pints but nothing more and not worth going out of your way to visit.
Mr.Monkfish - 5 Jul 2006 10:33
slow (if attentive)service, real ale not available, passable pit stop - a few notches above most of the dreary watering holes in this area
moclips2002 - 30 May 2006 19:15
In the old days, the best thing about this pub (apart from the 1am license) was when the posh people who had come to see the play upstairs collided with the rough people from the doss-house
round the corner. It's been done up now, I hear, but at least Pat's still there.
Uncle_Dunkel - 24 Feb 2006 17:43
What a great place to go for a mid shopping pint and a bag of peanuts. Went in one hot summers day a couple of years back for a pint of cider and was fortunate enough to ba able to sample cloudy cider from a hand pump. Great stuff!!!!
death2smoochie - 16 Jun 2005 19:04
Good late night pub and excellent pub quiz.
Mildred - 13 May 2005 13:45
The number of times I've stumbled in here, happy as Larry for a few late drinks, only to find that the alcohol-fuelled euphoria of the evening is being washed out of me with every sip of the minging piss they pass off as beer.....

DJ''s good on a Friday though.
jossv - 6 May 2005 16:19
went once whilst trekking through the markets and shops of camden.
my mate got his wallet emptied when he got a double malibu.

go to the worlds end, its got a better atmosphere.

Jackrum - 21 Apr 2005 22:52
In 1989, I was a crazy yank studying at Oxford. I went to see an Arsenal game in London and I came across your establishment in a rather Irish state. I stole your sign. It hangs in my garage. I'm sorry. I will return it and buy everyone in the Arms a drink when I do. I still love Arsenal to this day even though, as a red blooded yank, I hate soccer. . . or football. . . but Arsenal kicks arse!! CHEERS!!!!!! the crazy yank.
the crazy yank - - 30 Oct 2004 07:08
Very plain boozer - it had a needless refurbishment - but has quite drinkable ale. Late-licence that used to sting you for a couple of quid entry for little return (the Dublin Castle may do the same but they at least have a shambolic indie disco out the back). Not sure if they do that anymore.
travis - 31 Aug 2004 14:52
OK pub, decent beer, inc. usually Pride. Beer 'garden' if you're desperate for some sunshine. I think 7 is a bit high, gets a five from me.
Owen - 21 Jun 2004 17:31
good atmosphere, nice staff, and the outside area is good for sunny days. i'd give it 7 out of 10.
kate - 9 Jun 2004 13:24
Popped in on a Monday and saw the quiz in action. Great fun atmosphere with plenty of micky-taking by Pat. He seems obsessed with where people come from ("which part of Camden?") Seemed like a lot of fun with one team, the Brazilian Mafia, struggling to answer one simple question. The brilliant Dark Destroyers wiped the floor with the others and my ambition is become part of that team, but I hear their initiation rites are not for the faint-hearted!
big ray - 27 May 2004 16:20
Pat's quiz night is still a thing of genius but the pub is not what it was. Alright so it was shabby before the refurbishment and it needed the smoke problem sorting out, but it was cosy. The atmosphere seemed a bit more aggro when I went back, but then I'd been drinking stella so maybe I was paranoid.
Matt - 12 Jan 2004 12:47
A very good pub with a friendly atmosphere. Landlord Pat Logue is a legend and comes into his own on quiz nights on Monday when his laconic and witty delivery is guaranteed to bring the house down. Free sausage and chips after the quiz as well!
grecian - 29 Dec 2003 11:10
This was at one time my favourite bar in london, but since they refurbished it in earlt 2002 they wasted the whole feel of the pub and i for one will not be going back,
pat - 22 Oct 2003 15:14
nice boozer for a late drink,its ok if u know the security on the door as the will let u in for free after 12.00.its always busy on a friday and saturday nite, with all types of people.the DJ aint bad, cos he looks like worzel gummage.
barry tavener - - 3 Oct 2003 12:50
This has received a much needed facelift and now accomodates TV's with Plasma screens, non-carpeted floors and clean toilets. The food is still great, this is real pub food, great for nursing a little too much from the night before. The bar manager is very friendly and the clientele are usually off the street. The pub isn't huge but isn't particularly cosy either as it is bright and clean
Sefton - 6 Aug 2003 12:53
Used to be the best pub in Camden two or three years ago, with a friendly, regular crowd, a less aggro atmosphere than anywhere else around and the best quiz night I've ever experienced in London. The onlytrue local I've ever had in London. Still under same management last time I went (hi Pat if you're still there) but had lost something in the refurbishment - its down-at-heel charm perhaps. Now just slightly too bland where before it has yellowish character, of a smoky, ever so slightly dingy sort.
Matt - 5 Aug 2003 06:01
Not bad, not bad. Opens late (1 AM) Friday nights (possibly other nights too - I've only ever been there on a Friday). Beer is fine, good crowd, gets v busy. Theatre upstairs, apparently, that is meant to be good, but it's passed me by. Yeah, out of all the places in Camden, this is one of the best. I like it.
ElDickster - 18 Feb 2003 15:14

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