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Railway Bell, Hampton

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Nice two-bar local pub, friendly landlord and a small but interesting range of beers including Betty Stogs which I had. This was very nice and obviously well kept (may have gone on recently). There was a good atmosphere in this pub which always helps.
rainlight - 23 Mar 2016 16:54
This was my first of 3 pubs in Hampton on Saturday evening. The other two were better, in my opinion. This place has 2 rooms. The main bar was busy, with all tables taken. It looked quite nice. I retreated to the side room which is presumably used more for diners. A sign showed that the kitchen had just re-opened that day. But nobody was dining. This second room felt very cold in comparison to the other. The lighting made it feel quite stark. Ales were Otter Bitter, Skinners Betty Stogs, Courage Best & Hogsback Tea.
blue_scrumpy - 4 Jan 2016 22:58
A Tuesday night in Hampton and it’s my first ever visit to the Railway Bell. I am here for football at Hampton & Richmond Borough and with 2 (open) pubs between the station and the ground it makes sense to start here.

Even though it’s dark when I get here you can tell that one of the best selling points with this pub is the large garden to the front. Inside it’s quite busy with a good smattering of locals as well as people here for the football.

The chap behind the bar who I assume is the landlord greets us in a friendly way and chats while I peruse the 5 hand pumps with 3 ales on, which were Wells Bombardier, Courage Best and Otter Bitter. The Otter was decent & drinkable.

We took our pints and sat near to the bar with a couple of local chaps. The décor is pleasant but the walls could do with a paint job & the lighting is a bit dim.

Worth a stop for a pint.
lezford - 17 Nov 2015 13:43
Wow I find it hard to believe from the previous comments that this is the same pub!!!!

I recently paid a visit to the dip with the whole family (ages ranging from 4-50) and we had such a fantastic time we are all thinking about making it our family catch up place to be! The children were more then welcomed and the landlord on hearing it was the little ones birthday even gave her a bowl of ice cream. The pub was lovely and clean well presented, no nasty smells at all, whilst we're talking about previous comments its probably worth mention that myself and stepfather have visible tattoos and I believe one of the bar tenders has some also.

FOOD! Ive only eaten here once and was very nicely surprised with a roast dinner which was nicer then my mothers!

Fantastic job guys youve clearly turned this place around a lot and we look forward to. Seing you next month (if not befor)
pintsize90 - 22 Jul 2014 06:26
Hey Everyone,
The Railway Bell has recently changed hands in February 2014, Introducing New Management/Owners and Bar staff. After carefully reading through the previous comments and feedback, i'd like to assure you that most of these issues are no longer relevant.

With that said, please take my word and come on down to the dip! :)
BarMaid94 - 28 Jun 2014 13:17
Oh dear - what has happened to the Dip. We've lived here for 18 months and have loved visiting the Railway Bell but I assume it must be under new management as the atmosphere seems to have changed.

Last night, after 3 hours drinking with 3 friends the surly barman decided that he'd had enough at 10.50. He began tidying around us - spraying cleaning materials, putting chairs on tables and then propping the door open! He couldn't have made it more obvious we were an inconvenience to him unless he'd actually told us to leave!

Two pints (6X and Courage were both poor - lifeless and on the turn) The Stoggs good as ever. Real shame that this lovely community pub seems have lost any charm or consideration fo punters. We'll walk the extra distance to the Coopers in future.
MattB75 - 23 Mar 2014 13:03
WOW!!!! Although I'm not surprised, I think its completely disgusting how someone with body art can be discriminated against. As I've said before this pub is so up itself I will never drink here again.....unless the owners and décor change. To think my dad used to work here in the 70's too, he'd be turning in his grave if he'd seen what its turned into. Stick to The Worlds End, better ales, cheaper, better staff and toilets that don't stink!!!
lucy75 - 24 Dec 2013 09:22
Overpriced beyond belief. Frequented by loaded, local, fat, sad twats in barbours desperately trying to chat up the ugly miserable antipodean bar staff. Truly dreadful place with vile beer at ridiculously high prices. This has to be one of the worst pubs for miles. Never see the landlord or landlady as the have left the running of it to the surly, disinterested student staff. Far better choices nearby.
nickthefish - 9 Dec 2013 20:46
me and my partner went in this so called anyone and familys welcome pub after watching the xmas parade on suday the 1st dec 2013 with our 2 small girls my partner went to the bar with our youngest in his arms and asked for a pint for himself and 3 soft drinks for us the barmaid or landlady who ever she was told him i cant serve you and you will have to leave because you have a tattoo on your neck he couldnt believe his ears and asked her why she was discriminating him in front of a lot of people and with his daughter on his hip she turned and said i am not you should just leave i had to tell her and another member of staff how disrespectful they was as the tattoo was that of the name and r.i.p and date our baby boy died we our a respectable family and have never had a problem in any pub before and we feel very hurt by this a few people over heard us and when we told them about the tattoos meaning they was all in shock we left feeling down.... but had a lovely reception just up the road in the worlds end pub and was told we was always welcome there is no signs up stating you are not aloud in this pub with tattoos its a disgrace and will never step foot in this establishment again . the worlds end pub will have my money and my familys company in future .
natsday - 2 Dec 2013 12:10
I was stood at the bar yesterday (on the 1st of December) this young gentlemen come to the bar with his daughter In his arms and went to order some drinks, for the very rude bar maid then turned around and said I can't serve you due to a tattoo on his neck, I found that very rude and inappropriate , and after hearing a conversation from the gentlemen wife/partner that the tattoo was in fact the name and date of there baby sons death, after hearing that I think it was disgusting , I don't know of she was the land lady, just a bar maid, or the licensee but I will be passing on what I saw to a lot of people and I'm for sure they will not drink in here again it's absolutely discussing and I will be taking what I heard a lot further,
Leanneflanders20 - 2 Dec 2013 11:39
I have to say I am not surprised at the low rating of this pub!
I popped in today for a quick soft drink with a couple of friends and my young daughter after having spent a few hours in the park opposite and decided to sit in the beer garden as the weather was so lovely.
Immediately after walking inside I was met with a rather pungent smell of toilets and the even more pungent face of the miserable unfriendly bar lady... I ordered a couple of drinks and asked if they did any bar snacks or crisps, the response was (without even looking at me!) "cheese and onion, salt and vinegar or ready salted" I decided not to spend any more of my hard earned money after that reception and noticed on my way back out that there was a much larger selection of bar snacks that she simply did not feel the need to tell me about written on a blackboard!
After having been there for around 15 minutes, and the whole time sitting on my lap being quiet as a mouse drinking her drink, my daughter went for a little wander around the garden and was chased by a wasp which made her quite upset, I sat her on my lap to calm her down and from inside a male customer shouted "There is a f****** playground across the f******* road, take your f****** kid over there"
I went inside to ask why he felt is necessary to use such foul language and was met with total hostility by both the male customer and the female bartender. I questioned whether they allowed children in the pub and was told it was an adult environment and children are allowed however they must be kept quiet!
I would not recommend this pub to anyone, especially families with children as it appears you are not welcome at all. I suggest they place a sign on the outside saying children are not welcome instead of taking your money and then treating you like second class citizens!
I will never ever go into this pub again, not even if my life depends on it!
Khampton - 30 Aug 2013 21:13
£8.80p for a pint and a bottle of Magners!!!!!! I fear the "real" locals are being out priced......probably why I didnt recognise anyone in there either.
lucy75 - 15 May 2013 17:41
popped in last night , very nice pub,
nice surroundings, good atmosphere in and outside
pint of southwold very nice, 3.80, not so nice
dearest ive paid for a pint of beer,
I originate from fulham, and pop back often
mainly white horse P Green,
why is it dearer for beer in this neck of the woods
K`ton, surbiton, hampton etc, than SW6 ?
you can get a superb pint of harveys Sussex best in the horse for 3.20
or JHB for 3.10, big difference, wag.
waggonman - 26 May 2012 16:37
Still a lovely pub, nicely redecorated and it's good to see a real increase in custom, especially for food. I do realise the food trade is what is keeping pubs alive and it's grand to see... but...and this is a big but... the prices for beer are now shocking - far higher than anywhere else comparable in the area (such as the Coopers) and higher than other Enterprise Inns - 3.70 for a pint of Betty Soggs - ouch!
mattygroves - 15 Feb 2012 10:15
'The Dip' was tastefully redecorated a few months back and is now serving food most of the day. The menu is roughly the same as before, but that's a good thing. I've never had a bad pint, or a bad time, in this place. Can't say that about too many pubs.
beansoup - 25 Jan 2012 23:56
Just popped in for a quick one after the refurbishment. Quite pleasant with lots of historic photos of Hampton but 3.50 for a pint of Brakspears bitter was a bit steep. I don't think I'll make it my local. At least it's almost next to Monaf's - the best Indian Restaurant for miles around
Ed_Blackadder - 5 Aug 2011 12:15
Great pub, great food, super friendly staff. Currently under going a major refurbishment due to be complete by the end of May. New menu planned.
richa06 - 10 May 2011 13:26
Lynne go to a rugby club to watch the matches Twickenham rugby club is about 1 mile from the dip. This might suit you better . The pub though is ok and the guinness was good (just pricey)
divi - 20 Sep 2010 14:06
Ah well, just when you think you've found a 'local'........................

We gave up on the Railway Bell this Saturday, having planned to spend a rugby-watching day there. Lunch, as usual, was good; the staff were pleasant. The pub, however, had turned into a creche.

There were babies, toddlers and young kids, running round, playing games. And just as much of a problem - parents of young children can be pretty loud was the bellowing dads that made us leave in the end.

So, 6 Nations over, but still some big rugby matches to come. I need help. Please, please, find me a pub where I can watch with fellow [adult] fans - within 30mins travel of Hampton......?
Lynne - 22 Mar 2010 08:42
This is our new favourite for most of the 6 Nations rugby matches. The TVs are new, & show only rugby - the landlord is a former player. It's comfy and cosy, the food is very good, & we've found the staff efficient and welcoming.

Having been in for a match, we took a chance on the St David's Day supper - superb; a genuinely Welsh menu and great fun.

I'm a Welsh rugby fan - finding friendly pubs in this area has not been easy for me, so thanks to the Railway Bell for welcoming me and my leek.........
Lynne - 17 Mar 2010 12:38
Went here once, was a rugby day and it was fairly busy with people watching the old fashioned TVs. I could have seen myself going back here if it wasnt for the fact it smelt like one big men's toilet. My mate said it was a place her Dad would like. Its recommended in the good ale guide, so maybe it is a bit dadish. The beer garden looks great, just a shame the loos dominate the aroma.
fulltummy - 11 Dec 2009 14:41
Appalling place. Heaving with football thugs on home match days. Surly staff. What happened? just 3 years ago they did a wonderful organic sunday roast to rival the Coopers (and thats a feat in itself!) and the clientele were discerning. Is there new management or did they suddenly lose interest. Head to the Coopers or the Bell for a good evening if you are a couple.
rapunzel1 - 2 Aug 2009 16:04
This is a convenient pub for Hampton main line station and many local residents pop in for a quick one on the way home. Was previously very dowdy but a well planned front garden with plenty of space has made this a pleasant place for a pint. Unlike the Coopers down the road, there is a far more even spread of sexes drinking.

The quality of the bar staff, especially when the gaffer is off is variable. I have been a victim of surly service and occasionally the main bar has been dirty, which suggests that the pub is happy to rest on its laurels, content to pick up revenue from the constant passing trade.

Beer choice is average, prices are high. No idea about the quality of food. Definitely moving in right direction but room for improvement, particularly from some of the younger bar staff, who sometimes appear to see customers as being a bit of an imposition!
Timyellow - 20 May 2009 08:46
popped in last sat night. Asked for a chardonnay and was told by extremely rude woman that they stopped selling chardonnay then stood in silence waiting for me to talk no offer of an alternative at all.
binkywinky - 8 May 2009 16:18
A friendly pub with friendly atmosphere provided by the locals, Sunday lunches are very good and plenty of it for the price. The pub could do with a bit of a refurb though, well a complete refurb....oh sorry, apparently it had one not so long ago....the gents toilets tiled, but if you don't mind the smell of the mens toilets and the odd flooding of the urinal now and again then pay a visit (in your wellies) to this pub, even if it just for the freindly hospitality and a beer before going to watch ther local football team, Hampton and Richmond.
Goth_Rock_Rocks - 17 Dec 2008 17:35
Not as good a choice as I remembered, though they did have one from Twickenham Ales; Autumn Blaze, plus Pedigree & courage. I noticed they are doing 'Friday food specials, cuisine from a bygone era' - todays is Lancashire Hotpot wi braised red cabbage, a fiver. If not, there's a good chippy over the road & I'd intended to walk down to the river with some fish&chips, a plan dashed by a cancelled train causing me to miss the 2pm close (of the chip shop).
trainman - 14 Nov 2008 09:46
Nice pint and not bad food.Took a while to get served as the staff were busy chatting to people they new,Was stopped from buying another by a rather frosty landlady who told me she'd rang the bell.Lacks the atmosphere to be a real locals pub.The sort of pub that wouldn't look out of place off covent garden.But thats nothing bad.If your looking for a real quiet drink go to the other Railway up the road.
james2 - 4 Oct 2008 07:46
Excellent pub for a quality pint
garyrealaledrinker - 23 Sep 2008 17:04
Nice bitters available. Half decent boozer this.
nickthefish - 10 Jun 2008 08:58
Lovely pub with friendly staff and locals, highly recommended. Don't be tempted to opt for the Railway Hotel - it might be a bit nearer the station, but it's not a patch on the Bell.
Oolybel - 29 Feb 2008 10:05
The best service in town. The service is always friendly and it always feels like a welcoming local. Great in the summer when the garden is always packed to the rafters.
JAMESRWM - 24 Feb 2008 11:35
Called in here for the first time breaking my journey on the train home. I'd heard there were Twickenham beers available, and I wasn't disappointed. Excellent pint in comfortable surroundings. Certainly go again.
dougscott - 17 Feb 2008 13:24
This used to be my regular for saturday session before the football at Beveree and a good sunday session 30 yrs ago and is second on my list to visit when i come back for the first time from oz on a holiday
fourex - 6 Oct 2007 21:30
Friendly bar, local chat, Twickenham ales, great stuff. And a good chippy round the corner.
trainman - 24 Mar 2007 09:23
The Railway Bell, or "The Dip" is a small friendly pub, the whole of the left hand side of the building is 'no smoking' and popular for that reason. Handy for Hampton railway station, if you're ever inclined to use the railway. The food is good & reasonably priced too. Its nearby rival pub 'The Railway Tavern' doesn't open until 3pm during the week, so "The Dip" is the place for lunch, when in the area. I too will recommend this bar. TJ
TeeJay - 11 Feb 2007 12:57
I agree with mattygroves - in fact she was the last person I drank in there with! Good Twickenham Ales and stonking portions at lunchtime. Very reasonably priced. food too.
billynibbles - 16 Dec 2006 16:25
"The Dip" has come a long way lately. The management have changed (so the betting slips above the bar are gone) and the bar has been refurbished, There is now a new bar (literally), a non-smoking room complete with fireplace (and the non-smoking room really IS a seperate room, not just a little area supposedly smoke free), a pleasant garden, and the cleanest windows I have ever seen.

There is a good selection of beers and wines (I favour the Autumn Blaze, I think it's called), and a full menu (burgers, bangers and the like), along with a barbeque in the summer.

The loos could do with re-doing - whilst they are clean, they are old and tired. The smoking area is VERY smoky, and not refurbished to the same standard as the non-smoking.

Other than that, it is a very nice pub, with a mix of clientele (when I've been in, it's been mostly over 30s, but not exclusively).

mattygroves - 27 Oct 2006 14:14
Locals call this pub "The Dip". I wondered what they were on about at first, but that's the answer! One of the better pubs in Hampton now, tho' I'm told that there are also some good ones down the High Street. Shall go there next.
garyatthebar - 10 Sep 2006 08:29
The place has improved steadily over the past couple years and now boasts a very nice front garden with plenty of seating. Limited menu but the food is quite good, as are the beers. Beer pricing is in line with central London rather than the suburbs, but it's a pleasant place to spend an evening so the extra 10p a pint is well spent.
beansoup - 1 Sep 2006 20:49
Really nice pub: Friendly, welcoming, good food, lovely garden. Nice non-smoking bar.

Glad we found it when we moved to Hampton.
viv1 - 19 Aug 2006 13:53
It's gradually getting there. A lot of work has been done to the seating area outside and makes it look a lot more inviting and comfortable too. Great BBQ's during the summer and the quality of the ales has improved. Perhaps need to think of re-vamping the toilets now. Keep up the good work though.
lucy75 - 27 Jun 2006 17:47
Seemed OK to me. Beer was nothing spesh, but there was a nice atmosphere.
garyatthebar - 14 Jun 2006 19:07
What a great pub - good service, nice food and virtually chav-less. Great!
TheGP - 18 Feb 2006 18:16
I wouldn't take my worst enemy to this place!
Totally a large bacardi & coke joint & constant scrabble playing brigade! ZZZZzzzzzzz!
anonymous - 26 Oct 2005 00:00
Visited on a warm evening, my second time in this pub.

Decor is okay. Beer and bar staff not okay.

The Battersea bitter was going off - metallic and yeasty taste.

The next pint - Greene King IPA - was also going off: a musty, unpleasant taste. But the landlady said there couldn't be anything wrong with it because it was a new barrel. Well, I've had Greene King many times before and this was the first time it has tasted nasty.

And all the measures were short - even a half pint was well over one centimetre below the rim of the glass.
EldridgePope - 20 Jun 2005 09:28
A well hidden and seemingly decent pub. But like Mike, the flooring made it feel a bit too Slug and Lettuce for my liking.
TheGP - 25 Apr 2005 19:22
Quiet pub, one of the better pubs in Hampton in fact. Better in the summer for the outdoor drinking, the inside is ok, but for some reason has laminate "wood" flooring.
mike2004 - 25 Apr 2005 11:01
This pub is under new management and has great staff and fantastic roast dinners.
Jane Gent - 23 Feb 2004 16:34
Has been refurbished or something, looks fantastic! very nice, friendly atmosphere
joan - 29 Dec 2003 14:12

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