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animals pub crawl


Well what else is there to do on a Sunday?

Those in attendance:

  • Anne and Darren, bang on time
  • Mike, 2nd pub onwards (excess imbibing the previous night)
  • Edi, 5th pub onwards (computer problems)
  • Gryn, 8th-10th pub (inherent Welshness)
  • Monica, 11th pub onwards (at work)

Those not in attendance:

  • Fran ("I need to get some food in")
  • Welsh Mark ("I'm definitely coming!" "Sorry, can't make it")

The road less travelled
(bottom to top and round a bit)

12:00. Hogshead, Wimbledon

 First port of call on our epic journey is the Hogshead. Standard fare as Hogsheads go (if you've never been in a Hogshead you clearly haven't lived). I was not in attendance at this point (see previous imbibing in the excuses section above) but I am led to believe Darren and Anne kicked off with a half each.
(actually we had a vodka source each since we both felt a bit ill at the thought of lager after drinking a bit too much of it the night before. they were fucking lovely too. - anne) 


12:30. The Dog & Fox, Wimbledon Village

Pub 2 - The Dog & Fox. Home of Tuesday night quiz in addition to having just the right sort of name. Darren and Anne were already nearly done with their halves so I bought them each another as punishment for my tardiness and a Pimms and lemonade for myself. Cue "I was going to get one of those!" abuse. The two animals / full pint idea was hit upon at this stage (see how dynamic we are)

Stables next to the pub provided a fine opportunity to snap a few real life namesakes. 

Across the road

An animal

13:00. The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Another off the cuff idea was The Swan. Not on the official list to visit but not too far from the D&F and I hadn't arrived in time for the Hogshead so there we go.

Disaster! After just 2 pubs and this fetching shot of another pub Darren's camera battery ran out. Due to it's decidedly non-AA size and lacking a charger (left at work the previous Friday) it looked like we'd have to make do with no pictures for the rest of the crawl. This was going to a serious problem later on given how much we had to drink.

Not the right pub

13:45. The Spotted Horse, Putney

Home of the previous quiz attended (abandoned due to piss poor format, no music round and suspicions of the Ladybird Book Of Quiz Questions usage) and pub 4. Recently redecorated with smaller bar (*bzzt* wrong choice!) and more pleasant lighting conditions.

Camera situation rectified by SMSing Edi and dragging him out with another camera.

Hooray for Edi!

14:15. Rat & Parrot, Putney

People's hero Edi turned up with a replacement camera and the photographic documentation began again (minus The Swan). Rat & Parrot very, well, Rat & Parroty very much in keeping with the chain pub concept.

Thoughts turned to food at this stage (a small matter not taken account of in the tight scheduling) but solved by me nipping across the road for a crafty BK Deli Whopper - much to the chagrin of the others again.

Double beer for 2 animals

15:00. The Golden Lion, Putney Bridge

Cause for celebration as this was Anne's 300th distinct pub of the year. Now well on course for her target 365 pubs we debated the crazy man with dog, the large umbrellas and the sacrilegious waste of Sunday lunch food.

Little Mikey Wood was injured in the playground and now has to wear glasses. <A nameless personal accident company> didn't give him anything because he was just larking about

16:00. The White Horse, Parsons Green

Pub 7. Full pints not entirely in keeping with the half per animal concept but Parsons Green is dead nice and an ideal opportunity for getting covered in grass by laying down for a sunbathe.

16:45. The White Hart, Fulham

Pub 8 and Mr Gryn saw fit to join us. OK so he didn't know about the crawl before so it wasn't really fair to expect him to turn up at the start.

Tan top up was becoming more difficult in the rapidly sinking sun. Managed to find a small patch of light and put my right leg in it.  

17:30. The Cock, Fulham

A little unsure of the location of the various animal pubs in Fulham we spied this one on the way to Frog. Long and thin place with the world's ricketiest beer garden tables.  

18:15. The Frog & Forget-me-Not, Fulham

Full pints again (naughty Edi!). Interesting decor (lots along the frog theme, very little in the way of forget-me-nots)

"Are we nearly there yet?"

19:00. The Slug & Lettuce, Fulham

Pub 11. The social drinkers were out in force by this stage and we knocked back several pints. Monica finally arrived from work and looking like she could really do with some alcohol - an end to which we naturally provided the means.

Might have had food too. And shots of something

The burp-thumb hybrid game

I won't let the sun go down on me,
I won't let the sun go down...
<naff 80s keyboard sound to fade>

21:15. The Goose, Wandsworth Bridge

Originally heading for The Cat's Back plans were thrown into disarray by this sighting. A cry of "GOOSE" from Darren and we all lurched off the bus to the bemusement of driver and passengers alike. Might have been a nice place but the barmaid didn't seem to like us very much. Can't think why. 

The people on the bus go hug hug hug

22:15. The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

End of the road! 615 minutes and 13 pubs and we're spent. Had to get a taxi from The Goose so we made it in time. Some people had made a metal spider which Anne took a fancy to.

(there was a picture here but it had far too
much of me in it, so I removed it - anne)

Along came a spider...

...who sat down beside her


Darren and Anne got a tube from East Putney, Edonica and myself retreated to Edonica's where we ordered pizza and watched The Mask Of Zorro (for which read "played DVD and fell asleep after 5 minutes")